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Found 87 results

  1. When I whitelist one app, all the apps are now bypassing the VPN. This is not the definition of whitelisting. I mentioned this on the review I gave on the Google Play Store and I get a reply saying that I have this backwards??? Techtarget definition : What is a whitelist (allowlist)? A whitelist (allowlist) is a cybersecurity strategy that approves a list of email addresses, IP addresses, domain names or applications, while denying all others. Surfshark definition : VPN whitelist (aka Split Tunneling): Allows chosen apps and websites to bypass a VPN (Virtual Private Network) even when it is turned on Why is someone replying to my Google Play review that I have it wrong? What am I missing?
  2. Preface, I'm kind of dumb when it comes to VPNs and networking and all that. I'm gonna need the dumbed-down version. I have Eddie set to stay connected to one server and Always-On VPN is on in my phone. However, it keeps disconnecting. I get the alert attached. What gives? Is this just how Eddie operates? I'm really having a hard time with the UI and with it continually disconnecting.
  3. On Android, despite setting the VPN timeout to Infinite in Eddie's settings, it disconnects when the screen is off, even with Always On enabled in android settings. Logs are in the attached screenshot. I am using Android 14 beta 5.2 if it helps.
  4. hey guys , i recently bought airvpn and so far im happy with it , my only concern is the android app , im from iran and internet is very restricted , especially mobile data , while using mobile data you cant use the vpn without using tcp ssh or tcp ssl , but these protocols are not available on the mobile app. does that mean i cant do anything about the restriction , or is there a setting or a way to use the vpn while using mobile data with the phone. please note that i dont have any problem while using wifi , i connect to internet with udp and normall tcp and its very reliable , i just want to know if there is anything i can do about the mobile data when im using the android ( like i said , i can use tcp ssh on windows and use the mobile data , but i cant do that with the android app) sorry for my bad english , thanks for reading
  5. I'm tired. The connection keeps disconnecting sometime after the screen is off, and yes "Pause VPN when screen is off" is disabled. I as well went to android VPN settings and checked "Always-on VPN" and the eddie client still disconnects me. I tried the wireguard client, and while it does not do random disconnections, it doesn't play nice with excluding local traffic, even when add them to the allowed IPs. The issue doesn't happen on OpenVPN, TCP or UDP, but I wish to use wireguard. Here is the settings and connection log. All of them have been ending with wireguard handshake expiry --- Settings dump --- AirVPN logged in user: VinXI AirVPN selected user key: Default airvpn_default_vpn_type: WireGuard airvpn_default_openvpn_protocol: UDP airvpn_default_openvpn_port: 443 airvpn_default_wireguard_port: 1637 airvpn_default_ip_version: IPv6overIPv4 airvpn_default_tls_mode: tls-crypt airvpn_quick_connect_mode: auto airvpn_cipher: SERVER airvpn_forbid_quick_connection_to_user_country: true airvpn_custom_bootstrap_servers: airvpn_server_whitelist: airvpn_server_blacklist: airvpn_country_whitelist: airvpn_country_blacklist: airvpn_current_local_country: Auto enable_master_password: false system_vpn_lock: true system_vpn_boot_priority: AirVPN-Best-Server,AirVPN-Default-Server,AirVPN-Default-Country,Default-VPN-Profile,Last-Connected-Profile system_vpn_reconnect: false system_vpn_reconnect_retries: -1 system_dns_override_enable: false system_dns_custom: system_proxy_enable: false system_persistent_notification: true system_notification_sound: true system_show_message_dialogs: true system_forced_mtu: system_application_filter_type: 0 system_application_filter: system_application_language: system_application_theme: System system_first_run: true system_start_vpn_at_boot: true system_last_profile_is_connected: true is_always_on_vpn: on vpn_lockdown: off system_exclude_local_networks: true system_pause_vpn_when_screen_is_off: false system_airvpn_remember_me: true ovpn3_tls_version_min: tls_1_2 ovpn3_protocol: ovpn3_ipv6: ovpn3_timeout: 60 ovpn3_tun_persist: true ovpn3_compression_mode: no ovpn3_synchronous_dns_lookup: false ovpn3_autologin_sessions: true ovpn3_disable_client_cert: false ovpn3_ssl_debug_level: 0 ovpn3_default_key_direction: -1 ovpn3_tls_cert_profile: ovpn3_proxy_host: ovpn3_proxy_port: ovpn3_proxy_allow_cleartext_auth: false ovpn3_custom_directives: --- VPN status --- Type: WireGuard Status: Not Connected Connection Mode: AirVPN server User: VinXI User Key: Default --- VPN profile --- Name: airvpn_server_connect Profile: airvpn_server_connect Status: ok Description: