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  1. It's as you say - they block VPN IP addresses.  They don't want you getting cheaper rates by changing your location.  They, reasonably, want to be able to track you in case of fraud.  There are many good reasons why us users should put ourselves in the shoes of the business and compromise a little at times.


    On the other hand, I have no problem with bypassing a Netflix blockage because my billing address is USA.  So, if I want USA library I should get it.

  2. Hello everyone,


    I am a bit of a newb when it comes to this kind of stuff so please bear with me.


    I am currently using a Linux desktop computer to stream IPTV and Plex to my TV. I have to use Air because my ISP throttles my connection. This is working out OK, but I would like to replace it with something more energy efficient.


    I purchased this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Tanix-TX3-Mini-Smart-Android-7-1-TV-Box-S905W-2GB-RAM-DDR3-16GB-ROM-eMMC/32841900292.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.19d04c4dSfxxOD


    It runs on Android 7.1 and has very good reviews. Is this something that you think I would be able to run Air on? I am concerned that the CPU might not be enough to handle to connection. Does anyone have any experience with this? I assume I would just download the main OpenVPN app and load a ovpn file on it. Will it ask for a password everytime? I would like it just to autoconnect everytime. Any tips would be most welcome.


    Thank you!



    you could try running the AirVPN Android beta on it.


    My friends, I use pfsense as well and I can do dns lookups with




    I don't think any of us are saying it doesn't work, we're just saying we can't get it to work. Would you care to share your setup so that we may all get it to work?





    I don't use resolver or forwarder in pfsense.  I assign DNS to clients via DHCP (can be or or whatever) and enforce via port forwarding rules and firewall rules.

  4. My friends, I use pfsense as well and I can do dns lookups with



    nslookup www.google.com
    Server:  UnKnown
    Non-authoritative answer:
    Name:    www.google.com
    Addresses:  2607:f8b0:4000:812::2004

  5. Ok so Ive been having problems with remote access in plex, read countless posts and followed the suggestions but to no avail can anyone help?


    I have portforwarded within the airvpn client area using 32400 as the local port, tcp check came back green, no port forward on the router. Remote access will still not work.


    Public IP address showing in plex settings is that of my current airvpn connection, port number is that designated in the client area. I feel like this should be working and i cant think why it isn't.


    Anyone got any suggestions, i feel like i'm losing my mind.


    thanks in advance,





    Try connecting from a mobile device on cellular.  Sometimes plex will say port forwarding isn't working but it is.  If you get the green light from the airvpn port forward testing then it's pretty much a 100% chance that it *is* working.


    Just use the web browser, login to plex.tv and launch the web app.

  6. I get it. Do you have any suggestions to give me for a better solution?



    Either get a more powerful router/gateway that uses an AES-NI CPU and run something like pfsense on it, or get a more powerful NAS that can run openvpn itself.


    Thanks for the reply. I do not think there is a version of Eddie-UI for my nas. And my modem / router has no chance to run an openvpn client.
    Do you think that if I put the following gateway between nas and routers I would solve?


    I know those can do openvpn but the openvpn speed will be slow.  About 17mbit/s is what they claim IIRC.

  8. Hi,


    I also am having a similar problem. I just switched ISPs and have a new modem from that provider.


    1)The port in question remains forwarded in Eddie's client area.

    2)The port in question remains open in torrent application.


    1)When testing in client area on AirVpn website it says: "not reachable on server IP over the external port 'xxxxx', tcp protocol. Error 110 - Connection timed out.

    2)When testing on CanYouSeeMe it says port is closed despite the torrent application being open and the same port being forwarded on AirVPn's client area.


    Can someone help?


    Edit: Not sure if this is relevant but I am using Eddie 2.16.3; I have two dns servers associated with my modem and had dns leaks so had to establish a static dns for IPV4 in network adapter settings ( and and the ip address used for the final digits was between 100 and 200 (I used 177). After establishing a static IP address, I no longer looped when trying to connect to an airvpn server however this port issue exists.



    The OP of this thread is wanting to use the openvpn client on a router.  That's not what you are doing.


    Port forwarding through the VPN tunnel to the Eddie app has nothing to do with what router you have.  Everything goes through the encrypted VPN connection, the router cannot affect it at all.


    If you've seen a change in behavior with a new router it's just coincidence.


    If you had/have DNS leaks it sounds like you're not using network lock in Eddie.

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