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  3. So I tried this and there is still gateway overlap since they are still within range. Is there a way to get a gateway on a different segment? This would make configuration of two separate locations much easier with PFsense and Wireguard.
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  5. Finally figured it out. A malware program I use was interfering with my connection. As soon as it was uninstalled, it worked just fine. Fridaynet, thank you for responding as well. 👍
  6. I don't use FreshTomato. What is the address of in the Routing Policy? What happens if I change to (or /24)?
  7. Please make sure everything is going through the VPN. Without Eddie's windows filtering platform rules you have more potential for leaks.
  8. Hi, I switched from AdvancedTomato to FreshTomato 2022.3 and unfortunately now the OpenVPN Connection is not working properly. Here is what I found so far: I can connect to an AirVPN Server but I have no connection to any Website if I set up the IP of my computer to be routed through VPN but I can ping e.g. from my Computer and get a respronse .If I disable the Routing Policy I can connect to any Website but of course through my ISP IP. Is it possible to be a DNS issue? Here are screenshots of my OpenVPN and WAN settings:
  9. I have removed Eddie and installed to the Open VPN client and the problem has disappeared. As you said it may have been related to some incorrect setting in Eddie.
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  11. @StaffI've just sent you a log via the Contact section.
  12. How the scoring system works, and how the stars are calculated from it (I talked code there):
  13. To be precise, the websites don't have any say in that. Your DNS resolver resolves a domain name to its IP addresses and orders the results so that Unique Global IPv6 Addresses (UGAs) are preferred over Teredo over 6to4 over Unique Local Addresses (ULAs) over IPv4. The first IP of that sorting will be what the program causing the resolve will use to connect. While it's true that IPv6 can get you a response faster over a pure IPv6 link, the fact you must tunnel v6 over v4 means you might even lose some throughput if trying to connect over v6 because inside the v4 packet the v6 packet will be encapsulated, limiting the effective payload size of a single packet (ergo, you need more packets for the same total payload size). Not to mention that, if the v4 link is crap, the v6 response will be crap, too, plus overhead. In your case it'd be best to stick to v4 for now. Your only use case for v6 over v4 would be to reach v6-only websites, they're not exactly widespread.
  14. Looks like a bug in Bonjour. Off-topiced.
  15. https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/vpn/openvpn/client-luci is the web based way to go. Works like a charm, even with AirVPN's ssh tunnel feature.✔️
  16. Be advised that the Mensa server you linked to continuously hosts around 60 client connections. I wouldn't go as far as calling this low demand. Demand != bandwidth load. Uppsala's servers, on the other hand, do host a rather low number of them, some peaks here and there indicating 100+ Mbit/s is possible with them. In any case, in all these years servers were never withdrawn because of apparent low demand, so it's unlikely it will happen with any of those you mentioned. I suggest not to worry, their operation is well within the financial possibilities, I'm sure.
  17. We don't do that here, this exists for future reference now. Enjoy
  18. I've seen this before. I think your connection settings are incorrect. Can you post them?
  19. Shouldn't this be in off-topic, this is not about AirVPN? The Sharepoint is not blocked by the VPN. The sharepoint blocks you because it detected you using a VPN. This means they'll block many more VPNs than just Surfshark. It's a trial and error to find one that will work without issues (like you must try many many servers of different VPNs). IP changes: I don't know what you mean. Does it switch between real IP and VPN IP - or - does it show different VPN IPs? Surfshark probably connects you to a different server every time, with AirVPN the server choice is yours and the servers run 24/7/365. They're "static" in that sense. TCP/UDP method: I don't know what happens but I suspect once the connection is established using your real IP, it will continue using the real IP for a while even if you reconnect to the VPN, that's a Windows thing. That's what you might be causing with the WIFI reconnect. The best route is to buy a Raspberry Pi and follow one of the hundreds of guides, you'll be done in an evening. Only if your home network has a white IPv4 or an IPv6. If it doesn't you can chain VPNs with port-forwarding: You abroad -> AirVPN connection -> Raspberry Pi -> local VPN -> Internet traffic via home net Expect MTU problems.
  20. I notice this behaviour when I leave airvpn open and connected and close the lid, then open, then close... Try to quit the application and re-open it, or re-install it.
  21. Hello! Not reproducible on our devices at the moment, we'll keep testing. On your side, if possible, please try a slightly higher MTU size. Replace it through 40 bytes steps for example (1280, 1320, 1360, 1400). Stop when the original problem re-appears and go back to the previous value, which would be plausibly close to the best compromise between performance and normal functioning. Report back at your convenience. Kind regards
  22. Hello! It is probably a problem on your side because the URL is valid and the download starts correctly. Several testers are already running the app and they downloaded it properly. Please feel free to open a ticket. Do not forget to specify your Operating System and browser,. Kind regards
  23. @mamegoma Same here, I did further tests and that's what I meant to explain in my previous message. I also noticed that when using mobile data / WireGuard and custom MTU value, Eddie won't reconnect after a while when screen is off, without any network change. Will get logs later. Removing MTU value solves the issue too.
  24. Clicking the download link does not work. Nothing is downloaded.
  25. I too use arch with Eddie-Gui. I switched to the Aur version - Git, found that more smooth. I had authentication problems when i touched the DNS settings in client Area. To log in using the proper device and memorize the settings in the Eddie GUI I logged off and then on and this way the device - with the name I gave, appears in the GUI login and the GUI works fine this way, otherwise I can't authenticate. Mind mobiles,I am in procs of tuning the phone when free time available for I use downloaded file from here to connect. Wonder! The configurator offers me ready configuration files for each device! Always a happy customer of AirVPN - thanks AirVPN! Good luck Arch-mate, mind the leaks - test properly ur DNS settings in GUI and pc
  26. Hi, I do notice some other bugs. After setting the MTU, I seem to be getting some issues whereby on disconnect due to network change, Eddie does not automatically connect back. Unlike the other member, I only set "VPN reconnection". I did not use "VPN always on and block connection without VPN" Removing the MTU seems to solve this issue. However, one issue also arise. When Eddie is connected to one of the servers, when changing from wifi to mobile data, Eddie will disconnect and it will not reconnect back. I have uploaded the log via the app. https://eddie.website/report/d0f694af/
  27. SSL>TCP port 28439 seems to work ok.
  28. Hi, I am still experiencing this issue if I connect using a wired connection. Do I file a bug report? Cheers.
  29. I am using Surfshark and using a VPN router (GL.Inet .ovpn UK file) due to app installation restrictions on work laptop. Yes, unashamedly I want to work remotely in another location for a month due to family reasons. When I looked at myGL.Inet admin panel I found that ipv4 had changed twice for same work device? I don't know if this is the reason microsoft office365 keeps asking for authentication. Keeping in mind I can't install a vpn app, are there vpn servers that provide obfuscated servers from the get-go, instead of enabling obfuscation through their app? TCP/UDP (explain me why one is blocked and not the other): TCP: the message in image appears from Microsoft cloud defender UDP (this method works for some reason in UDP): disconnect from UDP UK server -> connect it back to my personal Wifi -> reconnect to VPN again => No sharepoint block VPN seems to not block office 365 apps but blocks organisation's sharepoint. Only caveat with office 365 being that the authentication again and again annoyance. What would be best route? I know the suggestion would be setup a VPN server at personal laptop, but my brain is fried from coding for a couple of days. Hence, I am using a VPN service provider surfshark at the moment.
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