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Found 18 results

  1. qitorin


    Here are some thoughts about Airvpn how it compares to other privacy-centric vpns. What I find most valuable about this vpn-service is the fact of comprehensive selection of different features. On the good side - - Airvpn has really featureful connection programs both on Android and on the desktop clients. After evaluating other supposed quality vpns (Protonvpn, IVPN, Mullvad) I have come to the conclusion that these other vpns do not offer similar degree of customization and combination of simplicity, automation and configurability. These other services do not seem to offer as good as a software suite for linux versus Airvpn. On top of that Android connection program by Airvpn is really good and provides for a great deal of features far and above basic Openvpn client. Furthermore the Airvpn suite provides for a really fast and light connection option packed with options. - Other providers do not have similar degree of connection settings, resiliency and stats to select from. Port forwarding is really well implemented on top of device specific profiles and blocklists. And thankfully Airvpn saw fit to implement openvpn chacha20-poly1305 for a nice speedup for a more modest hardware and wireguard as an alternative protocol. - Uptime is in my experience examplary and speeds are adequate most of the time. - Airvpn is self contained if terms of forums and support and the ownership structure inspires confidence. They also seem to support other important projects in the field of privacy and security. - Long contracts are really affordable if bought during discount period. - Community seems to be rather helpful and forums are chock full of useful info. - An ability to use different crypto currencies for payment. - And once again - all the other features that are available across the board. But there are some rather minor bad features in this service - Possibly it would be beneficial to have an outside party to audit the service throughout and more transparency is always welcome. - Unfortunately the server selection is rather small compared to some other vpns. This leads to more blocks and less geolocation possibilities. - Maybe there could be more restrictive blocklists available as a custom option for those who do not mind some breakage. - Desktop connection program is written with c# and is not native code, thankfully it is still fast and stable but possibly native program would be better. Unless it is considered to be more secure and maintainable as is. - Current Openvpn3 suite for linux is no longer provided for plain old x86. - Desktop client does not have dark theme or interface customization like the, admittedly, more important connection settings. - Possibly it would be useful to have even more obfuscation such as obfs4 et al and/or port selection and testing for post-quantum crypto as well as openvpn-dco for speed. Down the line and above all I would like Airvpn to get more coverage and users and subsequently more resources for overall operation be it software development or just server selection. Could this be possible through some guerrilla marketing or technical users proselytizing or some other means. But it is a shame such a wonderful service does not have more users to advance the service and all the causes it supports. But great big thank you to all involved for this wonderful service!
  2. Nummer1

    My review

    It has been a few months since i've last used this VPN, but my experience was great. This vpn might look complicated but its really not and you won't regret getting it. Even back a few months it was awsome, probably my favourite out of the ones i've used, great VPN.
  3. After trying every free VPN on PC and Android that never matched my expectations with not enough data available or too slow, i wanted to try some paid VPN to see if it was better but most of them only give minimum a month with money back guarantee plans which looks like forced selling, so i dug and read every review and i found that AirVPN proposed a cheap 3 days trial so i could try it fully to see what it is like and it was excellent, even better than my connection without VPN, i could do streaming, torrenting, on my ArchLinux PC, my wife's Ubuntu based Linux PC, on my smartphone, it is very easy to use, a very good service for a very good price, so i took 3 months the first day of my 3 days trial and i will surely continue as long as the quality of the service is the same. Good job, this is what i was looking for in a VPN, i am a very satisfied customer.
