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Found 2 results

  1. Every time I try to logon to Bank of America mobile banking (www.bankofamerica.com), their system runs me through security questions and/or forcing me to receive an authorization code and enter it before allowing me to proceed. This is happening on current version of Windows10 on my laptop using either Microsoft Edge or FireFox. I don't seem to have that problem using the Bank of America app and airvpn on my iPhone. With no airvpn, I get right into the bank. Any suggestions? thanks
  2. Hello, when our line drops, e.g. due to intermittent service at our ISP or, say, due to a short power cut due, say, a blizzard, logging on again after AirVPN lost the connection is very cumbersome and time-consuming. After establishing the AirVPN connection all Internet traffic goes via the tunnel, as it should. However, when that connection is lost, AirVPN's app-window shows "disconnecting" which of course goes on forever, as after losing the tunnel it cannot reconnect nor can it successfully reach the server to disconnect either. Shutting off and restarting AirVPN then leads to a little popup "already connected" and one cannot reconnect NOR can one drop the connection ("logout") as it won't accept any further action. So, logging on to AirVPN's website should solve the problem (although this requires breaching one's Internet security as one needs to do so "openly", i.e. without the help of the VPN tunnel, since that cannot be used as one cannot readily reconnect as one "is already connected"). Then .,, after logging on at AirVPN.org through an UNtunneled connection and going to the client area, one tries to disconnect via the disconnect button. However, this then loops "forever" in a "disconnection pending" state. Result: Since over ONE HOUR I am neither able to reconnect from the PC NOR am I able to DISconnect and drop the bloody line online from here, so I am stuck unable to use any VPN services! And wouldn't it be better to allow to drop the connection from the PCs logon app instead of giving this nauseating "Already connected" popup without having any connection that can really be used yet equally not being to get rid of it??? Please advise!
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