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  1. I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. But obviously the older version of openvpn is being used in Eddie.
  2. That's the wintun driver, not openvpn. Look in your logs and it should say what version of openvpn is being used.
  3. You must be using at least openvpn 2.5 besides the wintun driver.
  4. depending on what version of openvpn bundled with Eddie a person may also have to download a newer version and force Eddie to use that instead of the bundled.
  5. See this. You just need to get Eddie running at least openvpn 2.5 to make use of the wintun driver. Perhaps a beta version of Eddie already has an appropriate openvpn version.
  6. I use pfsense so I'm not using openvpn on windows. I just posted it here as I figured there would be some people who'd like to use it.
  7. set the domain plex.tv to go outside the tunnel. when Plex checks to see what its IP address is and checks to see if remote access is working it'll use that domain. P.S. direct play and direct stream are both options that don't transcode the video. what is it you're trying to avoid by not sending plex through the VPN?
  8. great speeds! how does that compare to the TAP driver?
  9. Interesting thing I came across. Surprised to see no talk of this in the forum yet. https://lists.zx2c4.com/pipermail/wireguard/2019-September/004580.html
  10. that's more evidence that it's your ISP shaping bandwidth.
  11. sounds like the route to the server your using gets relegated to limited bandwidth and non-priority at times. your ISP at fault. See if it happens when you use servers that use different routes.
  12. point 2 will be the hardest to meet. all combined I know of no router that does all you require.
  13. I said in step 2, point 8 how to see logs for stunnel. But you said above "there is no where to find logs either". But there is. Please make sure stunnel is or is not running. Then you must edit your openvpn config to suit. It's all in the steps I outlined above.
  14. I edited my post to confirm you create a stunnel tunnel in services>stunnel. Once that's running you can edit your openvpn config to connect to the listening stunnel daemon, which is step 3.
  15. it could be that the route is overloaded or your ISP has poor bandwidth to whatever intermediate network(s) is used.
  16. quit trying the same NL datacenter. obviously your route is poor and is especially congested during peak hours (evening). try other datacenters.
  17. you don't need to import any cert for stunnel to work. 1) install stunnel package from package manager 2) Create the stunnel tunnel here in services>stunnel. /pkg.php?xml=stunnel.xml Select client mode use as listening IP listen on port doesn't matter but you'll just use whatever you put here in the openvpn client setup certificate is default redirect IP is found in the .ssl file that you can download for stunnel in the config generator redirect port is also found in that ssl file (in the name of the file too) save the stunnel tunnel your status_logs.php should show stunnel activity to let you know it's running 3) Create or edit an openvpn config for AirVPN keeping everything the same as usual but changing the following protocol is TCP only interface is any server address is server port is what you setup as listening port for the stunnel tunnel in the custom options box input route <server IP address> net_gateway; where <server IP address> is the same as in point 5 above Now in my experience it'll connect then disconnect, perhaps a few times before finally staying connected. Just be patient.
  18. router CPU can't do openvpn very fast at all. only a few can, if they have the proper firmware and an AES-NI CPU.
  19. No, it's not more secure for the actual data. It's more resistant to hostile networks. It doesn't take appreciably more power to use and performance might be a little better depending on the network used. They may not throttle it like they might other openvpn connections. It's not the default because some old devices may not support tls-crypt? I'm not sure.
  20. tls-crypt means that the control channel of openvpn is encrypted from the start. all servers support this at entry IP 3 or 4.
  21. you need to try different datacenters for different routes. all the NL servers are in the same datacenter I think. Does your CPU support AES-NI?
  22. 48 per year is pretty cheap.
  23. you can create gateway groups and have multiple tiers within the gateway group. the rule for the group can be such that when one tier is down it falls back to the next tier. the only problem, last I tested, is that once the higher tier gateway is back up it won't automatically fall "up" to it.
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