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  1. Links fixed! We apologize. Thank you! Kind regards AirVPN admins
  2. dnniwa485 wrote: Sent. Kind regards
  3. dnniwa485 wrote: Coupons are on their way via e-mail! Please note: for privacy reasons we don't want to check validity of your e-mail address when you create an account here. So if you put an invalid e-mail address, please let us know, otherwise we can't deliver the coupon. If it's the case, select "Contact us" from the "Support" menu and tell us which e-mail address you want to receive the coupon to (you might want to create an address just for this purpose). Kind regards, AirVPN admins
  4. Commercial plans have been activated! Commercial plans are essential to keep our project alive. Premium servers are now reserved to subscribers. Just select "Payment plans" and pick your favourite subscription. Currently we accept PayPal payments. Contact us if you need to pay with a swift bank wire transfer. We also plan to support Moneybookers payment in the nearest future. Premium users have a GUARANTEED minimum allocated bandwidth ("worst case scenario") of 4 Mbit/s down, 4 Mbit/s up, and no bandwidth limitation (to be accurate technical limitation is currently 500 Mbit/s up, 500 Mbit/s down), as well as 20 ports to be forwarded. Check the status of the servers by selecting "Servers status" on the "Support" menu in order to see servers load in real time. Free accounts must use the free server, with limitation on bandwidth set at 512 kbit/s up, 512 kbit/s down (no guaranteed minimum bandwidth). Select appropriate option in the client menu or in the "Access without our client" web interface configuration generator. Important: beta testers who used the service since the beginning can receive a coupon to use the premium server for free. You're welcome to contact us and ask for a coupon (choose "Contact us" in the "Support" menu). Please allow a few hours for the coupon to be delivered to you via e-mail. When you have the coupon, pick "Payment plans", choose your favourite option, and at the checkout enter coupon code. You will have a 100% discount (no payment) and your account will be once again allowed to access premium servers. Once you are a premium member, do not connect to free server (unless you want to do so for some reason) because your bandwidth would be limited. Also important: anyone can become a reseller. Do not hesitate to contact us to work out together a good "business plan". Kind regards AirVPN admins
  5. dj_rUSh wrote: Thank you! For all those who would like to become reseller, please write to: info(at)airvpn.org stating your reseller plan (for example, amount of subscriptions you would like to buy and resell). Kind regards AirVPN admins
  6. jefbuan wrote: Hello! We kindly ask you to write to: info(at)airvpn.org stating your reseller plan (for example, amount of subscriptions you would like to buy and resell). You will be answered in a few hours. Thank you! Kind regards AirVPN admins
  7. Hello! @dj_rUsh Could please tell us (in private, if you prefer so) which country are you referring to? @jefbuan ICMP is a protocol. Could you please clarify what you mean with an "ICMP port"? About "DNS port", if you refer to port 53, we are supporting this option from now on (both 53 UDP and TCP). Also, please note that wi-free does not support OpenVPN, which is the most reliable and secure client/server VPN solution. @rommel Yes, read carefully the description, the privacy policy and the terms of service and you'll see why AirVPN service is superior. Also note that: minimum allocated bandwidth, no overselling, warranty to respect European data protection and e-privacy legal framework, and total transparency on servers load are NOT offered by any other service. Also, support to connections on port 53 UDP and port 53 TCP has just been implemented. As far as we know, no VPN service offers all these features at once. You're welcome to contact us via e-mail and we'll show you our reseller plans!
  8. jefbuan wrote: That's good! However, maybe you don't run your own DNS server. We had to look further into the issue because we have our own DNS server: it's important to fight censorship based on DNS poisoning and fundamental to maintain high level of privacy, otherwise the users would send unencrypted requests to some other DNS server, and that's very dangerous for security in certain countries. Anyway, now connections to port 53 UDP and port 53 TCP are supported! And of course, without losing access to our DNS. Could you tell us (in private) which is the country which blocks connection even on port 80? Thank you and kind regards. AirVPN admins
  9. jefbuan wrote: Hello! We will evaluate the problem. In the meantime, can you tell us which country you are connecting from (even in private, if you prefer so)? Does your ISP block connections on all of our ports, including 80 TCP? Kind regards, AirVPN admins
  10. Hello everybody! As we announced last summer, we are now introducing our commercial proposals, in order to keep AirVPN project sustainable. We are also going to maintain the free access as promised, with limitations on bandwidth (but not on traffic or time). We want to keep things plain and simple, so we introduce only one plan. If you have any particular request, ranging from high bandwidth to dedicated servers, or you want to buy several accounts to resell them, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will study together a solution which is suitable for your needs. On top of that, old time beta testers and users will have the chance to receive free coupons to use the VPN without limits for free. Just contact us. The price is 7 € per month, or 15 € per three months. So, let's see what you get with the premium subscription: GUARANTEED ALLOCATED BANDWIDTH As premium members you will have an 8 Mbit/s (4 Mbit/s download, 4 Mbit/s upload) guaranteed mimimum allocated bandwidth. It means that, in the "worst case scenario", under any circumstance, the server you are connected to will have that bandwidth available for you. Of course this is a WARRANT on a MINIMUM allocated bandwidth on a certain server, NOT an upper limit: as you have experienced during the beta testing, you will still be able to reach much higher speeds, 20 Mbit/s and beyond. Our promise is that we will NEVER oversell bandwidth. As far as we know, NO other VPN service offers this highly transparent policy (and to say the truth, most ISPs in Europe also oversell bandwidth heavily without properly informing the