  4. Just stumbled across this review from TechRadar so thought I'D post it here. Two of the main reasons for me joining AirVPN was security and speed and that's what is being praised here. The port forwarding is just icing on the cake. Excellent work guys - keep up the good work! http://www.techradar.com/reviews/airvpn
  5. One must use a VPN in general while using the internet and in particular while using torrent engines. But the biggest debate that arises is upon the best VPN to rely on when it comes to hide your original IP and build a safe peer to peer connection.[/size] Finding the answer to this question gets really easier when an industrial-class VPN service provider AirVPN gets certified by one of the best technical reporting blog[/size] [/size]CloudAbouts[/size]. In a recent survey made by the research team of CloudAbouts, AirVPN has been awarded the best according to the editor’s choice among the[/size] [/size]top 12 VPN service providers for torrent[/size]. Here's a slight glance about what the editors think about the Best VPN for Torrents.[/size] AirVPN offers the most secure encryption between a device and the AirVPN server. A dedicated hacktivists’ team and features like OpenVPN support stops your internet service providers, IT section of your government and even hacking and other criminal organization from trespassing into your digital life and spying on your internet uses and online activity. [/size] In fact, AirVPN decreases the chances of getting hacked while connecting the internet even through a Public WiFi hotspot. [/size] The good thing about AirVPN is that they do not keep any log files of their users. So once your surfing history is gone, it is gone forever. Their service also offers DNS leak protection for their clients and WebRTC protection from bugs. You can also start your AirVPN experience with a free 3 day trial.[/size] AirVPN offers super-fast and stable connection and users can also make 3 different connections on using a service. Peer to peer connection made with AirVPN is also safe and secure for work. However, they do not offer plenty of server locations. So this is AirVPN at a glance reviewed by CloudAbouts that has covered all the practical information. Visit here to read the full article. [/size] <a href="/external_link/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcloudabouts.com">thanks for reading</a>.
  6. This is a follow-up thread of the general perception of and opinions on AirVPN on Reddit. There's a VPN subreddit dedicated to news and questions regarding VPNs in which I read mostly positive things about AirVPN in September 2014. Which VPN is better for the money, AirVPN or PIA? Best AirVPN alternative? How is AirVPN? TorGuard Vs AirVPN? Which do you recommend? price inst an issue , just looking to purchase the best option NordVPN or AirVPN for a Mac user? Which is faster, AirVPN or ExpressVPN? << not many answers, though Does anyone have experience with AirVPN? << same here Some interesting findings: Can we ban /u/PCAddiction please? << a redditor claims a user is shilling for AirVPN and therefore might be affiliated with or even might work for AirVPN AirVPN banned me << Anyone remember the fradulent activities guy? - VPNs - the only case known to me where a post of a new member have been edited by mods /r/AirVPN << did anyone know we've got an inofficial AirVPN subreddit?
  7. Hello all I was a long time user of perfect privacy until I found out that they were neo-Nazis in 2012please see this article for more informationhttps://linksunten.indymedia.org/en/node/61004 now with that being said when I use their service from 2009 to 2012 that a very diverse number of servers includingcyberjaya.perfect-privacy.com (Malaysia)shanghai.perfect-privacy.com (China)hongkong.perfect-privacy.com (China)teheran.perfect-privacy.com (Iran)telaviv.perfect-privacy.com (Israel)moscow.perfect-privacy.com (Russia) [3 servers]kiev.perfect-privacy.com (Ukraine)stockholm.perfect-privacy.com (Sweden)bucharest.perfect-privacy.com (Romania)erfurt.perfect-privacy.com (Germany) [5 servers]zurich.perfect-privacy.com (Switzerland) [2 servers]steinsel.perfect-privacy.com (Luxembourg) [8 servers]amsterdam.perfect-privacy.com (The Netherlands) [4 servers]rotterdam.perfect-privacy.com (The Netherlands) [4 servers]lyon.perfect-privacy.com (France)london.perfect-privacy.com (United Kingdom) [3 servers]southampton.perfect-privacy.com (United Kingdom)montreal.perfect-privacy.com (Canada) [5 servers]chicago.perfect-privacy.com (Illinois, USA)sandiego.perfect-privacy.com (California, USA)losangeles.perfect-privacy.com (California, USA)plaza.perfect-privacy.com (Panama)buenosaires.perfect-privacy.com (Argentina)list for my last gathered from my last account extension emailencryption was extremely high for my apologies for not being able to provide the details regarding the encryption used at the time in addition to that they didn't keep any loss to the best of my knowledge taking their word for it they provided standard open VPN based configuration files with the standard open source open VPN client in addition to that they also offered ssh tunnelling I'm curious as to whether anybody else was a customer of theirs but them jump ship because of the Nazi tiesplease note I am disabled and use speech recognition software which is not always 100% accurate so I do apologise for any spelling or grammar issues (note to moderators feel free to clean this up so it is more legible
