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Found 42 results

  1. Hi, when using airvpn, I have troubles sending emails via the smtp server of my provider. I guess that the ip is rejected. Hence, I would like to exclude the ip of the smtp server. When I used the Eddie GUI, there was an option in the settings. Now I have switched to bluetit (on Linux). How and where can I exclude certain IPs? Many thanks!
  2. Can this happen while being connected via AirVPN ? I do not know? --- Read more of this story at Slashdot. https://yro.slashdot.org/story/22/01/31/222250/website-fined-by-german-court-for-leaking-visitors-ip-address-via-google-fonts I originally saw this story posted on Facebook and here is their comment thread on it: https://www.facebook.com/slashdot/posts/10158469206330857 I do not know if this can still happen while being connected on ANY VPN, let alone while on or using AirVPN? Can anyone help me who knows better? I guess a simple yes or no from someone who knows better, would be reassuring lol
  3. Hello! I'm following this description (link) to create a VPN-proxy VM in Qubes OS. There is a step where i should create some firewall rules in the VPN-proxy to prevent leaks. I'd like to use a random European .ovpn configuration, so i go to Config Generator > choosing Linux as my OS, IPv4 only for IP layer exit and IPv4 as Connect with IP layer, tick the Advenced Mode, selecting OpenVPN version >=2.5, choosing OpenVPN TCP 443 tls-crypt, tls1.2 as the protocol and tick By Continents > Europe and finally generating and downloading the .ovpn config file, where i changed eurpe3.vpn... to europe3.all.vpn.... To create the firewall rule, I need the IP addresses that belong to the European servers. What is the easiest way to find out these IP addresses? If i'm downloading the .ovpn file as resolved hosts, i only get 1 IP address. Thanks any help you can provided!
  4. Hi I use a custom bash script in Linux to enable leak protection using iptables. That is, the firewall blocks all the outgoing internet connections whose destination is a non-AirVPN IP address. I would like to keep the protection enabled always and automatically connect to the best current server in the Netherlands, for instance. This requires resolving the IP address of nl.vpn.airdns.org. However, if the leak protection is enabled and I have not connected to any AirVPN server, I cannot resolve the IP address. Neither I would like to enable temporarily access to some other DNS service, like Cloudflare's or Google's nor temporarily connecting to a random AirVPN server to just find out the best current server. I have not yet tested the AirVPN's Linux suite, which would likely do this automatically. I wonder, if there is a way to accomplish this DNS name resolution in a simple manner using just bash? What I know AirVPN does not have public DNS servers.
  5. Can the "Ip change" be implemented in eddie every "x" minute? I mean "disconnection and reconnection with new ip" automatically. Example "Ipvanish"
  6. I have a basic Apache server running behind my VPN, which forwards the necessary ports and assigns a DDNS name to the exit IP. It works initially, and I'm able to use the name to access my apache server -- for awhile. Sooner or later, the exit IP changes but my DDNS does not automatically update like it (presumably) should. I ran a DDNS report, and all the DNS servers are pointing to a now defunct address. The only way I can update it is to re-do the port forwarding rule with the name assignment. Server-side is nothing special. It automatically connects using an OpenVPN config file, but is otherwise untouched. How do I trigger a DDNS name update without having to re-do my port forwarding and name assignments every time? Do I need to configure my OpenVPN files to trigger DDNS updates?
  7. Hi. When connected to an AirVPN-server through a VPN-router... Are there any fixed IPs on the VPN-server that can be used to ping for monitoring the quality of the VPN connection (RRD graphs etc)? I used to be able to use 10.x.0.1 but they do not seem to respond to pings anymore. What is the correct IP to use for this purpose? Kind regards,
  8. I'm attempting to host a Minecraft server on campus using the provided internet (we aren't allowed to purchase our own) and would like my friends outside campus to be able to connect but they cannot. I've tried to do port forwarding to allow this but it doesn't seem to be working no matter what I try. I can only connect to the server myself when running it locally (connecting to and not when running it through the vpn. Any suggestions?
  9. Eddie IS without a doubt leaking lastpass connections to the web through the vpn. Eddie is still using the 2.4.3 client; though seeing eddie is a big program it could be some other function of Eddie. Using OpenVPN 2.4.5 solves this leakage. So, OpenVPN 2.4.5 it is. Here is a screenshot of the leak inside Wireshark. https://ibb.co/jgdQqH https://image.ibb.co/gzbBVH/Leaks_using_Eddie.png
  10. Just a short question to the admins here. I would like to use the AirVPN DNS servers on my VPN routers. The manuals (DD-WRT and Tomato) are referring to the Specs Page but I can't find them there anymore.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm using AirVPN and sometimes I access to websites protected by Cloudflare. Cloudflare often bans my IP Address and I've to change server. Could I simply request a new IP Address, without changing the server? Or, is there a way to not be banned? I noted Cloudflare sometimes put my banned IP address to a whitelist and I can use it other times, until Cloudflare bans it another time. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi there all, I'm in a nice position: I activated some software that checks (validates the licence) on a particular IP address. Unfortunately, I was not able to open Eddie (somehow... it wasn't visible in the Windows System tray as an icon... YET, it was active!) but nonetheless I was able to lookup the exit IP from the Air VPN server. The IP address at the time was: The only thing is: I do not know the server name for this IP address. Can you please help me out: how do I lookup the AIR VPN server name, when knowing this IP address? ( I trust, any IP address is connected to a fixed server name by the way - otherwise I would be in big trouble anyway ;-) Thanks for our help !
