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Found 4 results

  1. This 2 list not are my own, i just use few theyr list (Pi-hole and Ublock origin example). But is here any sense add this couple list ? Energized Protection - block Website : https://energized.pro/ Github : https://github.com/EnergizedProtection/block 2 Different blocklist : Energized Ultimate list & Energized IP Extension, there is many other lists, but i like this 2 list. Energized Ultimate List : # Title: Energized Ultimate Protection # Description: Flagship Protection Pack from Energized Protection. # Format: domain list # Version: 22.05.127 # Release: 127 # Entries: 435,142 # Pack Code: EUL71M473-P # License: MIT, https://energized.pro/license # Updated: Sat, 07 May 22 00:16:32 +06 # RAW: https://block.energized.pro/ultimate/formats/domains.txt Core List + Basic + 1Hosts (Pro), BarbBlock, Bjornstar's Hosts, Cybercrime, Disconnect Malvertising & Tracking Filter List, EasyPrivacy Specific, Thirdparty & Tracking Servers, Matomo Referrer Spam Blacklist, Openphish, Phishing Bad Sites, Phishing Hosts, Prigent's Malware & Phishing, Quidsup NoTrack and StopForumSpam Second list... Energized Regional Extension # Title: Energized Regional Extension # Description: An Extension to Block Regional Annoyances. # Format: domain list # Version: 22.05.127 # Release: 127 # Entries: 39,442 # Pack Code: EXR3G1094L-P # License: MIT, https://energized.pro/license # Updated: Sat, 07 May 22 00:17:00 +06 # RAW: https://block.energized.pro/extensions/regional/formats/domains.txt ABPindo, AdBlockID, Adblock Estonian & Iran, Adguard Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Turkish & Spanish - Portuguese Filter, Dandelion Sprout's Nordic Filters, Easylist Brasil, China, Czech & Slovak, Dutch, French, Germany, Italy, India, Korea, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Thailand, Fanboy's Indian & Vietnamese, HostsVN, hufilter, Liste AR, Polish Adblock & Privacy Filters, RUAdList and Thai Ads Filter What you feel with this lists ? It is already included someone else list ? I think ultimate list can break part of websites, but i dont care myself. This group wrote example github, they update list every 24h. But i dont know what is real update time. Is this Custom answers section on dns page here this where i can itself block websites ? How it works ? Just write www.google.com, put mode "domain" and klick Deny and then google is blocked ? Can i block all googles address just write google and add wildcard + deny and then all google domain and subdomain is blocked ? Can i use RegEx rule to block something ? I need to ask becouse i dont understand what is "custom answer" in here dns page. Edit: I forgot. Is here already added some list what blocks all microsoft spying address ? I have pi-hole and there is list what blocks microsoft. List breaks some stuff on windows but i dont care, much better blocked and not let them spy on you. I didnt even know how much microsoft sending data out before i get installed pi-hole and i see whats really happend about every klick on windows. Im lucky becouse i found then Linux world and all stress disappear Keep it simple but more is much powerful !
  2. I have a little feature suggestion. I think it would be awesome if AirVPN had a DNS based adblock similar to other VPN services. It would make a world of a difference browsing the web, especially on mobile devices where ad blocking is a little more difficult. Obviously, it should be an optional feature in case people don't like the adblock system. I realize that with the eddie client you can set a custom DNS address, but I would feel more comfortable using a DNS service from AirVPN themselves. For ad blocking host lists, I recommend either StevenBlack hosts or easylist with easyprivacy since these are both open source and what most other VPNs with ad blocking use for hosts.
  3. Block you geographic location in Chrome. A work around for the Block WebRTC. If you download the plug in uBlock Orgin. Use uBlock ORGIN not uBlock without the Orgin after it. There is an option in the options that says "Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP address" click the circle next to it.
  4. I've spent the last hour trying to find out why I don't have any problem connecting to AirVPN but still have a red "Not connected" warning on all pages. Turns out that I had a privoxy adblock proxy installed and actively used on my computer. So while the vpn connection worked well it wasn't actually used because all traffic was routed through the proxy and not through the tunnel. Hope this helps someone because the forums and the internet didn't solve this problem.
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