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Found 8 results

  1. I noticed this started a month ago when connecting to Valve's servers with an AirVPN server results in a dropped connection. Previously it was possible to run AirVPN on a router and play games on Steam. However, nowadays whilst finding a match with the game coordinator still works it'll disconnect the player and impose a penalty despite accepting the match. Attempts at a workaround by changing servers to different regions, changing DNS servers, OpenVPN and Wireguard protocols, different network interface and devices results in the same dropped connection. It seems like Valve's gaming servers are currently blocking AirVPN.
  2. Hey team, since one week I can't login and play Valorant anymore, supposedly because some EU VPN servers are blocked from access to the authentication servers via Cloudflare. Anything we can do to circumvent this? Like trying different ports or settings? Logging in through Netherlands, US and other VPN servers works, but it's horrible Ping for me obv. Prague, Frankfurt, Vienna, Brussels all don't work. Example: account.riotgames.com
  3. I enjoy online multiplayer gaming as a past time and although I enjoy using a VPN to keep even my gaming sessions safe and encrypted, I know it can give a hit to my ping and such. I never tried AirVPN with online gaming yet but I wonder if anyone, from experience, can tell me if it is indeed a suitable VPN for online gaming. Otherwise, what other VPN service can anyone suggest for just gaming while still using AirVPN for other online activities? Thanks.
  4. I'm looking to run AIrVPN on my router as it supports OpenVPN. Since the VPN configured on the router will be fixed, I'm looking for a server that doesn't have too much packet loss, low ping and consistent. What server would you guys recommend for gaming which will also enhance matchmaking?
  5. Hello. I want to organize virtual local network. Make my notebook, home PC, and several few virtual machine to be in one virtual "local" network. Is it possible with airVPN?
  6. Hey guys, so my college IT has most if not all inbound ports blocked and most games that are multiplayer don't work here. With Destiny 2 coming out I've decided that after the last two years I'm done putting up with it. I've tried a couple of vpns and those get my past the firewall and internet restrictions and some steam games work better, but I've seen some services have features for having a console share the connection to the vpn and using it. Does AirVpn allow this work? I am able to use Windows and Linux and am wondering if I can share my computer's vpn connection to allow my ps4 to get past the port restrictions and play games like destiny which doesn't work here at all due to the network setup. I can access my home computer as well if I need to manually set up a tunnel as well. I have only purchased the 3 day trial to test out if it works but am of course willing to buy more if this works out.
  7. I searched the forums and did not find a post regarding gaming over VPN. If there already is a post on the subject, forgive me and provide a link, please. I am experiencing some latency (lag) when playing “Call of Duty: Ghosts” multiplayer online game. I am connecting to airvpn's (Kuma) server via a DD-WRT router and the connection is very stable. I have an xbox 360 connected via Ethernet cable to the router with UPNP turned on (NAT open). On average my connection stats via VPN are: ping: 54, DL: 3.83 Mbps, UL: 0.60 Mbps. On average my connection stats without VPN are: ping: 14, DL: 6 Mbps, UL: 1.3 Mbps Am I just being paranoid for wanting to hide my real IP address when playing online games on a console, or is there a real concern with vengeful players finding out my IP address? I don’t know how another player would be able to get that info, but I have heard stories of players initiating denial of service (DOS) attacks and such on other players. Are there any tricks or tips that you might be able to share that would improve my overall gaming experience over VPN? Hourly, the VPN connection re-authorizes, or whatever it is called. I have the router set to only all connections through the VPN, to prevent IP leakage. Would this cause lag spikes and/or loss of connection to the game host server? What would be the best airvpn server for me to use for Call of Duty or other first person shooter games? I live in southeast Alabama and I don’t have any idea where the game host servers are located for Call of Duty. I have tried a couple different servers and the Kuma server seems to provide a fast and stable connection. However, I still experience lag most of the time.Thanks!
  8. I'll cut right to the chase. AirVpn Doesn't seem to be showing accurate data transfer rates / totals when I use it while playing the MMORPG video game Final Fantasy XIV. Comodo shows it being connected to the tunnel properly, and I also have setup Comodo to immediatly shut down all net traffic in case of disconnection from Airvpn, thus, I can only assume FFXIV is indeed being tunneled properly. The reason I can say for certain that the rates are off, is because they show 0kb-2kb per second, despite the fact my in-game monitor shows sometimes ( usually) over 1.5mbps. So... uhh... What Gives? Is this indicative of a leak? Or is there more at play here than I can see?
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