  8. All, So far good results. I signed up for AirVPN while the Phoenix, AZ server was listed as down. It has since been removed entirely. I would have liked to have a local server, and that's partially chose airVPN. Client works well on both Windows and Linux. Works well on cell traffic in OpenVPN for Android as well. (You need to ensure it's set up correctly for cell traffic to route properly though, default settings do not accomplish a correct route) I'll be checking for DNS leaks and packet tracing some test traffic over the next few days to really see how well the tunnels work. One typical speed test below from the provided test on the website. Overall 8/10. Down: 27.881 Mbit/s Out, 23.576 Mbit/s In (84%), 50MB - Up: 1.891 Mbit/s Out, 1.775 Mbit/s In (93%), 20MB - Date: Sat, 05 Dec 2015 19:47:20 GMT - Buffers: 50MB/20MB - Laps: 3, Time: 360.16 secs --- xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ping statistics --- 32 packets transmitted, 31 received, 3% packet loss, time 31053ms rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 21.427/23.465/30.945/1.578 ms Client: Phoenix, AZ VPN Server: Alkes -Nick
  9. When I subscribed to AirVPN in September 2013, I was doing it because of what I experienced/suffered from in the past. If you want to read this story, check out my one year review first. One year of AirVPN - a humble review. I've been a user for more than a third of AirVPN's lifetime (given the date of birth of the AirVPN idea which is April 2010 according to the mission page, and my registration date, September 2013) and I can say, I've witnessed all of the more recent changes, most of them being server additions and withdrawals. A direct comparison between with and without AirVPN is, at least for me, practically impossible. I recently could upgrade to a 50/10 MBit plan with my ISP and with AirVPN I still reach full download and upload speeds. This of course depends on many things: software, hardware, location and ISP, chosen servers, etc. I will start with my setup. Software: Securepoint OpenVPN, for testing purposes I also used the AirVPN client (Eddie); OpenVPN for Android. Hardware: Normal tower PC with i7 CPU and Windows 8.1; Samsung Galaxy S3 with CyanogenMod 13. Location/ISP: Germany, Deutsche Telekom AG (german telecom) Server: All german servers and Kitalpha (CH) on UDP port 53 (in the past I used UDP/443 but somewhen in 2014 BitTorrent stopped working good on this port, so I changed it). I chose them based on a simple rule: A direct BGP route to my ISP must exist. Some users would tell me it doesn't matter much because BGP is not that easy, but they always worked best. I occasionally used a few other servers for testing purposes and had no issues. What do I do with AirVPN? And how's performance doing it? I'm always connected to AirVPN when my PC is on, so whatever I do on the internet, I do with AirVPN. Mostly it's BitTorrent file sharing, online multiplayer gaming and normal internet browsing. Sometimes I do audio/video calls. As I wrote, BitTorrent is always able to max out my line capacity, downloading with 5.4 MB/s. Upload is capped to 1024 kB/s in the client, but could go further than that.Online multiplayer gaming performance can be measured by looking at packet latency of your connection which in turn depends on the same factors I mentioned above. My packet latency is about 20 +/- 5 ms high, no difference between with and without AirVPN.In case of normal internet browsing, it's difficult to compare usage vs. non-usage. If you are connected to a server not in your country and you view a website, you might notice this webpage shows you in the country of your server. On the other hand, some webpages will block you out, either because the OpenVPN server sent too many requests to the webserver (you are not the only user ) or just because the operator of the webserver does not like you using anonymization techniques. There also is a Smart DNS feature redirecting your traffic to certain sites and services to make them viewable through any server, for example Netflix. It works good and is reliable.Eddie, the AirVPN client As I mentioned in my first review, when I registered AirVPN's client was in a very bad condition. You couldn't call it a reliable solution and I also didn't use it. It was later in version 2.05 when I finally took a glance at it. I experimented with establishing it as the main client, but it didn't make it because SecurePoint was much easier to use for me. But Eddie helped and still helps me a lot with testing different connection parameters: I can connect to another server, change the port, maybe even use OpenVPN over SSL and analyze things, and all with a single client. I don't need to generate any configuration files because I can do it just like that. To me Eddie is like a diagnostics tool, like a companion app in helping users. The forums I really like them, a very good idea to let users help and discuss with other users. I don't know how much the forums reduce the support ticket amount for AirVPN staff but I can imagine them