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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, After many hours of trying to fix this, I am asking for help. I uninstalled Eddie from Ubuntu 22.04 and I think the Network Lock was on. Now, there is no internet access and I can't reinstall the eddie-ui_2.21.8_linux_x64_debian.deb because it requires other packages that I can't download. I've tried: sudo iptables -F and sudo ip6tables -F and rebooted multiple times with no luck. Any help is appreciated! Thank you.
  2. Hi, I cannot access or see my Ubuntu 16.04 computer without starting Eddie with network lock enabled. I access this computer remotely within my LAN. I installed Eddie/Airvpn remotely with no issues. I was able to activate network lock and access the VPN service. Once I restarted my Ubuntu machine I could not see it remotely. I have to enable the network lock to get access to my network. I am running the ubuntu machine headless. I have tried using commands to start the airvpn client automatically, as this would suffice. However, I cannot get that to work, and if it did, Eddie GUI has a password prompt that I cannot manipulate remotely. Anyone have an idea where I should start? PS: My ubuntu knowledge is limited to about 20 hours of intense googling, and successfully running samba/VNC with local connectivity. I am quite familiar with PC terminology though. EDIT: Semi-resolved: I added "iptables --policy INPUT ACCEPT" to rc.local. The accept policy is persistent even when Eddie is running(Eddie adds rules below it). Remote protocol is working. Samba server is no longer able to start due to upstart error if Eddie is not started with network lock on.
  3. Hey Guys - I'm a recently subscriber to AirVPN and wanted to first say thanks for your work - it works well for me so far. When I first used AirVPN / Eddie Client, it was in Windows where i was easily able to configure it to do exactly what I wanted which was: - Start @ Windows boot - Enable Network Lock - Connect to recommended server automatically at launch My plans for its implementation changed shortly after this where I'm still wanting the same 3 things to occur, but am now using Ubuntu 17.04 (x64) instead. Even though I've successfully installed Eddie in Ubuntu and it still offers many of the same features, it seems that I can't do all of the above. Overall, my question is is it possible to perform the above actions using either the gui or terminal commands at startup within Ubuntu? If so, how? I already tried installation of openVPN and downloaded a config file, but it obviously didn't have network lock features plus didn't offer a few other things I wish to have with the product. I tried setting the desired preferences within Eddie, then creating a bash script to launch it at boot, but don't have it working yet - probably because it requires elevated permissions to launch - even though I added my account to the sudoers group. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Hi, Currently running Eddie 2.10.3 on a Windows 8.1 Pro x64 box. With network lock enabled my LAN network shares are not accessible. Going to 'Network' in explorer shows that file and printer sharing (and network discovery) are both turned off. They are impossible to re-enable, and trying to do so simply closes the dialogue but they remain turned off. All relevant services are running on the machine (SSDP discovery service, UPnP etc etc) and as soon as network lock is deactivated network discovery is automatically enabled again, LAN shares show up and everything works OK again. In Preferences > Advanced > Network lock I have already checked the box to 'allow lan/private'. I also tried disabling network lock, de-selecting 'allow lan/private' and then re-enabling everything. Still no joy. The only solution for me to keep network shares available is to disabled network lock entirely.
  5. Hi, I'm a new user of AirPVN and I can't find a solution to my problem : I'm a Windows 10 user, and sometimes I might have to use an internet connection without the AirVPN, I have also the Internet Lock enable when I use AirVPN. But even after exiting properly AirVPN (disconnect to the server and then click on "Disable Internet Lock") I can't reach internet, seems like I don't successfully close the Internet Lock, any idea ? Thanks !
  6. Hello everyone, I have AirVPN installed on a second desktop of mine, and I'm having an odd problem with it. I can connect to AirVPN servers fine and get acceptable speeds, however, when I shut down the VPN, I can no longer connect to the internet. So, I need to be connected to some VPN server to be able to connect to the internet. I suspect this is due to a bug with the Network Lock feature, which I'm using on both desktops (one of which is not having any problems). Both desktops are connected to the save network via Ethernet cable. I tried disabling network lock on the afflicted desktop, but had no results. I also tried uninstalling AirVPN (and restarting the PC), which also did not help. Is this a known bug, or perhaps something entirely different? I tried searching online for a solution, but all I get are threads about people not being able to connect with a VPN, not without. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, for reasons that i cannot identify my Network Lock is not working. When i disengage the VPN or the connection drops all of my applications are able to get through unfettered. I have attached my log to see if it can provide any help to you. I will also be submitting a support ticket. My Network and Sharing settings are the standard automatic for my wireless adapter and my Firewall was reset once when i could not connect without the VPN, so i am curious as to how i can fix this. Log.txt
  8. I installed AirVPN on my laptop, running Windows 10. The "Network Lock" was set to on. I had no idea why i was doing this, but thought if it's there i should probably have to use it. Everything worked fine for 24+ hours. This morning i could not read my email. In trying to fix the problem, internet connections failed. Troubleshooting modem and router brought no joy. Eventually i found my way to a list of programs that the firewall allows. AirVPN was the only program. I reset to defaults and everything worked again. Then i re-activated AirVPN, locked, and everything worked fine. Went to ipleak.net and saw that everything was working -- too fine. It pinpointed my location, almost to the room in my house. Firewall does not list AirVPN as a program to let in, but still lists almost everything else. It appears, to my uneducated eye, that the locking mechanism is delayed and when it activates i am not able to access anything (yeah, maybe that means no one can access me either). It seem there may simply be a setting that i have not activated (though i don't see anything to try). The system is either not working, or working too well. Any suggestions to make it work just right? Thanks.
  9. Hello, I'm having a really weird issue. I initially had ufw setup, but my speeds were horrendous. Pings all worked well everywhere with good latency, but connecting (www, ssh, etc) to anything took forever! After trying many different servers I disabled my firewall, and BAM speeds were excellent. So I said screw it, lets try the network lock on the AirVPN GUI and there we go again with incredibly slow speeds. I'm running Ubuntu 15.10 if that matters, I'm all out of ideas any assistance would be appreciated as I really don't want to leave the firewall off.
  10. Hi there, I'm running Eddie AirVpn Client software version 2.8. I configured airvpn with some local traffic white listed (both Outside the VPN tunnel - and manually in network lock). However, I cannot get any local traffic to pass through.. Upon inspecting the pf rules, I see the following: sh-3.2# sudo pfctl -sr No ALTQ support in kernel ALTQ related functions disabled block drop out inet all pass out quick inet from to flags S/SA keep state pass out quick on utun0 inet from to any flags S/SA keep state pass out quick inet from any to <__automatic_bb554c31_0> flags S/SA keep state pass out quick inet from to flags S/SA keep state pass quick on utun0 inet from any to flags S/SA keep state pass quick on lo0 all flags S/SA keep state It does not look like the rule is there... However, The generated temp file in ~/.airvpn/1c1d81cef74e0d65fd179c59ad525579da19fc6d5e4142dbed5a8efd55b1041d.tmp.pf.conf correctly generates the rules: ... .... # Private networks pass out quick inet from to flags S/SA keep state pass out quick inet from to flags S/SA keep state pass out quick inet from to flags S/SA keep state # Allow all on lo0 pass quick on lo0 all # Everything tunneled pass out quick on utun0 inet from to any flags S/SA keep state pass quick on utun0 inet from any to flags S/SA keep state Any help will be appreciated.Thanks
  11. In the last release the network lock worked just fine but now when I look at iptables there's nothing there. Also the client does a bit of crashing from time to time.
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