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  1. @anand Hello! Ok, then you should use the OpenVPN client and run it as a service at startup. This thread can help you: http://forums.untangle.com/tip-day/3645-making-openvpn-client-connection-startup-windows-xp.html#post84306 Please note that when you download an .ovpn config file from us and launch OpenVPN client, you don't need to insert password (this is good otherwise that method would not work). Keep in mind that you must take care to protect your user.key file from unauthorized access and you must not give it to anyone. You can change servers and ports keeping various configuration files and selecting the proper one (you can generate as many as you wish with out configuration generator, menu "Member"-->"Access without our client") when running the OpenVPN client as a service. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  2. Anand wrote: Hello! Maybe this could help? http://grok.lsu.edu/article.aspx?articleid=6526 Kind regards AirVPN admins
  3. harshithkashyap wrote: Hello! They accept prepaid/debit cards. Feel free to contact us. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  4. harshithkashyap wrote: Hello! AlertPay works well in India, as far as some friends from India said to one of us. You don't even have to have a registered account to perform a payment, just contact us and we'll send a payment notice with all the relevant instructions. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  5. harshithkashyap wrote: Hello! Can you please point us to Paisapay official website link? Kind regards AirVPN admins
  6. MICHAEL FOX wrote: Hello! Thank you for your inquiry. Sorry, we accept the following: AlertPay BitCoin PayPal Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  7. john.doe wrote: Hello! You need to activate your account first. You will soon receive via e-mail a coupon to activate it. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  8. pathan7 wrote: Hello! We don't offer a real-time chat for customer assistance. However, you may ask for a chat meeting in IRC. Please contact us in private. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  9. rquest wrote: Hello! No. Free access is reserved to activists who work in freedom of expression hostile countries. Free access for limited time and trial access (but with unlimited traffic) are given according to bandwidth and servers availability. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  10. pathan7 wrote: Hello! Not here - please contact us in private and/or follow us on Twitter. https://twitter.com/airvpn Kind regards AirVPN admins
  11. jason_1 wrote: Hello! Glad to hear that it's working and meeting your requirements. :cheer: Free access can be for trial or for unconditional free "lifetime" access - the latter is reserved to our discretion (typically it's reserved to activists and persons who live in hostile environments). Kind regards AirVPN admins
  12. jason_1 wrote: Hello and thank you, we'll look into the issue. EDIT: bug fixed. Did you get a free access with the code published on Twitter? There are still some available. https://twitter.com/airvpn Kind regards AirVPN admins
  13. AirVPN client 1.1 has been released. Upgrade is strongly recommended. Changes: - fixed "hang" bug which happened sometimes when auth_failed; - fixed "out of matrix index" bug which caused a crash; - tries reconnecting and issues a warning if connection drops; - "Disconnect" button is always displayed, even during connection; - improved layout of the servers list; - country flag of the exit node is displayed in the stats window; - OpenVPN log is displayed during connection. New screenshots and download here: https://airvpn.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=69&Itemid=123 Kind regards AirVPN admins
  14. tommy83 wrote: Hello! Altair is ok, we are working on it for some experiments. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  15. jason_1 wrote: So, as a free member I have to contact you to get 4 day trial code? Consequently there is no free service then? Hello! Yes, free service is available but you need to ask for it first. You may either use the menu "Support"-->"Contact us", or get the codes from Twitter (follow airvpn there). Please note that we take care to limit free accesses in order not to impair bandwidth guaranteed to premium members and activists; and not to allow scammers to resell the free service to unaware persons. The IP and port I took from attached file that is included in the generated zip file that was generated and downloaded yesterday. It should be impossible to generate a configuration file with that IP. After your message we tested the generator once again and as a matter of fact it seems there's no way to generate an incorrect configuration file. How did you manage to get that? Did you see in the servers list "Altair"? Ok, so you might proceed in this way: generate the proper configuration file, open it with a text editor, and fill by hand in drak the parameters you can see in air.ovpn. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  16. nagy00 wrote: Hello! Probably your account is not authorized to access any server. Feel free to contact us for any further information. Kind regards AirVPN
