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  2. More often that not I encountered websites that requires the DNS filter to be off to be fully functional. As such, since we have no native AirVPN app on mobile (iOS specifically), navigating through the AirVPN web app is a very unfriendly experience. Could AirVPN add this functionally to toggle the DNS filter (per device) on/off to the API? One could quickly setup a Siri Shortcut to do such task, much better experience that going through the multi hidden layers of web app.
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  4. Hello! @1301 It might be a virtual network interface MTU size related problem, try with the custom directive mssfix 1280, or switch to WireGuard and set MTU to 1280 bytes. In Eddie, you can set custom OpenVPN directives in "Preferences" > "OVPN Directive" window. Type "mssfix 1280" in the custom directives field, click "Save", and re-start a connection to apply the change. You might like to test a connection over WireGuard as well. If you run Eddie 2.23.x you can also set WireGuard's MTU size in "Preferences" > "WireGuard" window. Also make sure that both your router firmware and your physical network interface driver are up to date. A sustained UDP flow causes problems on some old network interface drivers as well as old router firmwares. Possible, but it's not necessarily so, as some datagrams may fit in the frame other ones may not. Anyway from the log it's not clear whether all the packets had to be re-sent or not. Shrinking the MTU size is well worth a test. The following, however, makes the MTU size problem less likely, but not impossible anyway: Kind regards
  5. Downloading and seeding works fine though. But yes the website is behind cloudflare.
  6. Well I set it to 30, 50, 100 it didn't change anything? I don't see any replay window backtrack occurred messages either. . 2023.09.22 11:47:04 - OpenVPN > Timers: ping 10, ping-restart 60 . 2023.09.22 11:47:04 - OpenVPN > Protocol options: explicit-exit-notify 5 . 2023.09.22 11:50:43 - OpenVPN > AEAD Decrypt error: bad packet ID (may be a replay): [ #633650 ] -- see the man page entry for --no-replay and --replay-window for more info or silence this warning with --mute-replay-warnings . 2023.09.22 11:50:43 - OpenVPN > AEAD Decrypt error: bad packet ID (may be a replay): [ #633653 ] -- see the man page entry for --no-replay and --replay-window for more info or silence this warning with --mute-replay-warnings . 2023.09.22 11:50:46 - OpenVPN > AEAD Decrypt error: bad packet ID (may be a replay): [ #645985 ] -- see the man page entry for --no-replay and --replay-window for more info or silence this warning with --mute-replay-warnings . 2023.09.22 11:56:21 - Above log line repeated 196 times more . 2023.09.22 11:56:21 - Collect information about AirVPN completed . 2023.09.22 11:56:29 - OpenVPN > AEAD Decrypt error: bad packet ID (may be a replay): [ #1770836 ] -- see the man page entry for --no-replay and --replay-window for more info or silence this warning with --mute-replay-warnings . 2023.09.22 11:56:29 - OpenVPN > AEAD Decrypt error: bad packet ID (may be a replay): [ #1770837 ] -- see the man page entry for --no-replay and --replay-window for more info or silence this warning with --mute-replay-warnings . 2023.09.22 11:56:29 - OpenVPN > AEAD Decrypt error: bad packet ID (may be a replay): [ #1770838 ] -- see the man page entry for --no-replay and --replay-window for more info or silence this warning with --mute-replay-warnings The Problem is still sometimes i get the full download speed of 200 with the VPN but otherwise it's limited to around 50 Mbps, which I don't understand why. It's not related to the servers. My provider has every low Upload right now, around 5 Mbps. Could this somehow slow the download when the VPN is active? I mean I always get the full download of over 200Mbps if the VPN is disabled. I'm no expert so I honestly have no idea what the problem is here. Or if this VPN is just broken.
  7. Is it just me or is it a severe problem? I mean, if cuckoo just forces an app to run in a specific network namespace with no other process isolation whatsoever then not only browsers but also any program checking whether another instance of itself is already running in order to share resources or opt for delegations will cause all sort of troubles to the unaware user. Was the first instance launched in the root namespace or in the cuckoo namespace? Was another instance running because it started at boot? How the user is supposed to remember and track all the instances and know which programs check for another instance of themselves when starting? Waiting for developers answers and hoping that, if I'm correct, this unhappy preview is just a bump in the road, after all it's only alpha 1.
  8. Sure: Server = https://arch.yourlabs.org/$repo/os/$arch Server = https://mirrors.gethosted.online/archlinux/$repo/os/$arch Server = https://mirrors.celianvdb.fr/archlinux/$repo/os/$arch Server = https://mirrors.eric.ovh/arch/$repo/os/$arch Server = https://mirrors.melbourne.co.uk/archlinux/$repo/os/$arch
  9. No messages. It just constantly tries to reach the site but there is not time out. Edit: There is a time out after all, you just have to wait long enough.
  10. Looks like this site is behind Cloudflare. Are you seeing any messages from Cloudflare indicating that they've blocked you?
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  12. Can you post your mirrorlist config, please? $ grep -i with /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist .
