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Found 7 results

  1. A german IT security blogger recently discovered that NordVPN's official android app transmits personally identifiable information to NordVPN and a few third parties. The checked version of their app is v3.9.8 which seems a few versions behind the current branch but still fairly recent. The blogger discovered that a user's Google mail address along with the advertising ID and a bit of other info are sent to Iterable, AppsFlyer and Tune along with some Google services like Analytics - all seemingly without the user's consent and even without mentioning it in the app's ToS. Of course customer support has been asked as well. Their answer was not satisfactory: Everyone interested in some of the HTTP POSTs discovered can look at them in the article linked above. The article itself is German-language, but it doesn't contain more info than this, only a bit of the writer's opinion which I share: It's very questionable that a "no-log" or even "privacy-centered" VPN provider like NordVPN is bold enough to state "marketing reasons" as their justification to track users of their Android app. Even worse that this tracking is performed by third parties who will most likely use this data in cross-referencing... Try to avoid NordVPN. Searching for "NordVPN" in this forum alone will yield more than enough reason. One in three newly created threads is about them.
  2. Eddie IS without a doubt leaking lastpass connections to the web through the vpn. Eddie is still using the 2.4.3 client; though seeing eddie is a big program it could be some other function of Eddie. Using OpenVPN 2.4.5 solves this leakage. So, OpenVPN 2.4.5 it is. Here is a screenshot of the leak inside Wireshark. https://ibb.co/jgdQqH https://image.ibb.co/gzbBVH/Leaks_using_Eddie.png
  3. So I have a decent amount of knowledge of networking, but I still lack some knowledge at some points. I'm wondering if it's possible more as a technically of understanding to use a cellphone for say an FTP server on mobile data. Normally, a computer that was behind a NAT Router on a landline connection you would simply forward port 21 or whatever port the FTP is using to the Local LAN IP 192.x.x.x and bam it works. On cellphones using mobile data for example T-Mobile inbound connections are blocked because the phone is behind a bunch of mobile complex NAT routing etc. That said, certain applications like Teamviewer for example (which allows remote support on your Android phone) still work much like an inbound connection. Using Teamviewer as an example, it appears this works because a connection Tunnel/Bridge occurs on Teamviewers servers. In other words let's say a person is working on your mobile phone from their home PC connected as landline connection. I've done this before, so what is happening is YOUR PC -> Connects To Teamviewers Server <- Cellphone Connects to Teamviewers Server which establishes a connection and Teamviewer is acting as a sort of proxy so to speak. Couldn't the same thing be done using AirVPN? I set my cellphone up with an FTP server for example hosting files on the phone, and then it connects to AirVPN's private server (you can use the port forwarding options) and on my PC far away I connect to the public WAN IP on the VPN which then goes to my phone. Would this work? Am I understanding how this works correctly or is there an easier way? I really appreciate the help, and I'm always trying to learn more about networking etc.
  4. To start with, thanks for a great service! Would be great if there was at least two data centers in Sweden, instead of just one, as it is today. The Uppsala data center is down at the moment, and since it is, I can't use the VPN service on any Swedish servers (as I need). Data center in Stockholm would be preferable! Thanks!
  5. hi there. I used AirVPN for some days for torrenting. I have µtorrent 2.2.1 and seed torrents to some public and private tracker, When i used AIrVPN for torrenting, the data (torrent) i downloaded and seeded was not reported to the tracker. I don't know why. e.g. Say i downloaded a 2GB torrent and trying to seed it back seeded 1GB of the torrent but on site it doesn't show any change in the stats on my profile on that site. Can someone please help me why this is happening and what should I do? I know that AirVPN do not provide Static IP address. thanks... Regards.
  6. I'll cut right to the chase. AirVpn Doesn't seem to be showing accurate data transfer rates / totals when I use it while playing the MMORPG video game Final Fantasy XIV. Comodo shows it being connected to the tunnel properly, and I also have setup Comodo to immediatly shut down all net traffic in case of disconnection from Airvpn, thus, I can only assume FFXIV is indeed being tunneled properly. The reason I can say for certain that the rates are off, is because they show 0kb-2kb per second, despite the fact my in-game monitor shows sometimes ( usually) over 1.5mbps. So... uhh... What Gives? Is this indicative of a leak? Or is there more at play here than I can see?
  7. I managed to get my headless Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS running AirVPN fine. However, I can't seem to get any data connection, either thru wget or apt-get commands or anything else. Are there some tests I could run to see what it might be? Any help would be awesome! Thanks!
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