us.vpn.airdns.org Type: WireGuard Server: us.vpn.airdns.org Port: 1637 Protocol: UDP --- Log dump --- 01 Jan. 1970 00:00:00 UTC [Info] Start connection to best AirVPN server in United States of America - WireGuard, Protocol UDP, Port 1637 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:21 UTC [Info] Using user key 'Default' 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:21 UTC [Info] Local networks are exempted from the VPN 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:21 UTC [Info] WireGuardTunnel: successfully created a new WireGuard client 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:21 UTC [Info] Setting MTU to 1320 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Starting VPN thread 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding server IPv4 address 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding server IPv6 address fd7d:76ee:e68f:a993:d64b:ed40:171:7272/128 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding DNS IPv4 address 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding DNS IPv6 address fd7d:76ee:e68f:a993::1 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv6 route fd7d:76ee:e68f:a993:d64b:ed40:171:7272/128 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv6 route fd7d:76ee:e68f:a993::1/128 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv4 route 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv6 route ::/1 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv6 route 8000::/2 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv6 route c000::/3 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv6 route e000::/4 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv6 route f000::/5 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv6 route f800::/6 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv6 route fc00::/8 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Adding IPv6 route fe00::/7 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Starting VPN connection to server 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Protecting IPv4 socket 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] Protecting IPv6 socket 18 Jul. 2023 12:17:30 UTC [Info] CONNECTED to VPN (AirVPN server us.vpn.airdns.org) us.vpn.airdns.org (WireGuard) Server Host: Server Port: 1637 IPv4 address: IPv6 address: fd7d:76ee:e68f:a993:d64b:ed40:171:7272/128 DNS IPv4: DNS IPv6: fd7d:76ee:e68f:a993::1/128 18 Jul. 2023 12:20:22 UTC [Info] Refreshing AirVPN manifest 18 Jul. 2023 12:20:22 UTC [Info] Requesting manifest document to AirVPN 18 Jul. 2023 12:20:22 UTC [Info] Trying connection to AirVPN bootstrap server at 18 Jul. 2023 12:20:26 UTC [Info] Successfully received manifest document from AirVPN 18 Jul. 2023 12:20:26 UTC [Info] Setting manifest to the instance downloaded from AirVPN server 18 Jul. 2023 12:22:06 UTC [Error] WireGuard handshake expired. Connection will be terminated. 18 Jul. 2023 12:22:06 UTC [Warning] WireGuard: Disconnecting VPN 18 Jul. 2023 12:22:06 UTC [Debug] VPNTunnel.clearContexts(): Clearing VPN contexts 18 Jul. 2023 12:22:06 UTC [Warning] WireGuard: Successfully disconnected from VPN
  6. I'm struggling to get Eddie to autostart and autoconnect on boot on a Fire TV 2 (Xiaomi). I have read that this should be supported in some other posts. Re-connect after wake from standby works as expected and flawlessly. If the TV is power-cylcled or fully rebooted though Eddie doesn't create a connection. I'm not sure if it starts at all because I don't really have found a way of verify the running state of the app without first opening it, which obviously gives me a running app but no connection. Even when manually opening the app no connection is made automatically. I went through all of the settings and everything I could find that seems remotely related looks correct (remember login, start VPN connection at device boot, priority to last connected, autologin sessions) Anything else that I might be missing or that I can check? Or is this a known limitation? Thanks for your support!
  7. I have a python script running on a android phone which needs to be behind a VPN connection. I can connect via ssh to the phone but over the public VPN address which is very slow. I would like to connect directly over the local network. The problem is that the current Eddie app don't support wlan connections (System->Exclude local networks from the VPN, exclude local networks except mobile networks... which I suspect to be all wlan networks). Is there a way to allow local IP/Port addresses somewhere else? Perhaps with Custom Directives? Edit1: Eddi version 2.5 (VC27) Edit2: mobile networks are not WLAN connections (misunderstanding on my part), theoretically WLAN should work on a mobile phone if connecting to local ip address. It is not working in my case with AirVPN on, only if AirVPN is turned off on the mobile.
