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  1. 6 hours ago, TDJ211 said:

    Oh lookie at mister big shot over here. You sir are an absolute douchebag. 

    I give no fucks if it may have been common knowledge or a stupid question. At least I put in the work in figuring it out myself and not pestering the boards with my inferior intellect..

    I was just simply following up with my solution in case anyone in the future stumbles upon this thread with a similar problem. There's nothing more frustrating than scouring all corners of the internet to finally find someone else with the same problem but they were too lazy and inconsiderate to update with the solution. It's like how can you expect help if youre not willing to return the favor? And in this instance, its the entire community and anyone else who visits in the future.

    That being said, my apologies, I didnt mean to interrupt you wacking off to yourself in the mirror with your countless IT certs in the background. 


    I'm no big shot but I don't take the time to post and reply to others without hoping that it's appreciated and that the forum search is used.  That's the big no no around here - not using the forum search.

    You see, here's an example of me helping another user with the same problem.  Note that my post is marked as the answer.  I'm not bragging.  What I'm saying is that the help was already here.  But, instead you acted like you'd come to a novel solution and needed to brag to the whole community with a new post of your own.

  2. Neither.  I'd build my own pfsense box with x86 (64bit) CPU so that openvpn is accelerated.  Neither of the routers you've mentioned are known to support very fast openvpn.  I assume you want better since you have a gigabit connection.

  3. 18 hours ago, giganerd said:

    It won't in the near future.
    The developer wanted to add AirVPN to the supported providers as a courtesy, and "if it took him a day". Seeing as there is no easy way of using AirVPN with third-party clients wanting to use the forum login instead of being based on certificates he decided to get back to his roadmap. He was not particularly keen about all the work he had to do to get it working via login.

    He also made it clear that money won't add it, either. :D Ergo, no AirVPN support for now. You can still use certs, though.

    The developer of qomui was able to add AirVPN where only a username and password is needed.

  4. On 10/3/2019 at 2:00 PM, Staff said:


    The problem got solved but it's the second time it occurs in just 10 days. A high volume router check-up has been scheduled for the next working day as the problem could be sorted out only by rebooting that router in both cases. Please do not hesitate to report again any malfunction in Dallas in the meantime.

    Kind regards

    how did it go?  I noticed that Dallas servers went down again so I assume that was the router check. 

  5. 13 hours ago, joebywan said:
    Thanks for that, worked.

    What's the DNS server we're supposed to be using?  Status>OpenVPN says it's up, but I can't do the dnslookup to airvpn.org is the DNS but I can't get dns resolver or forwarder to use that and it's especially a pain if you have policy routing - some clients using the VPN and others not.

    What I do is turn off resolver and forwarder in pfsense and use DHCP to assign the DNS I want to use to clients.

    I use firewall rules to enforce that clients use the DNS I want them to use.

  6. 57 minutes ago, joebywan said:

    Followed the guide, and the VPN isn't coming up.

    The status page shows reconnecting; process-push-msg-failed

    Below I've pasted the logs.  I had to remove the custom options the guide had listed because it was freaking out about them.


    You just need to add AES-256-GCM to your list of allowed ciphers in the NCP algorithms section.

  7. I don't know what's missing that you can't connect with tls-crypt configs.

    Make sure that:
    auth digest = sha512
    TLS control channel security = encrypt channel

    Getting those streaming services working has nothing to do with the above obfuscation but rather making sure your DNS isn't leaking.  If DNS isn't leaking they still may be sniffing you out some other sneaky way or just blocking IP addresses of the VPN.

    To make sure DNS isn't leaking make sure the setting
    Accept DNS Configuration = exclusive

    Test for DNS leaks at ipleak.net

    Again, it doesn't matter to those streaming services what port and protocol you use .  They just block IPs.  Use UDP if you can.  Only use TCP if your ISP heavily throttles UDP.

  8. 3 minutes ago, moogleslam said:

    I've been reading and understanding a little more about your recommendations.  Considering what you suggested indeed.   Would an RT-AC68U be sufficient, though?

    What speed are you wanting through the VPN?  The AC68U will struggle to do 30mbit/s.  The AC86 can do on the order of 200mbit/s because of AES-NI.

  9. Yes, you could use a single router and still have some devices go through the VPN and others not.

    I'm telling you, a cheap option will not be satisfactory with regard to speed.

    I'll not even entertain using another VPN provider.

  10. Just get an asus AC86 and run merlin firmware.  With that you can do policy routing....routing some clients to the WAN and others through the VPN.  No need for two routers.

    I recommend the AC86 because it has an AES-NI CPU so your openvpn speed should be satisfactory.

  11. 4 hours ago, giganerd said:

    I'd say, show some patience. Eventually all servers will support it. For now, resent to testing it on the servers which are there to see if there are issues. The faster we know all is well, the faster it gets widespread implementation.

    There's no impatience and people are more likely to test if the servers is more useful to them.
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