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Found 71 results

  1. Hello Everyone, Not sure where to put this. I came across this article from arstechnica in regards to an SSH attack. The only reason I'm writing this is due to ChaCha20-Poly1305 being utilized for the attack and since Air uses this I figured I should notify everyone here. Anyhoo...this is the article that explains it a lot more than I can. https://arstechnica.com/security/2023/12/hackers-can-break-ssh-channel-integrity-using-novel-data-corruption-attack/ It mentions something about updating OpenSSH but I wouldn't know where to begin. "In response to recommendations provided by the researchers ahead of the publication of Monday’s paper, the developers of SSH software, including the nearly ubiquitous OpenSSH, have updated their implementations to support an optional strict key exchange. It provides for sequence number resets and also prevents an attacker's capability to inject packets during the initial unencrypted handshake. For the fix to take effect, both client and server must support this backward-compatible change. " That's all I know Would be nice to hear from the staff in regards to this. Later
  2. Conversations with people from privacy community,such as Nathan (thenewoil.org) ,Henry (techlore.tech) and many more. https://www.optoutpod.com/ Highly recommended . Greetings,Casper
  3. Just a number of floors deeper into the security/privacy rabbit hole. https://odysee.com/@AlphaNerd:8/using-google-without-google-using-you:8 Gr,Casper
  4. Techlore talks about privacy and security in a more easy and friendly way. For this you have to visit youtube and this is perhaps a contradiction . A solution is the tor-browser .The “hatedone” on youtube uploaded a video about using the tor-browser in daily live ;also on youtube (recommended!) If you want to know more about defending your security and privacy ,look around on techlore’s youtube page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1i-3xwcSGA&pbjreload=101
  5. Please forgive me if this question comes across as a bit naive. I was not able to locate anything that answers it in the FAQ. When I open a connection to an AirVPN host, is that specific connection tied to my payment information (email, payment method, etc)? If so, does that connection endure for as long as I am logged into the host, or is it checked at the moment of log-in and subsequently forgotten?
  6. When I type https://airvpn.org into any browser it first redirects to https://airvpn.org/entry with two query string variables, aek_v and aek_id, before proceeding to the main airvpn page. What is the purpose of these variables and where do they come from?
  7. Firefox has enhanced its security/Privacy as of nr 70.Direct noticeable the cookie/tracking policy;now you can go from custom to strict. I used the new Firefox for a few hours now and no tracking alert or such... But i use ublock and decentrales ,so you have to see the "strict " setting, in perspective. Perhaps more important is that the German bsi ,choose Firefox as the best browser for security and privacy. Also Steve Gibson -probably known of his podcast "security now" - was very enthusiastic about nr. 70. (https://twit.tv/shows/security-now/episodes/737?autostart=false) Already know the website http://restoreprivacy.com. Full of reviews ,about security and privacy stuff And you will find also an how to guide for Firefox (about :config etc) Have a good day,Casper
  8. I use AirVPN for many years and super happy about it. On iOS I used the official openvpn app but recently discovered an alternative: passepartout (Edit: since it's a commercial app, not sure it's ok to paste here but here is the link https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/passepartout-openvpn-client/id1433648537?l=en) So far it has great features but I'm not sure if it's really secure or impacting Air's features in any way. Does anyone use it or have some info about it? Thanks!!
  9. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+source/network-manager/+bug/1688018 More recent versions of Ubuntu seems not to be affected, but please watch out for your current tests on this issue. As systemd-resolve --status doesn't work on Ubuntu16, users can check their situation with journalctl -u systemd-resolved -f
  10. For the security and privacy minded people overhere ;-), i discovered a very rich Podcast site. https://www.inteltechniques.com/podcast.html The information is more targeted for people living in the us. But it can be beneficial for the rest of the world to. Specially the podcasts about moving to Linux and why /how ( started at no.66 to 72).Very useful ,as a starter or more advanced user. Also how to hide your identity from trackers like google/facebook etc. Gr,Casper
  11. Hello, first post here. I was really getting interested in hiding my IP from websites, and suddenly I noticed this issue: whatever I do the site whatsmyip always detects my real ISP given IP and location. I did some reading and tests, but all posts and topics related to IP leak lead to WEBRTC, that was the first fix I did - disabling this service on my browsers, however that didn't solve my problem, although all WEBRTC testing sites confirmed that I have successfully disabled the service. Then I changed my DNS, connected to various AirVPN servers, no change, that site is always showing my real IP (it's IPv6 if it matters) So, if anyone can explain this and possibly gives me an idea what to try next, it will be appreciated! using Win10-64, Chrome and Firefox browsers. Cheers! Waylander131
  12. Hi, is there any way of setting eddie up so that it will change severs for me automatically every hour or 3 hours or to a schedule that I choose? Thanks.
  13. TLDR: Network lock via the Windows Firewall is completely broken in Eddie 2.14.5. The following is based on a fresh Windows 7 Professional SP1 install (Vmware VM), Eddie 2.14. 5 is at stock settings except for Network Lock being changed from "Automatic" to "Windows Firewall (Not Recommended)". Upon enabling Network Lock, the following Outbound firewall rules are created: The "Eddie - Out - Allow IPs" rule (the one highlighted) allows ALL outgoing connections !? Indeed, no traffic is blocked when the VPN is not connected, thus breaking Network LockEnabling verbose logging shows the rule being created as follows: How on earth did this get through testing? I mean, I'm smiling, but I am very f***ing furious... This really shakes the confidence that i had in AirVPN as a professional and technically competent VPN provider.
