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  1. the entry IP is not the same as the exit IP. for entry IP you can view the logs of Eddie or
  2. The windows-driver wintun option must still be used in the VPN config, correct?
  3. At least once a day I get the "our tubes are clogged" message. No other website I visit is as unreliable as this one. When it is down I can't get to my client area to configure my VPN. So, it is important that the website is working. What's more, no other web site I frequent is as slow to respond as this one as I browse through the forum. I can literally check on other forums in the time I'm waiting for this site to respond. All this is while using AirVPN VPN servers. Thanks for your attention.
  4. Eventually no doubt but really it's hard to get faster than a 1gbit server can support with a single stream of openvpn.
  5. you misread. Staff said those servers could NOT reach netflix.
  6. 40% usage means they have 300mbits/s available to send to you. That's causing buffering with youtube?
  7. but things can change in the route. it's likely that your ISP lost a route that was used. maybe it'll come back after some maintenance or maybe they found a cheaper network to use to reach the network that the VPN servers use.
  8. A change at the server level (which most likely didn't happen) cannot affect latency from your location. Also, if Air did something to cripple their Netherlands servers, as you propose, you would not be the only one to notice and complain.
  9. LOL, "decent". You will not get significantly speedier than that because you're at the limit of the server already!
  10. Just for clarity, here's the same service giving info on the correct IP. https://dnslytics.com/ip/
  11. please note the IP address is NOT
  12. 40mbit/s is actually a really good result with that router. The CPU is limiting.
  13. i'm new to air, and possibly a little slow... how do you do this..? in Eddie , preferences>routes
  14. yes, public is required to be allowed because the network connection created for openvpn is determined as public by windows.
  15. when installing qbittorrent it should ask if you want it to create windows firewall rules. so, yes, there do need to be windows firewall rules to allow incoming connections to qbittorrent.
  16. Go to preferences>protocols. Uncheck auto. Try TCP, then SSL if TCP doesn't work. Make sure to use entry IP 3 or 4 for tls-crypt.
  17. it has been said over and over in this forum that for port forwarding "green light" the actual server must be on and listening and replying to incoming connections. of course you don't get the green light if the device (camera) isn't even ready to reply.
  18. create aliases for things. they can include FQDN. Then create firewall rules for you LAN using those aliases to allow stuff via VPN or via WAN then create rules under those to block the interface you don't want them to use.
  19. using the same device that previously worked?
  20. rude? you're the one that seems to be trolling. Any guide to setting up openvpn on pfsense will work with AirVPN. It's just openvpn, nothing unique to any VPN company.
  21. Eddie probably needs updated for its network lock to work with the updated openvpn. Turn off the network lock and see if that fixes it.
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