replying in pre-written text blocks to the same questions over and over again when they were not here. Among VPN providers, it's a unique feature. I personally have got the feeling AirVPN staff don't read them very often but the time saved this way can be invested into processing support tickets, and there you usually get a very fast response. The real driving force on the forums are the users, anyways. Among them, there are bright and knowing people who always help. Staff themselves sometimes reply as well. Really nothing more to say here More features Status page: Shows current bandwidth usage of all servers and the top users in speed, traffic and connection length (by default, your name is hidden).Check routes: Checks the reachability of a website across all servers. If you can't access it with server A, it will check which of the servers B-Z can reach it. Remore Port Forwarding to open yourself some ports, comparable to port forwarding on your router. Comes with Dynamic DNS functionality, for when you change the servers often and still need a fixed domain name to be reachable from outside. Worked well the last time I tried it.A speed test hosted on the server you are connected to and showing you In-Tunnel and Out-Tunnel speeds for comparison. Does not use your whole bandwidth and is not always accurate. Why AirVPN? Simply because I fail to spot another provider who is equally serious about privacy, security and functionality. Simply because there is a small community of good people talking to and helping each other. Simply because it gives you fresh Air to breathe the real Internet. 2.5 years with AirVPN, and more to come. Thank you for reading, and thank you again, Air, for everything!
  10. Hi, I have just finished a review for AirVPN and have also run some speedtests on some of the servers. The article isn't meant for advanced users, but mainly for people looking for a decent VPN to start using. I have also tried to give some advice where I can If you think that there is something that I have missed, or have incorrectly described I would be more than happy to make some edits as it is important that any potential users get the best advice. http://www.techfleece.com/2015/12/03/airvpn-review-plus-speedtests/ Regards, Richard
  11. Iruhaku

    My AirVPN Review

    I've had Airvpn around 5-6 weeks now and I can honestly say I've never had a better service. The transparency and communication from them are top notch if there's security bugs/flaws rather than hide or conceal it they inform and remedy it. My previous VPN didn't even mention the WebRTC leaks yet on Airvpn the information is very apparent and solutions are abundant. The speed for me has always been excellent always maxing my connection to most (US servers excluded as that is way over the pond but still good) they have a guaranteed 4mb either way but to be honest their guarantee is never needed as I never see slow downs. I Really like the Eddie client and never had problems using it. The cost is also superb 5 euro a month if you pay in 3 or 6 month instalments. The only time I've had problems connecting to Airvpn was my recent trip to Lanzarote. I was able to connect sometimes but mostly I wasn't able to but this in no way was an Airvpn problem it was a hotel wifi sucks problem. So in conclusion my opinion on Airvpn is that it's very cheap (£11 for 3 months), extremely reliable, great communication, great client, and very honest company.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BtvXl6_qNA I published a sheet which compares some VPN Providers. The list will be updatet periodically. Take a look at the comment section. Unbelievable things happend to me while collecting informations for this sheet.
  13. Out of boredom I searched for AirVPN on Reddit. This is what I personally found most interesting. The subreddit (VPN) isn't very popular but I think it's enough. Opinions on AirVPN? Worth it to switch over from AirVPN to Private Internet Access? Trying to decide between proxy.sh and AirVPN An object lesson in how to handle Heartbleed and customer interaction - AirVPN Edit: I found one more subreddit (/r/vpnreviews) but there's only one AirVPN review by vpncompare.co.uk dated November 24, 2013. Their conclusion:
  14. I have been using AirVPN for almost two years now. I would say that the service provided by AirVPN is very good. Price: AirVPN is not the cheapest nor the most expensive. However, when AirVPN runs deals such as their Cyber Monday deal (38% off) and currently their Christmas deal, the price is very affordable. Especially considering the quality service you get in return. Privacy: I have not seen another VPN service that can beat AirVPN's privacy policy. They take this very seriously, as they should. Also, the fact that AirVPN does not log traffic is very important. Any VPN service that logs traffic is not private. It also pleases me to see that the company was founded by internet activists and hacktivists in an effort to defend internet neutrality. Support: I have no complaints with the AirVPN support staff. I have contacted the support staff many times and they respond quickly and politely. The staff has a vast amount of knowledge and has answered all of my technical questions thoroughly. Software: I