  8. After trying to connect to airvpn through eddie, multiple installs and re-installs as well as removing the checkmarks in the "check airvpn dns", "check if tunnel works" and "enable latency test", the best I'm able to achieve is what appears to be a connection but does not allow access to the internet. A program I use to connect to the internet, I've noticed, seems to share the "systemd" dependency, specifically "systemd-networkd". I've tried rechecking the previously unchecked boxes listed above, and eddie starts to check the latency of various servers, seems to start at least, and then freezes at 167. In the logs, I double-click to restart this check and in the 'pinger stats' row the following is displayed: 'Invalid: 167, Older check:-, Latest check: Just now (alternating between this and '1 second ago') (double-click to update). I've gone as far as stopping and restarting the network, still no luck. Attached is my log file. Using the default settings in android, I am unable to connect to the internet with eddie on, and SOMETIMES it refuses to connect at all. Either way, appearing to be connected or not, I cannot connect to the internet via airvpn. Thanks for your help. Eddie_20210328_180658.txt
  9. Is it possible to introduce a feature to save master password to android keystore and unlock the app with fingerprint? I am referring to the Android version of Eddie. It is quite a hassle to have to enter the password every time I want to connect to my VPN. An alternative is to make the master password optional. I understand how this will result in the user credentials not being encrypted, but it can be an option at the user's risk.
  10. When will the Eddie app on Android be updated again?😤 The latest update is from June 2019.
  11. Hi, A couple of VPN clients on Android have quick launch items available for connect so it's just to pull down and connect in the same way as enabling airplane mode or battery saver. I really miss this feature for Eddie which I have running at all times but have to disconnect and reconnect often for various readiness, Quick launch for Eddie please!
  12. Hello again. After having my screen off for a bit of time, I'm not sure for how long, my connection to the VPN drops. I think we are talking about having the screen off for an hour or so, I'm not sure. How would I prevent this from happening? I have attached the part of the log which I believe says everything to see what is happening I especially think that these lines from the log can be useful: 01 Jan 2020 17:53:15 UTC [Error] OpenVPN3 KEEPALIVE_TIMEOUT: Eddie Library Session invalidated: KEEPALIVE_TIMEOUT 01 Jan 2020 17:53:15 UTC [Info] VPN error detected. Locking VPN 01 Jan 2020 17:53:15 UTC [Info] Eddie Library: Pausing OpenVPN client 01 Jan 2020 17:53:15 UTC [Info] Eddie Library: OpenVPN client paused 01 Jan 2020 17:53:15 UTC [Info] Successfully locked VPN 01 Jan 2020 17:53:15 UTC [Info] Eddie Library: Client terminated, restarting in 2000 ms... 01 Jan 2020 17:53:15 UTC [Debug] OpenVPN Event: type: 14, name: PAUSE, info: Lock VPN airvpnlog.txt
  13. I have a Motorola G5 Plus with Android 8.1 AirVPN keeps disconnecting every so often and I don't know how to fix this. Below are the logs. log.pdf
  14. Hi, Currently in europe connected to UK server via VPN. Confirmed by ipleak.net showing all ok. However, website such as BBC reverts to .com version (rather than .co.uk version) and various apps (sky, iplayer) won't work. Checked location (was ok) and even turned it off- all to no effect. anybody any idea what I am missing? Using Samsung Android tablet. all suggestions gratefully received! Thanks.
  15. Hello! (New user here, I just swtiched to AirVPN recently) Whenever I turn off the screen of my phone my connection to my VPN either pauses/closes. Only when I turn on the screen again will it try to connect. Sometimes it just works, but often I have to manually reconnect :/ This is also a big problem since I'm not getting many notifications (no internet) and streaming music or such doesn't work either. Would it be possible to add a setting to always stay connected? As in stay connected even though my screen is off. (Android 10, Eddie - OpenVPN GUI 2.4)
  16. Is it possible (using Eddie or other clients) to get an OpenVPN connection to AirVPN through an SSL tunnel specifically on an Android mobile device? My telco throttles OpenVPN traffic over its cellular network so I need to route this through an SSL tunnel to mask it. This is supported on the Eddie desktop client for Windows, but doesnt appear to be supported on the Android client. Thank you very much in advance!
  17. I have tried to use an ovpn-config from my pfsense with the Eddie-app. I have tried several client export formats on the pfsense, but Eddie does not accept the opvn-files. So I assume mulit-provider-suppurt is not available in the android app right now?
  18. I have changed the settings to use a different port other than 443, however using quick connect it still always connects to 443.