  13. Using Windows 10 here. I'm trying to use VPN over Tor, but it's not working! My exit IP is the Tor one and i don't know what to do, since i already followed this: https://airvpn.org/tor/ I'm already with Tor marked in the connection mode, so i test and it says ok, and then i save it. I do this with the Tor Browser already open. I've also already read the "Tor Control Authentication" section of the link above and checked the Torrc file. And there is already the "ControlPort 9151" and the "CookieAuthentication1" writted. In the article above, it also says that i should run from a terminal some kind of code, but it looks like something for Linux distributions. What should I do?
  14. I'm looking to use AirVPN to enable my ip to be white-listed only once, in order to connect to my company's servers from any location. I need to know if the public exit ip address of the server I am connected to, is subject to change without notice?
  15. I do not see my destination on Linux (Debian+Ubuntu) in Chromium or Firefox browsers. I do see the destination on Windows 10 (Firefox+Edge) Any ideas welcome...
  16. Hi everybody! I'd really appreciate it if you can share some insight on the things mentioned below, thank you! My goal is to be a merchant and selling products on a couple of Shopify's websites from US IP and US geolocation. It's very important for me to have a realistic IP address and geolocation from the US (preferably Wyoming or Colorado). I've used/bought a fairly known VPN service provider but sometimes when I would type in 'My IP location' in Google it would show that the IP address is from some other location in the US or even worse – Singapore! Additionally sometimes when I would type in 'My Location' into Google the same thing would happen – it would show some different US location or Mexico. Why is that? How can this be fixed/prevented? Is it guaranteed that with the AIRVPN service this things will not happen and why? My plan is to get a new IP VPN provider where my main priority is that it shows one realistic IP address and geo-location all the time. Should I get a static IP then? Thank you. Best regards, Zdenx.
  17. After I was using AirVPN for some hours without out a break. I noticed, that AirVPN automatically has connected to a new server with another IP. I missed the moment, when this happened and only saw the new IP adress in the AirVPN client some minutes later. I wanted to ask if this is a normal behaviour and when this happens, is the server changed dynamically or is my notebook getting disconnected with the old server and reconnected with the new server, so that I lose the AirVPN connection for a small moment?
  18. What if the initial connection to the VPN server was established over a hidden service? Wouldn't this be a more elegant and secure solution to VPN over TOR?
  19. I have problems signing into Gmail (via AirVpn) - but only from some servers. Can someone explain why? Example: From a never-before-used IP in Holland, USA, some other places -- it's fine. From a never-before-used IP in Germany - it won't let me sign in unless it can send me a text message to verify who I am. What are the differences between the servers in Germany and other places? Is there something I can do to fix this? It can't be my gmail settings because some servers are fine and others are not. Thanks.
  20. Hi All, I have some issues with Alrai (NL). Facebook, Outlook and Gmail report that it is a bad ip.. Are there more users who has problems with Alrai? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hello, i'm not sure what AirVPN is willing to do, but for users like us that recieve improper geolocation from google, please submit a request to google as you find errors. If www.dnsleaktest.com and ipleak.net all show as being in a certain country that google does not show report the incorrect google geolocation to them via their report page. Here is their report page: https://support.google.com/websearch/contact/ip
  22. I'm attempting to exclude the a certain IP range in the client (so that the IP's specified will go outside the VPN) but it will not let my use the range I specified, I cannot enter more than 0/32 (it will say that the IP is invalid if I do more than 32). Just in case it helps the IP's I'm exuding are as follows.,, help would REALLY be appreciated, I'm desperate to get this problem fixed.
  23. Hello there, A friend of mine recommended me this VPN, and I subscribed for a 3 days trial period. Since I saw no server in Italy, I would like to know how can I simulate an Italian IP address, for example to stream contents from the Italian national television (RAI). EDIT: I just found out that now I can actually stream contets even while connected to a server in the Netherlands. Therefore I wonder: is this just working because of the VPN, or am I missing something? Thank you in advance for your helpfulness.
  24. https://www.perfect-privacy.com/blog/2015/12/21/wrong-way-security-problem-exposes-real-ip/ @AirVPN Does your client handle this problem with the Network Lock?
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