was with AirVPN before their new "Eddie" client was released. Because I am a Mac user I have used a program called Viscosity since day one. It is a great program and I highly recommend it. I have used the AirVPN Eddie client and it is very nice. However, (this is where the staff and I will disagree) the Eddie client lacks a formal killswitch. I am aware that there is a "Network Lock" feature in Eddie that acts in a similar way. However, in OSX it is confusing (for me) to get it working. So, I still use Viscosity because I can implement a simple killswitch script that closes any program I specify. I have created a forum thread on this topic for Viscosity Mac and Windows users. The killswitch is extremely easy to setup. Despite this, I think the Eddie client works very well and AirVPN is improving it all the time. Servers: I would say that AirVPN has a very good variety of servers to choose from. Considering the size of the company, they defiantly have a sufficient number of servers. Especially in the Netherlands. Speeds: I am located in North America and I do not notice any deduction in speed while using the AirVPN servers in North America. I even get great speeds from some of the servers in Europe. When it comes to speeds, I have nothing to complain about at all! I have tried other VPN services such as Private Internet Access, BTGuard, and Torguard. In my opinion, AirVPN beats those three in every aspect. When AirVPN includes features such as 3 simultaneous connections, p2p on every server, and very high levels of encryption, plus many other good features, AirVPN is very hard to beat. So, all I have left to say is, keep up the great work AirVPN!
  15. Hi guys, I have written a review of AirVPN for Vpn Critic and was wondering could you take a look and give some comments, suggestions or corrections https://vpncritic.com/airvpn-review/
  16. "Some events happen whether we want them to or not." This is a quote taken from a sign in the game Antichamber. It will appear on the wall of signs in the starting room after visiting 20 rooms in total. And if you think of it, it's an event you cannot circumvent, you cannot visit the 19th room and then suddenly proceed to the 21st. This principle is valid for a variety of things, birthdays for example. One of those events that happen whether we want them to or not is an annual subscription coming to an end. Because of that I would like to publish my own opinion on AirVPN, my story, my thoughts, my experiences. -- The beginnings -- It all began in 2012. The whole year I was downloading and seeding things using BitTorrent. I used a private russian tracker which wasn't as known to german companies as Rutor, a public russian tracker. Because of the fact that my tracker is private I believed I wouldn't get caught using BitTorrent as fast as other people get caught for using public trackers. And in fact, since my registration in 2008 I never got any letters. A few days before New Year's Eve I finally got caught seeding a movie. In February 2013 we got a letter from a law office with information about torrent name and hash, date and time, client, IP. The consequences: No more torrents for now. And I made my first research on how to continue torrenting without a fuss. I heard about VPNs, read about how they work and which companies usually stand behind them. Didn't do anything else but making plans for the future. -- Snowden! -- The second stage began shortly after Snowden's leaks. I was concerned about what the NSA knew about me and my surroundings and I think I wasn't all alone with that. I even forgot my torrents for a moment because of this. The idea of subscribing to a VPN provider suddenly was of importance. At the same time I was still struggling with replacing movie torrents by searching for a good movie streaming service in Germany but no one was able to match my needs. I tried Watchever as the most interesting provider (cheap, easy to use, good streaming quality) but many movies just weren't there. Lovefilm (now Amazon Prime Instant Video) was even worse, and Maxdome's pricing was a catastrophe. -- The final decision -- It was August 2013 by now. I started gathering information about VPN providers and access software and tried out a few of them, including faceless.me and ipredator. That's when I discovered TorrentFreak and their article "Which are the best anonymous VPN providers?" - first contact with AirVPN though it didn't receive much attention for now. It was after I read the updated "Review: Is your VPN service really anonymous?" I noticed AirVPN. I did some research on their reputation on the internet and finally registered. A few days later (I still didn't have a client so I spent those days with gathering information on that) I asked for a trial period to see if things would work for me and received a reply two days later.. ... I was concerned about whether my client really worked because I didn't notice any change in speed after connecting. There is no better first impression, really. I subscribed to AirVPN on September 5, 2013. -- First impressions and the forums -- Many things surprised me a lot, especially the status page with status information on bandwidth usage and connected clients, and the forums. I figured: If there's a forum, then