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Found 5 results

  1. I propose to add an additional option to generate a config file per City (https://airvpn.org/generator/) that will connect to the most optimal server for that city based on server load. This would work similar to how when you connect via Country or Continent. What I mean is when generating config files (https://airvpn.org/generator/) you can only select the specific servers for each city, rather than selecting just the city itself. The problem with connecting via Country or Continent is it will often connect you to a less than optimal server relative to your location. For example, Chicago based connections might be connected to Florida etc. which ultimately leads to connections with bad latency and lower speeds.
  2. Hello, I good some Questions where i coudlnt find a Answer [Or at least some Answers that are some years old] 1. Does AirVPN supports Multi-HOP ? But with Custom Rules and not pre configured Routes | If not, is there a Reason to not add this Feature ? I mean it add a layer to Security and Privacy 2. How are the Server secured against Third-Parties ? [Hoster, Police, Goverment] 3. Are they any Logs ? Like MAC-Adress, Timestep, Last-Login or something else ? 4. Are there any Third-Audits or maybe Server seized that could proof any of your No-Logs etc ? Thanks Best regards
  3. Hey I have trouble to find the "add to Favorites" feature on the Windows UI. Is it not available? Because when I´m using Eddie on my Phone there is directly a tab to find it. And if it´s not there why and will they add it in the future?
  4. I would like to suggest an additional Eddie configuration option where someone could set an option similar to the existing "Activate Network Lock at startup", but that triggers on the user connecting/disconnecting. For example, with this option set (let's call it "Sync Network Lock with VPN Connection"): Launch or Restore (previously minimized) Eddie and log in Click the Connect to a recommended server button Network Lock is auto-activated VPN connection is established I do what I need on the VPN Close my VPN connection Network Lock is Auto-deactivated Minimize/Close EddieIf I was a user of the "Connect at startup" option, then I would appreciate and use the "Activate Network Lock at startup" options as they compliment each other. Since I like to launch and keep Eddie open all the time (usually minimized to the systems tray) until I want to establish a VPN connection, it would suit my usage style better if this new option was added, and remove my need to remember to enable/disable NL. Hopefully others would find this useful as well.
  5. Ivpn's client has a feature that when you start up your Mac their network lock is it immediately enabled not requiring the user to perform any special action like sign in with there password. I think Eddie could use a feature like this where when you start up your Mac network Lock would immediately enable itself and Connect to VPN. I think their client uses a privileged helper that is constantly running in the background, and the privilege helper automatically starts up when your Mac starts up. Here is the website of the client I was talking about. ivan.net
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