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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have a suggestion for a new/additional datacenter in Sweden when Air needs additional servers. https://vikings.net/. It's in progress (crowdfunding), but the philosophy of the team seems promising. May also be of interest to fellow customers. They want to offer hosting on servers running only libre (free software), including the BIOS. This is very promising because most servers have proprietary BIOS, which is a security risk. Regards, anonym
  2. It would be useful, I think, to have more servers in countries that don't have very close military/intelligence relations with the "Five Eyes" countries and/or NATO. It seems likely that VPN traffic in such countries is targeted for surveillance, and that data is shared. At present, I think the only non-aligned territory in which AirVPN operates a server is Hong Kong. (Sweden, Switzerland, and Singapore all have close intelligence ties with the U.S. and/or NATO.) I would very much like to see servers made available in countries such as Finland, Russia (which has granted asylum to Edward Snowden), Serbia, Brazil, Ecuador (which has granted asylum to Julian Assange), Bolivia, and South Africa.
  3. So far AirVPN looks like a really good choice for a VPN provider but there are some thing that I would like to see added, these are deciding factors for me. Currently AirVPN is using RSA 2048 bit but I would like to see it upgraded to 4096 (more security doesn't hurt), this is just my OCD. Most would say 2048 is fine and is the latest standard but why not upgrade it? We don't exactly know what certain adversaries have resource wise. My second wish is to see more locations. They have quite a good choice in servers and I know it takes time to find the right data centers but what are staff searching for currently? Or are you guys not considering anymore locations? Personally I would like to see servers in Iceland, they are very friendly to press and freedom of speech and haven't been known to be tyrannical and militaristic. Anyways I would like to see what everyone else thinks. Edit: Message to staff. There are a couple good hosts in Iceland and DataCell is the best. PLEASE AirVPN team check them out. They also offer unlimited bandwidth ideal for a VPN server and have reasonable prices. https://www.datacell.com/
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