customers). Free access users will have no minimum guaranteed bandwidth and a limitation set on 0.5 Mbit/s (512 kbit/s). CONTINUED SUPPORT You will have continued support through forum, tickets and e-mail. Premium members will have priority over free members. Customer support is not guaranteed for free members. PORT FORWARDING You will be able to remotely forward 20 ports. Free members will keep their 5 forwarded ports limit. THE FUTURE: MORE EXIT NODES Exit nodes in different countries (to obtain an IP address of that country) will be available only to premium members. Now, the most important questions: why should you support our project, and why should you choose our VPN amongst all the others in the world? Technically, the transparency and the minimum allocated bandwidth, in an infrastructure built on the excellent and most reliable VPN client/server in the world (OpenVPN), would be smart reasons. However, there are further grounds which, in our opinion, deserve your attention and should guide your choice. Firstly, our commitment to privacy and data protection comes from a long-term experience in activism and legal field. We believe that European Union legal framework is one of the most effective frameworks in the world in the protection of data and privacy on electronic communications and we are resolute to respect and enforce it without the "if"s and "but"s of certain, notorious private actors. Secondly, you would support a project run by people who are extremely hostile to out-of-jurisdiction or private actors who try and bypass european directives. They work to break privacy and stress and threaten citizens in order to suffocate their freedom of expression or to extort money under alleged and unsubstantiated accusations of copyright infringements. Last but not least, you would support a tiny but precious part of a worldwide coordinated project which aims to protect Net Neutrality, strengthen online privacy and fight censorship. Comments are welcome! Kind regards, AirVPN admins
  11. @aisan After you have entered your login credentials, the client allows you to choose which server to use (currently only one for free access) and which port on that server (currently 80 TCP, 80 UDP, 443 TCP, 443 UDP). Kind regards AirVPN admins
  12. cmangalos wrote: Currently everything is working fine. Server for free access is up and accepting connections on all ports. Interruptions of free service are due to technical reasons - keep in mind we are just finishing beta testing on a completely free service. Commercial plans will of course have continous assistance. Whenever you face issues, please attach OpenVPN client logs. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  13. Hello, the free service should be up again around 27th of October 9 PM (GMT+2). Kind regards AirVPN admins
  14. @cmangalos Could you connect to the AirVPN website (without proxy) and/or VPN server? Kind regards AirVPN admins
  15. cmangalos wrote: Hello, it looks like your provider prevents you to reach our network. Please note that the website and the VPN are on separate servers. If you wish to investigate further the issue, please open a ticket where we can ask you for sensitive information (such as your country and your originating IP address...) which you might not want to share in public. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  16. @cmangalos Please specify whether you are able to connect to any other port. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  17. @dnniwa485 You\'re welcome, port 80 TCP usually allows to bypass censorship. @ztech1 @cmangalos In this very moment we have dozens of users connected to TCP 80 and we don\'t see any problem. If you can\'t manage to solve the issue, please open a ticket and attach the OpenVPN connection log. (@cmangalos we assume that port \"89\" is a typo and you meant port 80 instead). Also, specify whether you are able to connect to any other port. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  18. ztech1 wrote: Hello! Currently we are unable to see any problem with port 80 (TCP). Feel free to report if you continue to experience the problem. Please note that when we re-opened up the server for free access, port 80 TCP remained \"closed\" to users for about one hour (the service was accessible on port 443 TCP&UDP and port 80 UDP). Kind regards AirVPN admins
  19. Thank you very much for your patience. This 48 hrs maintenance has been an important step further to get out of the beta testing and to improve substantially our service. Available ports: 80 TCP, 80 UDP, 443 TCP, 443 UDP. Remember: UDP is more efficient, so use TCP only in case of real need (bad ISP, for example). Kind regards AirVPN admins
  20. The server dedicated to free access is currently under heavy maintenance. We plan to put it back online soon, please check in 48 hrs. You can check the status in the home page of https://airvpn.org Kind regards. AirVPN admins
  21. megan_08 wrote: Hello! We would need more details. As a general consideration, please take note of the following issues with AirVPN client+proxy: AirVPN client gives you the option to use UDP client mode with http proxies. But http proxies must be used in TCP client mode (proto TCP) with OpenVPN client, not UDP. So AirVPN client should not offer you that invalid option. It will be fixed in the next release. What\'s more, proxy authentication is not currently supported. This feature will be added in the next AirVPN client release too. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  22. LemUTschik wrote: Hello! Make sure that you have installed the network manager OpenVPN plugin (network-manager-openvpn). For further information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VPNClient https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager#VPN%20support Kind regards, AirVPN admins
  23. kirashin22 wrote: Yes, of course. You can\'t have 2 different accesses with one account. Kind regards, AirVPN admins
  24. If you need to transfer information for which protection of your identity is highly critical, please read all the thread carefully. Kind regards
  25. Bane326 wrote: Http proxies must be used in TCP client mode (proto TCP) with OpenVPN client, not UDP. So AirVPN client should not offer you that invalid option. It will be fixed in the next release. What\'s more, proxy authentication is not currently supported. This feature will be added in the next AirVPN client release too. Kind regards AirVPN admins
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