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  4. Please provide a support file when this happens.
  5. This is correct, but anyone posting here must expect another member of the community to answer. The Staff account does chime in here and there, but it's not a rule. A professional answer is on the other hand guaranteed in a support ticket. It's also what you get with your subscription, more or less, though anyone can register and create tickets as well.
  6. My bad, sorry. I thought the forum was not only volunteers. Thank you, I'll raise a ticket
  7. Expected an answer from Mr. @Clodo...but this will have to "qualify" for now.
  8. This solved the problem and for anyone needing a nudge, holding the rectangular key that has your device labeled will show all available device profiles, pick your poison and you are good to go, TY Staff:)
  9. Hello! Thank you for your great feedback. Try this procedure: - from the left pane select "Logout" - tap the big central button to login again - re-enter your credentials - check whether all the keys appear in the box "AirVPN key" (tap the key name and a full list should pop-up) Kind regards
  10. Hello , I have what I hope is a simple ?/answer. I have used AirVPN for 7 yrs. now and am extremely pleased with its versatility from Eddie to DDWRT. I have an android phone that I just created a profile for in the client area next to my router, so I have 2 keys showing that I could potentially use as profiles on a device. However when setting up Eddie on my android phone it only shows my router key not both keys, this has created a problem with my port forward rules and in essence the DNS rules I created for Android Only. can someone please elaborate on my errors and reply an answer please, and TY for your precious time.:) Eddie version 3.0 (VC30) 30 November 2022.
  11. You're poking the elephant in the room.
  12. Last week
  13. I occasionally get a WireGuard Handshake Timeout but it's been happening daily recently. In the past I could be connected for a week or more without something causing my connection to disconnect and reconnect. I just had the WireGuard Handshake Timeout and it has only been about 12 hours since the last one so it seems to be getting worse. I really don't want to have to try Open VPN again because for years my ISP was throttling my VPN connection and EVERYONE told me I had no proof and it had to be on my end even though I changed all my hardware and network cables, updated everything and even built a new $4000+ computer with a $700 flagship motherboard. When I installed the last Eddie update and tried WireGuard my download speed went from about 120Mbps to over 600Mbps instantly. Is there anything I can do on my end to stop the timeouts or do I just have to ride it out and hope it improves? I have attached the log I saved after the last timeout a few minutes ago. Thankyou. VPN Log.txt
  14. I prefer to use the OpenVPN Client/Config on my Windows machines, however for some reason it now just sits and says waiting for TUN/TAP Interface to come up. Is this a known issue right now?
  15. More than half of these servers have <50% load, so the country load is just under 50%. I do not understand why the attention is driven to the two reds in a sea of green and this is seen as a critical overload of the country. Reconnect. Eddie and the DNS load balancer will select a server that's not red, and enjoy. Geez, guys. No one asked for it, so why do you expect that?
  16. As server load is not the only thing taken into consideration when deciding the "best" server to connect to, this is a rather simple suggestion. I wrote about the scoring in this thread: There's supposed to be something like this. If it's really just alphabetical, I think it could be analyzed a bit further. But it needs a bit more material to work with.
  17. I think it's 49€ subject to the conversion rate of your payment processor. It's a bit higher with PayPal than with credit cards. Around $53-55 can be expected, I think. Okay, but what's the question? It's official. It's official. If you mean external, yes. If you mean internal, yes with Wireguard, no with OpenVPN. Did you mean an OpenVPN/Wireguard profile will be imported or Eddie "installed"? Please be a bit more loquatious on what you want to know.
  18. Don't use uTP with a VPN connection. It's a frequent throttler. For the connection settings, how broad is your uplink? You can find this info in your router. Setting Always announce to all trackers in a tier will cause qB to use all defined trackers of a torrent. It is recommended but unnecessary if you can only use DHT, anyway. Doesn't do anything for throughput, might simply increase the number of peers available. Is the port indicator at the bottom of qB concerning the openness of your port green? If so, it's okay for peers to connect and disconnect.
  19. From Staff--->>"Now that OpenVPN 2.6.0 has been released, we will progressively implement it in our servers, starting from mid-February."
  20. Provide a system report when this happens if you use Eddie.
  21. Provide a full system report in the case of Eddie after you tried a connection.
  22. "Blocked"? What exactly is happening when you do what exactly? Expected vs. actual experience? If you use Eddie, provide a System Report, if you will.
  23. I am unfortunately having the exact same problem as OP. No issues up until a few days ago, but now I time out every single time I try to connect!
  24. Thank you for your reply. My configuration is Eddie2.21.8 Desktop Edition used on a Linux PC(Mint); the sites for which I do not want to go through the tunnel have multiple IP and sometimes very many, and the IP used can change during the session, so I have to work only with the url of the site(example "mybank.fr ") and let the OpenVPN server handle itself, if that's possible. I am not an OpenVPN specialist, and I don't see how to do it...I'm wandering between the options --route and others, I didn't find anything in Eddie's help: blocked! A track to explore, knowing that I am looking on the net but so far I have only found answers where it says that it is not possible, exclude IP from the VPN, yes, but URLs...?
  25. Thank you for these explanations. I will continue the discussion on the other thread where you made the same answer. Thanks again.
  26. Hi, I'm using Eddie version 2.21.8 on Arch with Bspwm with no problems. Iptables updated yesterday and when I went to start the client today, there was no button for network lock. I checked the update log and presumed that this was iptables. I had a previous problem with it, which I resolved by using nftables. I downgraded iptables to the most recent version and rebooted. All problems were resolved. Just a heads-up to anyone who encounters this.
  27. https://openvpn.net/blog/openvpn-data-channel-offload/ further to this, looks like any openvpn 2.6.0+ will natively support it? wonder if staff have any insight into timeline for upgrades
  28. I want to use a split tunnel, that is, specific applications are excluded from the VPN. https://github.com/tool-maker/VPN_just_for_torrents/wiki/Running-OpenVPN-on-Linux-without-VPN-as-Default-Gateway This option is unusable. I have the desire to explicitly set certain applications outside the VPN. Please update this system to include split tunneling like Private Internet Access does.
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