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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I've looked, and found one or two bits on geolocation and also found info saying airvpn already provides doublehop ... but here's my question, obviously I'm not tech savvy enuf to get it even tho I've probably read the answer already (ok it's two questions) in order to defeat geolocation do I need to doublehop? if I need to doublehop do I do that by simply making two connections simultaneously? Or is it something else entirely? Or is each single connection actually already doublehopping thru more than one server? thanks Knopf
  2. HI folks, I only came across AirVPN over the last 48 hrs and having read a bit onthe forum and the intro/about pages on the main website, I'm cheered about the ethics that drove the founders of this service and the motivation (privacy, etc) that still drives this service. The fact that there is this brilliant forum for the community to share and that there is even a discussion to compare against the competitors is a huge merit. being able to measure performance oft he service is another great feature that few VPN providers have. So, a lot of brownie points to the people that make this possible! The fact that I'm allowed to post on this forum and not actually be a beneficiary of AirVPN VPN services (at least not yet .... although I would be happy to pay a little amount just to access these forums and there is a huge amount of great content for configuring pfSense ...) is a great sign of the open approach used by this community. All that said, I have a couple of questions that I thought sit in the General forum: Question 1: I'm still not clear how geolocation works with AirVPN. How is it that I do not need to connect to an Italian server to see italian TV withouth being denied the service i.e. RAI is quite good at cathing out people connecting from abroad? If you have DNS leaks your quite likely to be restricted to viewing. I've ended up on a couple of VPN providers that were blacklisted. I'm sure there is a post on this forum that explains it quite well ... I just couldn't find it. QUestion 2: What of the main agrguments for VPNs is that if their jurisdiciton is on an offshore island, they better protect their users from juriditions in the western world, typically falling in the 5 eyes, etc. Italy falls in the 14 eyes ... isn't this a potential threat for AirVPN users? What measures are in place to fully protect users against this type of threat? Many thanks
  3. I have been using IPLeak.net for over a year. And it has been helpful and correct all that time. I am using the Location Guard add-on to spoof my location. According to other sites similar to ipleak.net, my geolocation matches my spooked location as set in Location Guard. I am also blocking WebRTC. yet ipleak is showing my actual, real physical location. This should not be possible. There must be a bug in your latest code as it relates to geolocation. I have seen other reports on Reddit about this bug but no acknowledgment from IPLeak.net as to what is wrong.
  4. Hey all, I've noticed that all servers default to US Netflix on Air and I was wondering if it was possible to actually connect to other country versions of Netflix through the diffirent servers available on Airvpn and if so how to do this. I've noticed that it is the Air DNS that allows for US netflix on all servers so I assume it is the DNS settings that will ultimately allow this. I look forward to hearing from anyone who could help. Thank you. Regards,
  5. Hello, What is the geolocation situation, really? The airvpn.org home page still advertises --in tiny print-- airvpn as a way to get around geoblocks Circumvent censorship, georestriction and traffic shaping. All protocols welcome. Net Neutrality respected." The staff seemed proactive at circumventing the blocks, true to the airvpn ethos. Even as some servers got geoblocked, others got through. Those were the best days. Other VPNs are still fighting the geo battle. I have been trying a few popular services. It appears they often dedicate a few servers to streaming so they don't have to keep fighting the blocks across their whole networks. It seems like a sensible alternative given the situation. As an aside, they also have presence in more countries, which comes in handy when traveling through Asia. But in general, they fall way way short. Does airvpn have any plans to address geoblocking more effectively? For speeds, latency, client software, manual config creation, etc., airvpn is the best overall. I am considering returning to airvpn based on those reasons, and complimenting it with a secondary anti-geoblocking service, or IPTV, to make up the difference. But airvpn already costs more than other services that do have ways around the geoblocks. Having to pay for an external solution makes other vpns look more competitive despite being flaky. If it's a lost cause, airvpn should be up-front about it, just as it is for all the good things it has going for it. Right now, listing it as a feature when it's generally broken, and not having a clear policy or a roadmap for what is going to happen appears deceitful in my opinion. Or is that explained somewhere I missed? Any thoughts?
  6. EDIT: I posted similar questions on the General forum. I will link the two posts when the other is approved. __________________________________________________________________________________ Hi folks, If I live in say UK and I want to connect to say Italy, how does this actually take place given that there is no italian server available? I've seen there is something about double hops and rerouting but if there is no italian server, and say I connect to a server in Belgium, how do i then appear as connected from italy say so that I can access italian TV without being seen as connected from Belgium because thats the server I had to connect to? Thanks
  7. https://www.efl.com/iFollow/ https://www.efl.com/iFollow/subscribe/ Every club has their own iFollow page, from Birmingham City to Wolves. iFollow is the company in the UK responsible for streaming football for the EFL (English Football League) Championship and Divisions 1 and 2. You cannot login to their site, as "according to their records" you are using a VPN. This is for all the AirVPN servers I tried, including in the Netherlands, Ukraine, and elsewhere. You can't login, listen to audio or stream video, as of a week or so ago. iFollow are connected with the NeuLion sports group in America, who probably use the same or similar systems/methodology: https://www.efl.com/news/2016/july/efl-digital-new-long-term-partnerships-announced/ Football is a hugely popular sport world wide, with millions of passionate followers. If football fans can obliged to surrender use of VPNs in order to follow their club, then other parts of society will follow, and little by little it will be less possible in society to use the Internet with a VPN. Is there a way to establish how they got these records? How can one not have people know you are using a VPN?