  19. Hi, I've always been able to use Quick Connect in the Android client but now it just says "End of server list reached. No server available for connection". I can connect to all my favorites without problem from the server tab so it's not like there's no servers available. What am I missing?
  20. After trying every free VPN on PC and Android that never matched my expectations with not enough data available or too slow, i wanted to try some paid VPN to see if it was better but most of them only give minimum a month with money back guarantee plans which looks like forced selling, so i dug and read every review and i found that AirVPN proposed a cheap 3 days trial so i could try it fully to see what it is like and it was excellent, even better than my connection without VPN, i could do streaming, torrenting, on my ArchLinux PC, my wife's Ubuntu based Linux PC, on my smartphone, it is very easy to use, a very good service for a very good price, so i took 3 months the first day of my 3 days trial and i will surely continue as long as the quality of the service is the same. Good job, this is what i was looking for in a VPN, i am a very satisfied customer.
  21. Hi, After I started to run the Eddie for Android I noticed that I was not getting any messages or calls in Signal Messenger. I also had problems with some apps on my Android Wear watch like weather that wouldn't update. As soon as I closed the VPN connection I got a stream of Signal messages and notifications and the weather app on my watch worked again. This makes it totally impractical for me to use the Eddie for Android if that setting is enabled. So I decided to disable it and get a serious warning that security was compromised. I have used the OpenVPN Connect app with AirVPN for a while without such problems. Maybe that client doesn't have the Persistent Tunnel settings? Anyway, if it turns out I have to have Persistent Tunnel set I just can't use Eddie for Android since apps and services I use all day just doesn't work. There should be a warning that the Persistent Tunnel setting may cause apps and services to not work on the phone. I now run without it and feel compromised but do not know whether I'm more compromised than I was using the OpenVPN Connect client or other VPN services on Android. Could someone who knows more about these things than I do please clarify and explain the thinking behind the setting and the warning when it's being disabled. //C
  22. Hello everyone I'm currently on a trial, and set up AirVPN successfully both on my NAS and Android terminal. So far, everything is working nicely. The one thing I couldn't do until now is getting my phone to connect to the VPN at boot. I've read that it was only available for OpenVPN profiles, so I imported one as well. However, on startup, nothing happens. As I'm in Always-On mode, I get a notification stating that no VPN connection has been established. When I open the Eddie app for the first time after reboot, it does connect to the profile by itself, but I still need to open the app manually. My device is a Nokia 7 Plus, running Android P. Perhaps unrelated question, but what are the "Authentication" settings used for ? (the ones between DNS and System sections). I did already put my airvpn credentials above, along with the master password.
  23. A german IT security blogger recently discovered that NordVPN's official android app transmits personally identifiable information to NordVPN and a few third parties. The checked version of their app is v3.9.8 which seems a few versions behind the current branch but still fairly recent. The blogger discovered that a user's Google mail address along with the advertising ID and a bit of other info are sent to Iterable, AppsFlyer and Tune along with some Google services like Analytics - all seemingly without the user's consent and even without mentioning it in the app's ToS. Of course customer support has been asked as well. Their answer was not satisfactory: Everyone interested in some of the HTTP POSTs discovered can look at them in the article linked above. The article itself is German-language, but it doesn't contain more info than this, only a bit of the writer's opinion which I share: It's very questionable that a "no-log" or even "privacy-centered" VPN provider like NordVPN is bold enough to state "marketing reasons" as their justification to track users of their Android app. Even worse that this tracking is performed by third parties who will most likely use this data in cross-referencing... Try to avoid NordVPN. Searching for "NordVPN" in this forum alone will yield more than enough reason. One in three newly created threads is about them.
  24. I use PCLinuxOS with Eddie and do not notice Eddie requiring me to relog in every 20-30 minutes. On my Android device it seems I'm re-logging in every 20 to 30 minutes. Retyping my password, clicking on quick connect. I'm wondering if other Android users are having the same problem. Thank you for your time in reading this thread.
  25. Hello, I was messing around with a local web page hosted on my raspberry pi for local projects, and using that web page works fine from my pc which has an ethernet cable to my router. However when I try to access the page with my android phone, I cannot connect to the web page. I can also not reach my router admin page from my android device, something that DOES work on my pc... All three devices: pc, android phone, raspberry pi are running on AirVPN. The moment I disconnect from the VPN, I can access the admin panel and the website from my phone. Is there a way to make devices connected via wifi while using the VPN able to access my router / other local machines? Thanks in advance.
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