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  1. html5 geolocation. it can be disabled in browser. about:config
  2. destination IP is your camera IP. if you used just the built in port forwarding of the router that forwards from WAN to LAN. You need to forward from TUN to LAN. If port forwarding was working then it wasn't working through the VPN.
  3. if you are running the openvpn client on your router then you do need to use iptables such as the above. Just make sure to correct the tun device number
  4. https://www.speedtest.net/result/c/2b63a577-e5a5-4205-98db-bb25ab01c371 There are a lot of places where slowness comes from but speed can happen. I use a pfsense box to run openvpn for the whole house. The speedtest machine is my laptop on wifi, which is an area of slowness itself.
  5. Horrible routing to these new servers.. 4 [19108] [SUDDE] 173-219-233-235.suddenlink.net ( 27.6ms 5 [19108] [SUDDE] 173-219-233-250.suddenlink.net ( 26.9ms ** [neglected] no reply packets received from TTL 6 7 [6461] [ABOVENET] ae3.cs2.dfw2.us.zip.zayo.com ( 33.0ms 8 [6461] [ABOVENET] ae28.er1.dfw2.us.zip.zayo.com ( 28.2ms 9 [6461] [ABOVENET] zayo-comcast.dfw2.us.zip.zayo.com ( 128.5ms 10 [7922] [COMCAST-16] be-12495-cr02.dallas.tx.ibone.comcast.net ( 125.1ms 11 [7922] [COMCAST-16] be-12124-cr02.1601milehigh.co.ibone.comcast.net ( 144.7ms 12 [7922] [COMCAST-16] be-10521-cr02.350ecermak.il.ibone.comcast.net ( 160.7ms 13 [7922] [CABLE-1] be-1302-cs03.350ecermak.il.ibone.comcast.net ( 163.0ms 14 [7922] [CABLE-1] be-2311-pe11.350ecermak.il.ibone.comcast.net ( 163.9ms 15 [46844] [ST-CHI] comcast-100ge.3-2.19.chi.il.sharktech.net ( 160.0ms ** [neglected] no reply packets received from TTLs 16 through 17 18 [11878] [TZULO] [target] static-68-235-48-107.cust.tzulo.com ( 159.8ms
  6. Usually the temporary fix is to disable the route checking in settings. The real fix would be to find out why that's happening. Since are running a beta it could be that you need to report this in the beta thread as a bug.
  7. UDP connects just fine but something goes wrong with checking route.
  8. UDP entry IP 3 or 4 don't work? Have you tried all the ports? Is this a restricted network you're on?
  9. Well, I'd try UDP entry IP 3 or 4 first. If that doesn't work like it should then try TCP entry IP 3 or 4. If that doesn't then resort to stunnel. I'll be glad to try to help should it come to that. But it's a last resort because it's just not going to have much speed either. I'm really surprised you saw more than 200mbps with the SSL tunnel. What OS was doing the testing back then?
  10. Before you go the stunnel route have you tried using tls-crypt configs?
  11. I'm no big shot but I don't take the time to post and reply to others without hoping that it's appreciated and that the forum search is used. That's the big no no around here - not using the forum search. You see, here's an example of me helping another user with the same problem. Note that my post is marked as the answer. I'm not bragging. What I'm saying is that the help was already here. But, instead you acted like you'd come to a novel solution and needed to brag to the whole community with a new post of your own.
  12. depends heavily on what operating system you're using. then your CPU.
  13. auth digest needs to be SHA1 if using entry IP 1 or 2. auth digest needs to be SHA512 if using entry IP 3 or 4 (tls-crypt config) I'd ask the merlin forum about this too. It seems the problem isn't with AirVPN but with your router creating network configuration needed for openvpn to work. https://www.snbforums.com/forums/asuswrt-merlin.42/
  14. Neither. I'd build my own pfsense box with x86 (64bit) CPU so that openvpn is accelerated. Neither of the routers you've mentioned are known to support very fast openvpn. I assume you want better since you have a gigabit connection.
  15. It's not showing our real IP. For giganerd it was something entirely different and it's the same for me. I have suddenlink as my ISP and am using Dallas AirVPN servers. The IP address it thinks I'm at is 40.77..x.x which seems to belong to ARIN https://bgp.he.net/AS8075#_prefixes
  16. The developer of qomui was able to add AirVPN where only a username and password is needed.
  17. how did it go? I noticed that Dallas servers went down again so I assume that was the router check.
  18. Dallas servers are just fine. I just got 269mbit/s with testmy.net (speed test server in Dallas) which uses only a single stream for testing. That's quite good. I'm running openvpn on a pfsense box.
  19. Are you using entry IP 3 or 4?
  20. change algorithm to latency, not speed. Air has never answered why they rate servers in this way for USA users.
  21. is the DNS but I can't get dns resolver or forwarder to use that and it's especially a pain if you have policy routing - some clients using the VPN and others not. What I do is turn off resolver and forwarder in pfsense and use DHCP to assign the DNS I want to use to clients. I use firewall rules to enforce that clients use the DNS I want them to use.
  22. This is really nice to see. Acceptable speed from a consumer device with firmware that is powerful but easy to use. Thanks for posting.
  23. You just need to add AES-256-GCM to your list of allowed ciphers in the NCP algorithms section.
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