  8. Hi everybody! I'd really appreciate it if you can share some insight on the things mentioned below, thank you! My goal is to be a merchant and selling products on a couple of Shopify's websites from US IP and US geolocation. It's very important for me to have a realistic IP address and geolocation from the US (preferably Wyoming or Colorado). I've used/bought a fairly known VPN service provider but sometimes when I would type in 'My IP location' in Google it would show that the IP address is from some other location in the US or even worse – Singapore! Additionally sometimes when I would type in 'My Location' into Google the same thing would happen – it would show some different US location or Mexico. Why is that? How can this be fixed/prevented? Is it guaranteed that with the AIRVPN service this things will not happen and why? My plan is to get a new IP VPN provider where my main priority is that it shows one realistic IP address and geo-location all the time. Should I get a static IP then? Thank you. Best regards, Zdenx.
  9. Hi Are there any other user that er not so happy with the new routing to US Netflix from most European Servers? It was very nice to can access regional Netflix content from various AirVPN servers, that's almost gone. Please leave your comments! Guy from Norway
  10. Can someone explain how this situation could happen? I was using an AirVPN server in the Netherlands (I am in Germany). I switched to a US server to access a disposable gmail account I set up previously from an AirVPN IP that was in the US. Gmail did not want to let me sign in because it said I was in a "different location" from my usual one. The interesting part is this: Gmail showed me my IP (the AirVPN IP in the US) BUT showed me my location was "Netherlands". I checked my IP address several times and all the IP sites showed the AirVPN IP and location US. So how did Gmail get the IP right (AirVPN US IP) but still get the location wrong (Netherlands...not US and not the real location Germany)? Thanks!
  11. Hello, as many of you know some users of AirVPN that actually value geolocation accuracy on web based services such as google such as my self have noted MANY times that services such as Google do not detect the proper country of the VPN servers we use. I would like to request that a chart of each and every server be made that lists the accuracy of geolocation on both Google.com and Ipleak.net. I consistently find myself searching server after server for one that is both fast and accurate. I would like it noted that most AirVPN users could care less about this and support even less so; all i ask is that it be made easier for the minority to access accurate servers without trial and error.
  12. Hello, i'm not sure what AirVPN is willing to do, but for users like us that recieve improper geolocation from google, please submit a request to google as you find errors. If www.dnsleaktest.com and ipleak.net all show as being in a certain country that google does not show report the incorrect google geolocation to them via their report page. Here is their report page: https://support.google.com/websearch/contact/ip
  13. AirVPN in the short time i have been able to use it thusfar has been an excellent tool in the business of bypassing the censorship of ISP's ranging from workplaces, public wifi etc. I have previously used PIA, IPvanish, ExpressVPN and NordVPN. AirVPN by far makes the goal of privacy and censorship bypassing their main priority of their business plan and as a customer that has been extremely valuable as other providers only give you a assurance of privacy, however AirVPN will take you the time and walk you through and SHOW you that your data is safe and the EU legislation that makes all of this possible for them. No one likes spy's, big brothers or the moral watchdogs of today's internet society's.
  14. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/tv/live only works on SG and HK servers
  15. If I go to http://ipleak.net and acivate "Geolocation detection", my true location will be shown on the map even though i'm going through an AirVPN exit node. Am I leaking something?
  16. Before today I had experienced google.com request to redirect to the site for the country of the server I was connected to. For example, Google searches on Nashira in the UK would prompt to use google.co.uk. But I had never seen Google redirect to a third country. Using Carinae [uK], I was prompted to switch to google.com.tr [Turkey!] and using Velorum [Germany], I was prompted to switch to google.it [italy]. Has anyone else encountered this issue? It's possible that google made changes to how it decides if a user may prefer a country-specific version of their site. It's a minor annoyance, but when the redirection is to a more censorship-friendly country such as Turkey it does look a bit worrisome.
  17. Hi AirVPN, I would like to make a suggestion for a DNS only geolocation bypass like usunblock and other similar services as a extra or complimentary service to go with your VPN service. I suggest this because devices like Chromecast don't work when you for example connect your iPhone to the US VPN and try and cast it doesn't work as the iPhone no longer sees the Chromecast on the network. I think this feature would also be good for other devices that don't provide VPN support or for people that just want to access content their not able too just because they live in a different country. Corey
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