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Found 9 results

  1. Exactly as the title says. Running a speedtest using the iOS app while connected to AirVPN kills the connection. Here’s a brief screen recording to show you what I mean: IMG_3620.MOV As you can see, I successfully connect to AirVPN through the OpenVPN app, verifying the successful connection in the iOS Settings as well, but then when I run the speedtest, soon after the upload portion of the test starts, the Mbps number freezes (although the test appears to continue and finish running). Going back to Settings and OpenVPN, I see that my VPN is now disconnected. I’ve exported and attached the VPN logs. I don’t see anything about an error or disconnection? Correct me if I’m wrong though. I lack experience interpreting these. I googled for this problem and found only one other possible mention of it in the AirVPN forums. My iOS and all involved apps are up to date: Phone model: iPhone 12 Pro iOS version: 15.6 OpenVPN app version: 3.3.0 Speedtest app version: 4.4.2 I tested it and I can run Speedtest without any problems with my other VPNs. I’m really curious about what could be causing this! Not exactly an urgent issue, especially because it’s not being reported by other users as far as I can tell, but I’m a tech support engineer and I love troubleshooting so. lol VPN logs.txt
  2. Hello, I've attached a couple of images containing the results from speedtest.net for two tests - one using my ISP (915Mbps max) and the other using AirVPN (82Mbps). As we can see, using an AirVPN server about 300 miles (about 480km) from my location means - at least according to speedtest.net - taking a speed drop by a magnitude of over ten. I was wondering what the AirVPN community had to see about such results. Are they of the magnitude expected? How reliable does the community think there are? Many thanks for any suggestions.
  3. There used to be a speedtest to see how well the vpn performances. It was reachable under https://airvpn.org/speedtest/.
  4. I may be making some wrong assumptions, so I thought I'd ask if I'm simply barking up the wrong tree. I thought it would be interesting to take Eddie off "automatic" and try some specific protocols, looking to see if I could bypass my ISP's throttling. First question... Can I flip protocols (and expect it to take effect) in Eddie on the fly, or do I need to disconnect, change my setting, and reconnect for each protocol that I want to test? I noticed the website tool can throw some errors when running the test... usually the initial "out of tunnel" tests... which leads to my second question. Is Network Lock supposed to be disabled for a proper AirVPN Steedtest? I seem to be having some success with NL either way, and wondered if that was just browser caching... third question... Should I be closing my browser tab (or whole browser) when switching between Eddie configurations and/or VPN server disconnects/reconnects? I've also wondered if letting Eddie automatically pick the server skews my tests. Fourth question... Should I lock Eddie to a server when doing these tests? Fifth question... Might that help the web-site app too, or eliminate having to refresh the site or close the tab/browser? Thank you!
  5. Hi, I have just finished a review for AirVPN and have also run some speedtests on some of the servers. The article isn't meant for advanced users, but mainly for people looking for a decent VPN to start using. I have also tried to give some advice where I can If you think that there is something that I have missed, or have incorrectly described I would be more than happy to make some edits as it is important that any potential users get the best advice. http://www.techfleece.com/2015/12/03/airvpn-review-plus-speedtests/ Regards, Richard
  6. I want to start by staying I love airvpn, I have used airvpn for over a year. I am happy with how well the service works and the price. I have tried other services and I frequent torrentfreaks' VPN Provider Reviews (http://torrentfreak.com/which-vpn-services-take-your-anonymity-seriously-2014-edition-140315/3/ ) While i have not tried all of the providers on that list, i have hit several including Private Internet Access. I am NOT a fan of PIA, their system uses some sort of proxy system, that for web browsing is probably fine, but if you run other applications, for instance certain MMOs, Tera, ESO, if you are able to connect at all u are plagued with disconnects. While running a game on a VPN is not a good idea for latency reasons, I have often connected to several game servers forgetting I still had airvpn running and didnt even notice. Additiontally I like the simplicty of airvpn's client, please dont change it, or if u do, let us keep using the current one. It just works, and I am of the school of if it aint broke dont fix it. Ofc if there is a necessary update, such as when heartbleed came out, then I am all for it. Additionally, i have done speed tests on several providers and often they dont work correctly, with other VPN providers, due to however they are set up. I have almost always gotten my full speed internet connection over AirVPN. 