you're not just a client, you're getting invited to be part of a community. So I wanted to integrate myself into that community, too, and started writing regularly, trying to help people with their connection problems. I also published some guides about how I use AirVPN. Most of the community is still anonymous and that's okay. I personally didn't like being anonymous all the time, so I opened myself a bit. That way people don't get a feeling as if they would talk to someone with a question mark head (reference to Anonymous hacker's sign ). I made my profile publicly aviable and published my birthday, my location and some of my interests there. Staff is reading the forums, too. They help where they can, though it sometimes can take some time to get a reply from them. This too applies to the Support Desk. But I always keep in mind that day by day more and more people register and become a customer. The more customers, the more time you'd need to reply to all of them. Antichamer sign quote: "Patience has it's own rewards." -- The servers-- Server's aviability and stability depends on the data center. Some servers are really good, able to be called 100% aviable such as the german servers I was using, in 2013 it mainly was Tauri, others sometimes had high packet loss issues and line problems. I occasionally used servers in America and the Netherlands for a few hours and didn't have problems, either. I find it nice to have many connection modes aviable though I never used any other than UDP port 443. But there were users who reported poor performance with it. Switching to another port solved the problem for most of them - an excellent example why this is a nice feature. Additionally, every server accepts specially secured connections - OpenVPN over SSL and SSH. The goal is an encrypted OpenVPN tunnel inside the encrypted SSH/SSL tunnel in order to prevent Deep Packet Inspection currently used by China for example. This way it's easier to connect from inside China and circumvent their Great Firewall. I never needed that feature, that's why I cannot write anything but descriptive terms about it. -- The client -- AirVPN has an own open source client which I never used. I'm using another open source client, Securepoint OpenVPN, and posted an introduction to it. As far as I remember, when I registered AirVPN's client was in a very bad condition. Earlier this year it has been changed, now people are getting more and more satisfied with it. -- Additional features -- Initially I wrote about the status page and the forums being two extremely useful additional features. Also notable is the remote port forwarding feature similar to the port forwarding feature on a router. Working good despite some seldomly occuring flaws.the speed test feature able to calculate how fast your AirVPN connection ("In-Tunnel speed") is in comparison to your real internet connection ("Out-Tunnel speed"). Works as good as the port forwarding feature.-- So, is AirVPN really the "air to breathe the real internet"? -- Yes, it is. And no, it isn't. Really nice slogan, by the way. Yes, because you really circumvent geolocation blocks (Netflix, YouTube) and censorship (China's Great Firewall) using AirVPN. Yes, because you prevent eavesdroppers from seeing what you do (encryption feature). And from manipulating your traffic (integrity feature). No, because your real internet connection wouldn't face extra blocking that apply to VPN providers. Just look into the Blocked websites forum. No, because using a VPN provider is based on trust. You trust the provider not to track your usage and not to betray you. -- So, what now? -- Most of the Netflix users might have heard that Netflix will start it's services in Germany next month. After all, I heard so much good things about Netflix that I really want to give it a try. I'm looking forward to subscribe to Netflix like I did with Spotify years ago. Since then I never downloaded a single music torrent again. I'm planning to stop downloading movie torrents, too, but only if Netflix really has everything, in a quality that matches my current internet speed. It that's the case, OpenVPN will be superfluous. But I won't just leave. I'll stay here and try helping people out. After all, I might need AirVPN again if I ever happen to be on vacation. I wouldn't expose my data to a public WiFi hotspot where a nerdy-looking guy with a self-made super laptop is sitting in some dark corner, attempting to grab emails and credentials from the hotel guests' devices.. or if I just want to use Netflix if it's not aviable in the country. "But didn't you write that Snowden was the guy who inspired you to subscribe to AirVPN?" - He was part of the inspiration. But to be honest, it never was my complete intention to hide myself from the NSA or other entities. I subscribed because I nearly was sued for doing what I love and I needed someone to stand in front of me, effectively protecting me from being nearly sued again for doing what I love. Anyway, one month of my subscription is left. And even if it's not the end, I'd like to thank AirVPN for a great service so far and the community for being a great one. 8)
