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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, i'm trying to set the proxy with http or socks, but both fail to login when using the proxy, the error message is "Cannot login, (Curl: (7)) Failed to connect to port 8080: Connection refused - with 'http' (always) proxy and 'none' auth" Plus: 1. i also try different ports, but it fails too. 2. the platform is window 10. 3. i can use the vpn service successfully without proxy
  2. Hi, since today I cannot login via Eddie (2.16.3), see screenshots. Any hints? Thanks B. EDIT: Problem solved, TAP driver missed.
  3. I am trying to log into Eddie but am receiving this error. How can I resolve this ?
  4. Okay so earlier this morning, I went to disconnect (website wouldn't accept ip location, understandable but annoying). Except it froze before I could do that. Being in a bit of a rush, I just opened the task manager and forced the task to close. I now realize this was a huge mistake. Trying to connect now, the launcher says not connected, site says otherwise. When trying to connect to a server it gives me an "OpenVPN is already running" message. I've tried disconnecting manually from the site but it just shows me disconnection pending forever. Walked away for 15 mins and nothing. Only other topic close to this is 2 years old and just recommended waiting for the timeout that was supposed to be 60 seconds. Is there something I'm missing?
  5. Eddie client saves login and password information in AirVPN.xml as cleartext! I am suggesting this information be hashed when saved, if possible.
  6. Every time I come to the AirVPN website after closing my browser, the website has forgotten me. Every time, I log in again and choose the Remember Me option. Every time, it forgets. I've searched the forums and come up with several hits about that. One of the threads claimed the problem had been fixed about a year ago. But, it's not for me at this time. Anyone else seeing this? Windows 10 Pro, x64 Chrome Version 58.0.3029.68 beta (64-bit)
  7. Hello all, First, sorry for my English. I'll try as best as I can to make it clear. I have trouble logging thru Eddie official AirVPN client (last MacOS stable version 2.11.15). Before you ask, I am 100% sure I entered the right password.I tried to reinstall the client twice and deleting all the config files with AppCleaner. Didn't work. Then I tried to reset the airvpn.xml file too. Now I'm on full default config and still can't log in. I really don't know what to do. The client stopped working yesterday for like "no reason" (no apps updates, no system update, nothing changed recently. I can successfully use AirVPN via Tunnelblick, but I really prefer the classic Eddie AirVPN client. Anybody got an idea of what to I can do ? I joined last logs to help. Thanks ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LAST LOGS AFTER A FRESH INSTALL and reset airvpn.xml. (Anonymised paths). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I 2017.02.22 00:21:04 - Eddie client version: 2.11.15 / osx_x64, System: OSX, Name: 10.12.3, Mono/.Net Framework: v4.0.30319. 2017.02.22 00:21:04 - Reading options from /XXXXXX/.airvpn/AirVPN.xml. 2017.02.22 00:21:04 - Profile options not found, using defaults.. 2017.02.22 00:21:05 - Data path: /XXXXXX/.airvpn. 2017.02.22 00:21:05 - Application path: /Applications/Eddie.app/Contents/MacOS. 2017.02.22 00:21:05 - Executable path: /Applications/Eddie.app/Contents/MacOS/Eddie. 2017.02.22 00:21:05 - Command line arguments (0):. 2017.02.22 00:21:05 - Operating System: Unix - Darwin XXXXXX.local 16.4.0 Darwin Kernel Version 16.4.0: Thu Dec 22 22:53:21 PST 2016; root:xnu-3789.41.3~3/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64I 2017.02.22 00:21:05 - OpenVPN Driver - ExpectedI 2017.02.22 00:21:05 - OpenVPN - Version: 2.4.0 - OpenSSL 1.0.2k 26 Jan 2017, LZO 2.09 (/Applications/Eddie.app/Contents/MacOS/openvpn)I 2017.02.22 00:21:05 - SSH - Version: OpenSSH_7.3p1, LibreSSL 2.4.1 (/usr/bin/ssh)I 2017.02.22 00:21:05 - SSL - Version: stunnel 5.40 (/Applications/Eddie.app/Contents/MacOS/stunnel)! 2017.02.22 00:21:05 - Ready. 2017.02.22 00:21:05 - Updating systems & servers data .... 2017.02.22 00:21:09 - Systems & servers data update completedI 2017.02.22 00:21:31 - Checking login ...F 2017.02.22 00:22:11 - Cannot login. (The request timed out)
  8. I'm trying to log in via GUI using the airvpn_linux_x64_portable with centos. I open the client with: $ sudo ./airvpn Then I type in my loginname and password. Now it says: "Checking login..." and it just keeps doing this. Anyone had this problem before? I logged in using this same client 6 months back and I had no problems. Update: I finally recieved this error message: ! 2017.01.24 19:06:01 - Ready I 2017.01.24 19:06:41 - Checking login ... . 2017.01.24 19:26:02 - Cannot retrieve systems & servers data. Please retry later or contact us for help. (An error occurred performing a WebClient request.)