100/10. However, I wanted to trully test out what was possible to push through their servers. Below are screen shots of speedtest results. I did several tests and all tests were done from a tier one connection, from a Windows 2012 R2 Server, which wasn't running anything at the time. I also tested to Leaseweb's own speedtest server in Virgina for comparrsion of what maximum speed I was able to obtain to them. I only tested on airvpn servers that were under 25% load at the time and ran 5-15 tests and provided the median results. Two different hosts where used for the testing one on East coast and one on the West coast for Freemont (Heze) (There seemed to be a routing issue between my East coast and AirVPN West coast as latency was several hundred ms, and speedtest results were 5mb down and less than 1up. However with west coast host this problem was solved and results were within expected ranges.) I used a Comcast speedtest in VA, and Towerstream in NY for most tests for consistency. For Virgina, Flordia, and Chicago, Tests. I tested other servers that were "local" to each site however, I found little difference in speed if any sometimes slower than using the Comcast, VA and Towerstream, NY speedtest sites. I think overall these results speak for themselves and they are GREAT. Some exceptions listed below. I will be posting additional results from other locations around the world that I have access to local top tier internet. Top Tier Speed Test to Leaseweb Virgina, (AirVPN primary Hosting East Coast). Andromedae Towerstream Electra Towerstream Kuma Towerstream Librae Towerstream Sirius Towerstream Alkaid (Chicago) Towerstream Pollux (Florida) Comcast VA (Slower than expected despite very low load 7%, results for servers in Florida were worse) Top Tier West Coast General Test Heze (California) to MonkeyBrains (San Fracisco, CA) [Disclaimer, lots of factors can effect internet speed, these tests are just a sample/snapshot at that time.] I will be doing a sampling or Euro Servers in my next post.
  7. I recently put in a ticket for slowdown across multiple servers. This turned out not to be a problem at all with Air, but was caused by speedtest.net (the measuring tool). A step back is necessary. I've been on AirVPN for several months, but I always used TCP until a few days ago, when I tried using UDP, hopingto get better performance. Running speedtest.net I was surprised to find my speed was terrible! If I connected with UDP, speedtest.net behaved very erratically. At times it didn't even load. Most of the time it loaded fine, and the test started with a decent speed, but gradually slowed down to a crawl. Often it slowed down so much that it just hanged - never completing. If I went back to TCP, speedtest worked fine, but the speed I got were much lower - about 30-35% of my actual (ISP) speed. Using spekeasy.net I can get reliable results both with TCP and UDP. I was pleased to realize with UDP I get close to ISP speed (25/3). I was just wondering if anyone else found this out.
  8. Hi, I am using Mac OSX 10.6.8 and OpenVPN for connection. I have selected nearby servers in closest distance. I also have my torrent port forwarded to 41380. I use uTorrent 1.8.1 on the Mac with TCP connection beause uTorrent only seems to actively seed while having TCP connection. With the UDP connection it was simply not actively seeding back downloads because port forwarding only worked with TCP in the Mac version of uTorrent. Without having an active VPN connection, I get around 20-22 Mbs download from my service provider and about 6 Mbs upload speed. When I am testing the AirVPN server speedtest on my client page while actively connected it indicates only 2 to 2.4 Mbs download speed and about the same upload speed. My torrent connections are also only downloading with no more than 300-500 Kbs all together. This seems to be a great drop in performance. While I undersatnd that the VPN connection with the additional encryption and server access will slow down things, I still find it almost unacceptable that it drops to more than 10% of my original connection speed. When I have started using AirVPN about 6 months ago as a first time user, I was able to get 1.5-2 Mbs download speed (not great but workable), lately in the past few months it has been changed to this dismal slow speed. What is the cause and how can it be improved? Thanks
  9. The Speedtest.net Mini flash embed at speedtest.air claims it will expire in 5 days so better update it. Thank you
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