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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I've attached a couple of images containing the results from speedtest.net for two tests - one using my ISP (915Mbps max) and the other using AirVPN (82Mbps). As we can see, using an AirVPN server about 300 miles (about 480km) from my location means - at least according to speedtest.net - taking a speed drop by a magnitude of over ten. I was wondering what the AirVPN community had to see about such results. Are they of the magnitude expected? How reliable does the community think there are? Many thanks for any suggestions.
  2. The 3 servers for Chicago, Illinois (US) seem to be pretty congested during peak times (Fang, Kruger & Sneden). There seems to be somewhere around 80-100 sessions on each of these servers most of the time, double that of almost every other 1gbit server according to the server status page https://airvpn.org/status/. During peak times these Chicago servers experience some heavy throttling. Right now (7/24/23 5:00PM) Sneden Chicago server is showing 1836 / 2000 Mbit/s and 83 sessions. Fang is showing 1810 / 2000 Mbit/s and 83 sessions, and Kruger is showing 1124 / 2000 Mbit/s with 85 sessions. In my test on a 500/500 connection I was only able to get 160 down/20 up during this period which is pretty abysmal. During non peak times I can usually get around 400-500 mbps up and down on these servers. I think these Chicago servers need atleast 1 or 2 more servers to help handle the load, or better yet an additional 10gbit server at this location would be ideal. Chicago is a vital server location in the US and an ideal location for people in the Midwest. Per City load balancing would be very beneficial here which AirVPN currently does not support. I made a separate post requesting that feature here: . Appreciate any feedback on this. Thanks!
  3. When connected to a Server my speed drops down to 0B/s for either Upload, Download, and mostly Both. Don't know whether this is a fault via my School Campus or the VPN itself. I've been using SSH Tunnel port 53. These random speed drops produce no log entries however logs are included below Speed graph included in Screenshot below. Any Help appreciated! Thanks AirVPN_20160607_145551.txt
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