  9. Hi, I have a suggestion that should increase security for Air and customers. My suggestion is for Air to configure an optional system of multifactor/two-factor authentication for logging in to the AirVPN website, as well as for the initial setup of the Eddie software (entering login details). This can be enabled or disabled by the user and accomplished by either: a smartphone app such as FreeOTP (which is open source and available for iOS/Android).a hardware device such as Nitrokey (which is open hardware) or a similar USB one time password generator (Yubikey, etc.) The user will be prompted on their phone or mobile device with a number to enter in additionally to their password. This makes sure nobody but the authorized user has access to the account, profile, etc. Air would probably be the first VPN provider to have this as an option. Regards, anonym
  10. Hello, i´m currently switching from my old VPN-Provider and decided to give you a try. What´s different to the ones i formerly used and makes me scratch my head a bit is: The Config. Generator is working fine - and so do the config files and connection to the server. But i´m not asked to enter a login or password when the connection starts and i can´t find it in the config files either. Erm, why? Second i´m used to get .crt files with the ovpn files from my former providers. Is that not needed over here? Why not? Would be nice if you could give me a helping hand on these matters.
  11. Hello, Yesterday I found out that I cannot login into my PayPal account. I'm getting this message: "Sorry, we can't log you in. If you believe there is an issue with your account, contact us." I never got any emails from PayPal saying some bad news about my account being blocked or something like that... I tried different Airvpn servers - still same problem. Last time I used PayPay was about a month ago and everything was ok. I wonder if it is VPN related? Does anyone else having this problem? Thank you.
  12. It keeps saying. Index was outside the bounds of array. What does that mean?
  13. L.S., Each time the AirVPN app starts up I need to login again, and I would like to be logged in automatically. Going by some post I have read it should be possible to do so, I have however been unable to get it to work. I am on an iMac OSX 10.11.2 using the AirVPN app 2.10.3. Can anybody help? Wil Dieteren
  14. Hi Every time I press "Generate" in the config generator, I'm told to log in again. I was already logged in, but somehow got logged back out. I'm using Tor Browser 4.5.1. in Linux. The security slider is set to medium-high.
  15. Hello, I just bought a subscription and loaded up the software to find I can't log in! So I am getting an error that says "Cannot receive systems & server data. Please retry later or contact us for help. (The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.) I just want to get this ironed out. Any help?
  16. My AirVPN was working for a while then all of a sudden out of nowhere this issue comes along. 1) I open AirVPN 2) I login 3) I select a network 4) Connecting... for a while 5) I'm now logged out back at Step 2 I tried 1) re-installing .net 4.0 2) re-installing openVPN (from both the latest airvpn zip but also the latest from the openvpn website directly) 3) re-installed TAP and re-setup TAP from Windows > "Add a new TAP virtual ethernet adapter" which completes succesfully I'm out of ideas, why is this not working!
  17. Hello, when our line drops, e.g. due to intermittent service at our ISP or, say, due to a short power cut due, say, a blizzard, logging on again after AirVPN lost the connection is very cumbersome and time-consuming. After establishing the AirVPN connection all Internet traffic goes via the tunnel, as it should. However, when that connection is lost, AirVPN's app-window shows "disconnecting" which of course goes on forever, as after losing the tunnel it cannot reconnect nor can it successfully reach the server to disconnect either. Shutting off and restarting AirVPN then leads to a little popup "already connected" and one cannot reconnect NOR can one drop the connection ("logout") as it won't accept any further action. So, logging on to AirVPN's website should solve the problem (although this requires breaching one's Internet security as one needs to do so "openly", i.e. without the help of the VPN tunnel, since that cannot be used as one cannot readily reconnect as one "is already connected"). Then .,, after logging on at AirVPN.org through an UNtunneled connection and going to the client area, one tries to disconnect via the disconnect button. However, this then loops "forever" in a "disconnection pending" state. Result: Since over ONE HOUR I am neither able to reconnect from the PC NOR am I able to DISconnect and drop the bloody line online from here, so I am stuck unable to use any VPN services! And wouldn't it be better to allow to drop the connection from the PCs logon app instead of giving this nauseating "Already connected" popup without having any connection that can really be used yet equally not being to get rid of it??? Please advise!
  18. Hi The login stage of the AirVPN client seems to be a bit of a mystery. Never seen the first stage described in such an unclear way. However, as someone involved in open-source, the solution is often a clear forum post that others having the same issue will fine. So, as well as solving the issue for me, it could help others (I'm an IT person, so if it confuses me, it will likely confuse some others). After installing and running AirVPN on Windows, I am presented with a box which contains login and password. The instructions here: https://airvpn.org/windows/ state: "Download and run the AirVPN client. It requires Administrator access to the PC" This could mean two things: 1) the Windows 'need to run as administrator" box might pop up, which requires the user to confirm (and / or enter the Windows administrator login details) 2) that this AitVPN box is asking for the Windows administratot login and password. ----- Just for the sake of making sure, I tried both my AirVPN login (with username and email in login part) and Windows login deails, and neither worked. More importantly, if this is asking for Windows administrator login details, why? Perhaps in this case a statement regarding why this is needed would help here. ----- So, I imagine that the AirVPN Windows help page shown above will make a lot of people nervous about using AirVPN. It made me do more research, because I found the statement 'requires Administrator access' with no explanation to be suspicious, I am not comfortable having to post this on a public forum. But I do hope this post will be useful to others. To AirVPN staff, is it possible to get a refund?
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