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  3. OpenVPN resolves www.broadcasthe.net at connect, takes the first result and uses that. It won't iterate through all returned addresses.
  4. So, instead of putting the IP addresses "outside the tunnel", I put "www.broadcasthe.net" "outside the tunnel". Why does that not work?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Appreciate the info and yes, most likely their ip has changed, as it was working up until the other day. should have mentioned I was on a Mac, so the link probably would not apply to me. Cheers!
  7. No worries, thanks for your help! I have opened a support ticket and I will make sure to update this thread if I manage to get it resolved.
  8. Hello! Your authorization to recurring payments from PayPal to us must be confirmed twice so you should have noticed when you confirmed it. You can cancel the authorization anytime with a few clicks: https://www.paypal.com/li/smarthelp/article/How-do-I-cancel-a-recurring-payment,-subscription,-or-automatic-billing-agreement-I-have-with-a-merchant-FAQ1067 Please open a ticket, if you haven't already done so, and the sales department will refund all the payments you unintentionally delivered in the last 30 days according to the Terms of Service. Kind regards
  9. Hey, As anyone experienced payment issues.. I normally pay by month.. But I noticed in the android app I'm paying into 2023, I contacted PayPal and they say the payment method is with the seller (airvpn) I quote positive that I didn't choose a payment plan can I cancel payment plan and pay monthly, as I am unemployed I need to regulate my money. Ty for reading.
  10. As a layman's idea, two things come into mind. gdb, the GNU debugger for C and probably C++ programs, and strace, a system call trace tool. Both are complicated to my eye, but maybe they can help one pinpoint where it goes haywire. Maybe LXC does have a similar thingy helping one notice what makes a program be killed in a container. Apart from that, I will stop my inputs from coming. Have nothing clever to write, anyway Try asking in LXC communities, too, and good luck!
  11. Yeah that's pretty much where I am too, I wish I could get a more verbose output to find out exactly what is going on. With my latest testing it does definitely seem to be some sort of permissions issue with updating the firewall as I have now also tried in a debian system with nftables and the error is exactly the same.
  12. If you are sure that you have a routing table entry for all of the IP addresses for the site, then yes. The IP addresses associated with a domain name hosted at Cloudflare can change suddenly. And even frequently in some cases. And any other sites using those same IP addresses at that moment are also being routed around the VPN. You can do this for IPv4 with an OpenVPN directive using the domain name rather than the IP address. But not for IPv6. And no Wireguard client I have seen provides this. You may be wise to search/use the forum there. There is lots of discussion about this. For what it is worth here is what I do: https://github.com/tool-maker/VPN_just_for_torrents/wiki/Running-OpenVPN-on-Windows-without-VPN-as-Default-Gateway
  13. OK. Not being a Net whizz, does routing their ip addresses outside the tunnel, not effectively avoid using the VPN? I apologize for my lack of knowledge.
  14. Read the rules at BTN! If you persist with browsing (seeding is OK) with a VPN you could lose your account.
  15. Thanks for the feedback, the issue is under investigation.
  16. For the moment, we made the map visible with user confirmation, so there isn't anymore any request outside ipleak.net domain Thanks for the feedback
  17. Here's something from the past.Probably a TOR exit again. Change the server.
  18. No, the legal framework that made AirVPN withdraw the last Italian server for direct connections, Crucis, in 2014 is still the same, and Staff confirmed this indirectly a month past. Will lock due to age.
  19. Was able to access the site up to today, routing both their ip addresses outside the tunnel. Trying to log in today I get "IP address banned indefinitely". Ideas?
  20. Last week
  21. Hello, after many years, still same issue: is there any plan to add an italian server? Would be much appreciated. Best regards
  22. It's usually vice versa, upload throughput stays about the same, download throughput goes down. It's a matter of server, port and protocol choice, in that order of preference. Try different servers in different times of day, you will surely discover a config giving you good upload and download throughput.
  23. You may have a typo if I'm understanding your intent correctly.
  24. Hello, The vpn client runs on a NAS, a TS-253D, equiped with 16Gb memory. Fiberspeed is 200Mbps up/down WITH vpn i get 190Mbps down and 70Mbps upload speed WITHOUT vpn i get 199Mbps down and 46Mbps upload speed. Why is the upload speed behind a vpn less than i expected
  25. @SurprisedItWorks probably best described my mental process. I did not notice/read the explanation below the "Renew" buttons until after I clicked "renew" and visited the page a second time - wondering why my config files no longer logged me in. Since the wording is correct, I propose that the explanation is made more prominent and harder to miss. If you can't add some fancy design / reorder the text positions as a whole, a superscript "Renew1" could work to bring attention. PS: I am glad Air is not from the US like many VPN providers who at the same time continue touting how privacy-friendly they are. https://www.computerweekly.com/news/252501996/IBM-pushes-back-against-US-government-data-requests https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/apr/29/us-court-microsoft-personal-data-emails-irish-server At the same time I understand that the EU is willing to walk hand in hand with other authoritarian governments and will happily lobby equal laws:
  26. @Stalinium Thank you. "Renew" is correct and accurate while "Regenerate" is inaccurate if not wrong. See also OpenSourcerer message. That said you all are right, English is not the first language of any member of the AirVPN staff and only one founder has a University doctoral preparation in English language (in scientific English, not in English literature), but he can't read and fix every and each document written by the whole staff. We promise we will do our best to improve. Kind regards
  27. +1 to something even more specific than this. I would really love to be able to round-robin on something like dallas.us.vpn.airdns.org or chicago.us.vpn.airdns.org like I can on us.vpn.airdns.org.
  28. Hello! Maintenance ended successfully. If you experience any issue with Dallas servers please do not hesitate to write here or contact our support team. Kind regards
  29. @Air4141841 Hello! Upgrading OpenVPN implies disconnecting all users on a server; moreover any upgrade must be tested to be sure that it doesn't cause some unexpected problem. Therefore with the new version the operation is performed gradually on a small subset of servers at a time. Imagine what would happen if we disconnected everybody at once: 15000 disconnections with 15000 potential re-connection (TLS handshakes etc.) attempts in a matter of seconds. Even worse, what if some unexpected problem came out with the new version? Upgrading hastily and all at once would bring down the whole AirPVN infrastructure! An exception is when a discovered critical vulnerability requires emergency update. This is not the case with OpenVPN, at the moment. Staying on top of things also means not to upgrade blindly and/or hastily. Kind regards
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