  13. Hello I can't access YGG even though https://airvpn.org/routes/?q=https://www3.yggtorrent.wtf seems to indicate that I should be able to access it. I am thinking about a problem with DNS servers.
  14. Alright it was the UK servers, I tried a bunch of them then tried Switzerland and it worked great?! And it wasn't pacman only.
  15. Hi, I'm using the Suite 1.3.0 on Arch but the pacman mirrors are really slow. Has anyone been in this situation? Note: I have refreshed my mirrors. Without the VPN, I'm at 45 MiB/s
  16. (just a user here) When you connect via AirVPN, you're using a known AirVPN address. When I say "known", I mean there are up to date lists of known addresses for VPNs across the world. As you mentioned, some other "VPN" providers can still connect, ironically, because they are less reputable (actually downright nefarious). The primary service of those providers is bypassing security systems rather than providing them (yikes!). The shady vpns buy tens of thousands of ips using venture funds and connect you at random, the list of known addresses cant update fast enough, so sometimes you get through the blockade. Needless to say, this is not good etiquette, nothing to do with the vpn itself, not a real business model, and is at best grey hat behavior. Not saying you shouldn't be annoyed by these blocks, I ******* am, but not understanding what's happening is even worse. The gov blocking vpns is standard practice now, as you explained, a pointless practice. I'm actually relieved air isnt a part of this ridiculous ip war. PS this is the forum so I dont know if staff even sees your post. put in a ticket if there's a problem
  17. Ive been using AirVpn for awhile mostly on a Windows laptop but also on my Android phone or phones just using the Eddie Client or App but recently thought it may be more secure to run the VPN on the hotspot. Reason being I have multiple phones and sometimes my service is poor (yeah I have Verizon and No I cant hear you anymore ever since the 5th horsemen of the apocalypse arrived in 5G)so I'll turn on wifi to use the Verizon Jetpack MF8800L and sometimes I forget that I dont have my pants on (Eddie App turned on) and find myself just running down the street naked switching back and forth from wifi to cellular data which is switching back and forth from 4GLTE to 5G every 5 minutes and that got me thinking well who am I fooling does this really even work by doing that Eddie app ON or OFF?? Additionally, I recently just picked up a few years old Tmobile 4G LTE ZTE MF915 hotspot because it was like Free for Five bucks and lets be honest 4G just works way better then 5G and thought I would try out Tmobiles prepaid network for awhile as a comparison but would like a better way to connect all this and avoid the network flip flopping wifi/data/4G/5G and now add another network provider with Tmobile. I also wonderd if I have the Eddie App running on the phone And AirVpn configured on the Jetpack does that offer me any additional privacy or secuirty or is that just redundant and going to slow me mbps down? Should I only use the Eddie app on the phones when Im using cellular data and then turn it off when I'm using jetpack wifi to connect to the internet? Are they any best practices? And lastly how can I configure Eddie to work on the jetpack as when I login into it I see an area to install a VPN but it doesnt seem to work when Ive tried to build a configuration file for it?
  18. I may be, but I am sure stuggling to breathe.
  19. I was able to resolve this by deleting the bluetit.lock in /etc/airvpn, then killing the bluetit process, then rebooting.
  20. Last night I edited the root goldcrest config to allow auto connecting to a proxy port I had reserved. Quick connect was working and connecting to the proxy port. After a reboot this morning, I get the following errors. Goldcrest - AirVPN Bluetit Client 1.3.0 - 1 June 2023 2023-09-21 10:22:18 Reading run control directives from file /root/.config/goldcrest.rc 2023-09-21 10:22:18 Bluetit - AirVPN OpenVPN3 Service 1.3.0 - 1 June 2023 2023-09-21 10:22:18 OpenVPN core 3.8.4 AirVPN linux x86_64 64-bit 2023-09-21 10:22:18 Copyright (C) 2012-2022 OpenVPN Inc. All rights reserved. 2023-09-21 10:22:18 OpenSSL 3.0.2 15 Mar 2022 2023-09-21 10:22:18 Bluetit is ready 2023-09-21 10:22:18 Bluetit options successfully reset 2023-09-21 10:22:19 ERROR: Proxy port cannot be set due to Bluetit policy. Is there a setting that was changed that could prevent a proxy port from connecting?
  21. You guys are in deep space, however this is very interesting to read.
  22. Thank you very much, we will have developers investigate the problem, there's a potential bug somewhere. Can you post all the non-alphabetic characters you were using, like @ and #? Kind regards
  23. Hi, I change password without signs and now works. Thank You for help.
  24. Hello! No, that's not necessary. You don't need anyway configuration files with Eddie Android and Desktop editions. How is it related to the original problem? Kind regards
  25. Do I have to make new openvpn configuration file if I change password for my deluge-vpn container? Or just put new password there?
  26. Hello! There is a bug affecting Eddie Android edition and causing a crash, but not a login failure, when the symbol % is in the username and not in the password. Anyway, please try to wipe out all the @, # and $ characters and check whether something changes or not. Kind regards
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