  14. Quantum computers are coming - and probably sooner than we think. Does AirVPN have any thoughts or strategy to mitigate this threat to VPN-security?
  15. Hi there, I am totally new to vpn and I just curious about how that all works and how to do it right, and now I am quite confused about thousand different setup methods. I have a plain linux box which runs a service Y on a specific port that shall go throught airvpn. So far I only read that once openvpn is started all traffic goes through the vpn. If I simply start the vpn as descibed here https://airvpn.org/topic/11431-using-airvpn-with-linux-from-terminal/ on the box does this mean that everyone on the other side of the vpn can portscan/connect to services that are running on that box? If I manage that box from another client in my LAN via a vncserver that is installed on that box, can I still reach the box after starting openvpn and can anyone on the other vpn side connect to the vncserver? So my question is what is the easyest way to route only service Y to the vpn and make incomming (from the vpn) request route only to service Y's port?
  16. It's a new feature in OpenVPN 2.4, for more privacy and can also help with censorship circumvention in some cases. https://github.com/OpenVPN/openvpn/blob/master/Changes.rst Can AirVPN implement this?
  17. Would it improve security if airvpn uses LibreSSL to build the openvpn binary? https://www.libressl.org/
  18. I was talking to a friend of mine who works in tech. He told me that any VPN can be pinged and your location found easily. my question, is it possible to ping your real ip through a VPN?
  19. Hi all, Does anyone know the security quality of masked data in JSON Payloads? Obviously no substitue for HTTPS or a VPN but whats the general thoughts on it? Cheers
  20. In the latest version of Tor Browser, traffic analysis resistance has been added, which makes Passive website fingerprinting attacks harder for an attacker. Tor Browser 7.0.6 is released Connections between clients and relays now send a padding cell in each direction every 1.5 to 9.5 seconds (tunable via consensus parameters). This padding will not resist specialized eavesdroppers, but it should be enough to make many ISPs' routine network flow logging less useful in traffic analysis against Tor users. Padding is negotiated using Tor's link protocol, so both relays and clients must upgrade for this to take effect. Clients may still send padding despite the relay's version by setting ConnectionPadding 1 in torrc, and may disable padding by setting ConnectionPadding 0 in torrc. Padding may be minimized for mobile users with the torrc option ReducedConnectionPadding. Implements Proposal 251 and Section 2 of Proposal 254; closes ticket 16861. Relays will publish 24 hour totals of padding and non-padding cell counts to their extra-info descriptors, unless PaddingStatistics 0 is set in torrc. These 24 hour totals are also rounded to multiples of 10000.​tor-0317-now-released
  21. I work in a school in China that has suddenly changed admin and become somewhat hostile. According to one of the IT people here, they've installed software on a server that would enable them to take screenshots of anyone's computer or phone that is on the network. We don't have to install software on our laptops or phones to be able to get on the network so I really don't see how taking screenshots is remotely possible. It MIGHT work if we log onto the network to move files or to print, but even that seems a bit of a stretch. I trust the IT guy as far as being honest. He didn't install this new powerful software, but heard someone else in his office talking about it. I'm guessing if I'm on a VPN my Internet use should still be secure. Any comments or ideas about this?
  22. Hello all, I've been with AirVPN for quite a while and I don't plan on leaving because of the awesome service! But, like many of you I do like to investigate the features and reviews of existing and upcoming VPN services. I was using TorGuard a couple of years ago, it was alright but speeds were very inconsistent. Upon checking their VPN Blog page this morning I noticed that there's a post about then using a new technology called OpenConnect, which is supposed to be the fastest and most secure way of connecting to a VPN. I just wanted to know if this is accurate information and if it is does AirVPN use it or are they planning on using it? Here's a link to the blog post: https://torguard.net/blog/torguard-introduces-openconnect-vpn/
  23. Today my firewall blocked an incoming NTP (port 123) connection from A quick reverse DNS lookup reveals its current domain name to be scanresearch1.syssec.ruhr-uni-bochum.de, so presumably someone at RUB is doing some kind of experiment involving scanning internet users. My question is: how would this sort of thing find my PC? If my public IP address is shared with all those on my chosen VPN server, then why me? How me? Are they just trying all the ports on the AirVPN server, hoping that one of them is translated to a valid NTP connection?
  24. Hello. What do you think would produce the best balance between security and speed? 1. Running AirVPN's client 'Eddie' in sys-netVM. 2. Putting AirVPN's OpenVPN config into Turris Omnia 2 GB router. 3. Setting up a VPN gateway in Qubes as described in Qubes' docs. Hardware: Asus »Zenbook«, Intel i5-5200U, 2.20 GHz, 12 GB RAM. Any hints and ideas are very much appreciated. Best regards. ​ PS: This also refers to the very interesting topic: ​https://airvpn.org/topic/22471-qubes-whonixtor-airvpn-world/?hl=qubes
  25. Multiple security Vulnerabilities were found in Openvpn 2.4.1. OpenVPN 2.4.1 was simultaneously reviewed by Quarkslab (funded by OSTIF). Here is a link to the audit information. https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/QuarkslabAndCryptographyEngineerAudits
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