  17. I want to start by staying I love airvpn, I have used airvpn for over a year. I am happy with how well the service works and the price. I have tried other services and I frequent torrentfreaks' VPN Provider Reviews (http://torrentfreak.com/which-vpn-services-take-your-anonymity-seriously-2014-edition-140315/3/ ) While i have not tried all of the providers on that list, i have hit several including Private Internet Access. I am NOT a fan of PIA, their system uses some sort of proxy system, that for web browsing is probably fine, but if you run other applications, for instance certain MMOs, Tera, ESO, if you are able to connect at all u are plagued with disconnects. While running a game on a VPN is not a good idea for latency reasons, I have often connected to several game servers forgetting I still had airvpn running and didnt even notice. Additiontally I like the simplicty of airvpn's client, please dont change it, or if u do, let us keep using the current one. It just works, and I am of the school of if it aint broke dont fix it. Ofc if there is a necessary update, such as when heartbleed came out, then I am all for it. Additionally, i have done speed tests on several providers and often they dont work correctly, with other VPN providers, due to however they are set up. I have almost always gotten my full speed internet connection over AirVPN. 100/10. However, I wanted to trully test out what was possible to push through their servers. Below are screen shots of speedtest results. I did several tests and all tests were done from a tier one connection, from a Windows 2012 R2 Server, which wasn't running anything at the time. I also tested to Leaseweb's own speedtest server in Virgina for comparrsion of what maximum speed I was able to obtain to them. I only tested on airvpn servers that were under 25% load at the time and ran 5-15 tests and provided the median results. Two different hosts where used for the testing one on East coast and one on the West coast for Freemont (Heze) (There seemed to be a routing issue between my East coast and AirVPN West coast as latency was several hundred ms, and speedtest results were 5mb down and less than 1up. However with west coast host this problem was solved and results were within expected ranges.) I used a Comcast speedtest in VA, and Towerstream in NY for most tests for consistency. For Virgina, Flordia, and Chicago, Tests. I tested other servers that were "local" to each site however, I found little difference in speed if any sometimes slower than using the Comcast, VA and Towerstream, NY speedtest sites. I think overall these results speak for themselves and they are GREAT. Some exceptions listed below. I will be posting additional results from other locations around the world that I have access to local top tier internet. Top Tier Speed Test to Leaseweb Virgina, (AirVPN primary Hosting East Coast). Andromedae Towerstream Electra Towerstream Kuma Towerstream Librae Towerstream Sirius Towerstream Alkaid (Chicago) Towerstream Pollux (Florida) Comcast VA (Slower than expected despite very low load 7%, results for servers in Florida were worse) Top Tier West Coast General Test Heze (California) to MonkeyBrains (San Fracisco, CA) [Disclaimer, lots of factors can effect internet speed, these tests are just a sample/snapshot at that time.] I will be doing a sampling or Euro Servers in my next post.
  18. I used an early VPN system for work and I was not impressed with its performance; however, it was all we had then and it worked for that purpose. I had been looking at a VPN provider and decided to try out AirVPN based on a lot of research into their Privacy Policy and Terms of Agreement. I have to say that I am impressed. Further, I have tried several different servers from the US & the EU and my connection speeds are fantastic! I live in a remote place and was pleasantly surprised to see minimal impact on my network speed. I have now set up a Linksys WRT54GL router with AirVPN setup through the OpenVPN client found in Toastman's version of the Tomato firmware. It is a wonderful piece of engineering. Now all my traffic is routed through the AirVPN service and I am well-pleased with how easy it was to setup (all things considered). 1. First & foremost, if you do want to flash a WRT54GL Linksys router, make sure you do so using the MINI version (I used the ND/2.4 kernel branch) first and THEN update it with the full-fledged Toastman Tomato VPN image. I almost bricked my brand-new router by going straight for the heavy version. 2. Setting up the AirVPN is a snap, just do not forget to click on the little box that is found in Section "3. Connection Mode" under "Advanced" which says "Resolved hosts in .ovpn file" ! I did not see that at first and could not figure out to what portion of the (dot)ovpn file the instructions referred. I and my family will be purchasing several years worth of service from this company, with a few caveats: a. Keep up the excellent service; b. The company continues to respect individual privacy rights (as an example, read how the owner of Lavabit.com - an email provider - shut down his operation rather than give all his clients' information away); c. and that is it! Thank you for such an excellent product. I highly recommend your services to family and friends.
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