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Found 17 results

  1. I have a little feature suggestion. I think it would be awesome if AirVPN had a DNS based adblock similar to other VPN services. It would make a world of a difference browsing the web, especially on mobile devices where ad blocking is a little more difficult. Obviously, it should be an optional feature in case people don't like the adblock system. I realize that with the eddie client you can set a custom DNS address, but I would feel more comfortable using a DNS service from AirVPN themselves. For ad blocking host lists, I recommend either StevenBlack hosts or easylist with easyprivacy since these are both open source and what most other VPNs with ad blocking use for hosts.
  2. Hello, I'd like to suggest adding a small note field to the port forwarding menu, where you could for example note which port works for which of your services. Having many of them and having to use a different external and internal port sometimes takes a while to remember which port was meant for which service. /off topic, on a sidenote I have to praise the performance / service of Air. I came over from PIA after Kape's takeover and would never look back. Speed wise, connectivity wise and especially for port forwarding needs. Will stay a good while. Have a nice day!
  3. Hello, I would suggest to add one or two Cuba Server. I need their IP and have to use another Service for that. Would be cool if you would add a server for that.
  4. The port forwarding feature that AirVPN offers is very useful and I have been using it to forward ports that I would only like to forward for my computer's VPN connection, not other devices such as my phone or tablet, and I don't want those ports open for my phone or tablet because it might create a security risk. Since AirVPN already knows which device is connecting because of the device key which you generate for each device, it would be useful to implement a feature where you can forward a port only when a certain device connects to VPN, instead of forwarding it for all of them. Would be nice to also have the DDNS be setup per-device so that only certain devices would get DDNS, instead of how it is now where DDNS won't work at all if multiple devices are connected to the same AirVPN account. Please let me know your thoughts on this, thanks.
  5. I think it would be a good idea if Air opened servers that were running off of residential IP addresses (similar to the IP addresses Air uses for things like Netflix unblocking), as it would prevent websites that block VPN IP addresses from blocking AirVPN users. Not sure exactly how something like this would be set up, but TorGuard offers it, so it is possible to set up, but there might be reasons that Air would not want to implement it, such as logging concerns?
  6. Hello, This has been asked in quite a few places already but there is no clear answer as far as I can tell. Long story short, if you ISP provides you with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, then by connecting to AirVPN VPN only the IPv4 traffic is being routed through the tunnel. If a website (or any other remote endpoint) runs on IPv6, then your real IPv6 (the one provided to you by your ISP) will be used and so you end up with an IP leak. Not good. The easiest choice is to disable IPv6 per host basis or use some iptables or other firewall magic to filter out all the IPv6 traffic. This is only a workaround and a very inconvenient one especially when you run AirVPN on a router. The best solution would be for AirVPN to provide a dual stack IPv4/IPv6 tunnel so connected clients can reach the modern IPv6 world privately and securely in a similar fashion to IPv4. Are there any plans to support this option? As far as I can see there are only a handful of VPN providers out there which actually provide dual stack VPNs so it would be nice for AirVPN join this effort.
  7. After logging on to the Swiss servers I checked the IP address on iknowwhatyoudownload.com All but two are tagged as "distribute child pornography" If they can determine this, can AirVPN and then only connect to servers that do not? That would be a nice feature. I don't like having any association with IP addresses with that designation.
  8. Currently, in the config generator, you can generate config files that will connect you to the best server in a specified country (For example if you wanted to be connected to the best server in the United States, you download the config file and it connects you to us.vpn.airdns.org) An addition to this that I would like to see implemented is the ability to generate OpenVPN files that connect you to the best server in a specified country AND region (For example, you would be able to generate config files for Atlanta, USA, and when you connect to this it would resolve us-atlanta.vpn.airdns.org and connects you to the best server in Atlanta) Yhis would be good for people who don't want to download too many OpenVPN files, but still want to be able to connect to all the locations, that way they only need to download as many files as there are server ocations.
  9. Eddie client saves login and password information in AirVPN.xml as cleartext! I am suggesting this information be hashed when saved, if possible.
  10. I would like to suggest an additional Eddie configuration option where someone could set an option similar to the existing "Activate Network Lock at startup", but that triggers on the user connecting/disconnecting. For example, with this option set (let's call it "Sync Network Lock with VPN Connection"): Launch or Restore (previously minimized) Eddie and log in Click the Connect to a recommended server button Network Lock is auto-activated VPN connection is established I do what I need on the VPN Close my VPN connection Network Lock is Auto-deactivated Minimize/Close EddieIf I was a user of the "Connect at startup" option, then I would appreciate and use the "Activate Network Lock at startup" options as they compliment each other. Since I like to launch and keep Eddie open all the time (usually minimized to the systems tray) until I want to establish a VPN connection, it would suit my usage style better if this new option was added, and remove my need to remember to enable/disable NL. Hopefully others would find this useful as well.
  11. Hi, I have a suggestion that should increase security for Air and customers. My suggestion is for Air to configure an optional system of multifactor/two-factor authentication for logging in to the AirVPN website, as well as for the initial setup of the Eddie software (entering login details). This can be enabled or disabled by the user and accomplished by either: a smartphone app such as FreeOTP (which is open source and available for iOS/Android).a hardware device such as Nitrokey (which is open hardware) or a similar USB one time password generator (Yubikey, etc.) The user will be prompted on their phone or mobile device with a number to enter in additionally to their password. This makes sure nobody but the authorized user has access to the account, profile, etc. Air would probably be the first VPN provider to have this as an option. Regards, anonym
  12. Hi, I have a suggestion for a new/additional datacenter in Sweden when Air needs additional servers. https://vikings.net/. It's in progress (crowdfunding), but the philosophy of the team seems promising. May also be of interest to fellow customers. They want to offer hosting on servers running only libre (free software), including the BIOS. This is very promising because most servers have proprietary BIOS, which is a security risk. Regards, anonym
  13. Hello, I would like to request additional server locations in the US. Four geographic regions I'd like to have (more, perhaps 1-3) servers are: The northwestern region (such as Seattle WA; Spokane WA would be even better)The southeastern region (such as Atlanta GA or Birmingham AL would be great)The intermountain west region (Salt Lake City UT, Denver CO)The southwest region (Austin TX, El Paso TX)Thanks. Looking forward to this implementation. Please update this thread when you have more details on this subject (such as launch date, location, number of servers). Best regards, anonym
  14. Hello, I think Air should add GPG support for the Contact Us page ( regardless of whether one has registered and logged in as a client or is accessing as guest). Users could upload their GPG public key so Air's responses sent via e-mail to the user would be encrypted. This would really improve security, particularly for users who have an insecure mail host. Best regards, anonym
  15. Hello AirVPN, Just a quick usability suggestion. It would be great to be able to add a short description or label to each forwarded port. It's hard to keep track of which port is used for what or why you even have it open in the first place. Thank you for taking this into consideration
  16. Hello, I have seen other VPNs give you the option to choose your type of encryption. Would it be possible for AirVPN to make encryption level an option? Thank you.
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