  17. nagy00 wrote: Hello! You can generate configuration file (and certificate and key files) and download them in our website. Pick menu "Members"-->"Access without our client", select your favourite server and port, click "Generate" and download air.zip. Do not forget to copy all the files inside air.zip and paste them in the OpenVPN configuration directory. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  18. goftari wrote: Hello! Now we have connections from Iran. Unfortunately we can't say whether the block has been removed globally or the connections come from a different ISP. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  19. mcwood wrote: Hello! You're trying to connect to Altair server which currently does not accept connections from premium members (we are using it to evaluate an additional service for premium members). You should re-generate the configuration files to connect either to Polaris, Omicron or Sigma. Thank you, we apologize for the inconvenience. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  20. Hello! 1) Activate your account on our website either with a 4 days trial code you can get for free requesting it (select "Support"-->"Contact us") or with a premium subscription ("Member"-->"Payment Plans" to see the prices). 2) Copy the files inside air.zip and paste them in the proper OpenVPN configuration directory (probably you have already done so, but see point 3: there's something wrong) 3) The gateway displayed in your configuration points to a server ( which is currently offline. Perhaps you did not generate air.zip recently, or maybe you have created manually a configuration, or you are not pointing to the correct configuration .ovpn file After having copied the correct air.ovpn configuration file, you should see in the drak vpn configurator all the options correctly configured (do not create a new connection if, by doing so, drak creates a new configuration). As an alternative, you can use a shell (follow the instructions reported in "More"-->"Connect with..."-->"Linux") and get rid of drak. After all of the above, if you can't connect do not hesitate to send us the complete OpenVPN connection log. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  21. kenzieparis wrote: Hello! Yes, at the moment all of our servers are reachable from China. Before proceeding with Tunnelblick, anyway, you might perform a test with another OpenVPN client for Mac, Viscosity. Although it is free only for 1 month trial, you can use it during this period as a test to ascertain whether the connection problem relies on Tunnelblick or not. '>http://www.thesparklabs.com/viscosity/> Kind regards AirVPN admins
  22. kenzieparis wrote: Hello! You are authorized to access all the servers... First, could you please make sure that: - a firewall does not block Tunnelblick. - you have copied all the files (including key and certificates) inside air.zip and pasted them into ~/Library/Application Support/Tunnelblick/Configurations If all of the above does not solve the problem, be aware that there is a rare bug in some Tunnelblick versions which causes connection failures like yours. It seems to be caused by a wrong configuration file parsing. Once you have imported the configuration, try to modify some parameter (for example, Edit connection from Preferences). Change for example connection port, set it 80. Then save and try again. Let us know if you could manage to solve the problem or not. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  23. nagy00 wrote: Hello! Probably you need to activate your account. In order to do that, go to "Member"-->"Payment plans" and either insert your coupon code or perform the payment for the plan you wish. If you have already performed the aforementioned steps, please do not hesitate to open a ticket or to contact us for assistance; please attach the complete OpenVPN connection log. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  24. lekkers wrote: Hello! You need to activate your account, with the free coupons which can be found on Twitter: https://twitter.com/airvpn or asking for free access to us: menu "Support"-->"Contact us" (please do not ask in the forum). Just a couple of notes: priority for free access goes to activists who operate in freedom of expression hostile countries; what's more, free accesses are given according to slots and bandwidth availability, in order not to impact on guaranteed bandwidth for premium members (and in order to fight scammers), since we offer the unique feature to guarantee an allocated bandwidth according to our Terms of Service. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  25. unknownman wrote: Hello! Please make sure that you have activated your account (clicking on "Payment Plans" and either inserting the free coupon code or paying the premium membership). If you already did so: please try and connect with the OpenVPN client instead of AirVPN client. Logs are located in the OpenVPN logs directory. A probable path under Windows 7 is C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenVPN\log Do not hesitate to open a ticket or to use "Support"-->"Contact us" menu for further assistance. Please attach the full OpenVPN connection log. Kind regards AirVPN admins
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