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  3. Looks like what I was remembering -- I see it in settings on qwant.com in firefox mobile -- is the two language settings, one for the interface and one for search results. I noticed that when I used a Netherlands server, somehow the latter setting defaulted to Dutch and I got many results in that language. I changed it to English and started getting mostly US (where I am) results, even on the same Dutch server. Re changing firefox, visit ipleak.net, an AirVPN site, and look for "WebRTC Detection" for one way info can get out even on a vpn. If you are leaking WebRTC info, it will tell you what to change in firefox about:config to fix it.
  4. When using Eddie Android app, anytime I connect while using the mobile provider data (AT&T) I am unavailable to get web pages to load. If I am connected using WiFi the web pages will load. What could be the cause of this? I have used a different VPN Android app with no connection issues on the mobile network. Are there some settings in the app that can be adjusted? Thank you for your time .
  5. Yes, Qwant does have a 'Settings' menu - but I can't see any option for 'country'. I have uninstalled Firefox and deleted the personal profile from my Home directory. I then reinstalled Firefox - and the same problem occurs - whichever server I use on Airvpn, Qwant still gives me UK search results! This is a little bit worrying. Is there some setting I need to change on Firefox?
  6. I have been to both websites and they're showing no DNS or webRTC leaks. Nonetheless Qwant stiil keeps giving UK websites from its output. I always delete cookies on startup. I think this is a Firefox issue as Qwant does not detect my location when I use Chromium browser.
  7. @monstrocity Please increase the maximum amount of packets allowed in the TCP queue with directive tcp-queue-limit n (n is the amount of packets) according to the amount of concurrent, global TCP connections your system needs when you run a BitTorrent software. OpenVPN 3 default limit is 64 packets. For example, add to your profile the following line: tcp-queue-limit 256 Please test again and check whether the problem is resolved. Of course consider to increase the amount of packets beyond 256 if you see the problem persisting. Your feedback is very much appreciated. Kind regards
  8. Unfortunately, we can't reproduce the issue right now to fix it. It's not the first time users report this kind of error, for example here . I honestly don't think it's a problem of Eddie version, something changed if you have now a working 2.18.5. It's something specific to special permission, the main error is ''NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'launch path not accessible''. Two questions: 1- You installed in path "/Applications/Eddie.localized/Eddie.app". Did you manually build that path (the .localized part) or was it automatic? 2- If you download 2.18.6, put in another folder (like documents or Download itself) and launch it, does it throw the same error? Thanks for any help, this is an old issue, it occurs sporadically, and we need to understand how to reproduce it to fix it.
  9. @inradius It's exactly the contrary. Canada servers rarely need to provide more than 33% bandwidth they are capable of. Even considering the 40% you mention, our infrastructure in Canada is largely OVER sized with enormous availability of traffic and bandwidth. On 90% of the time, you have 18 Gbit/s availability in Canada which is never used by anyone. The issues you mention can not be related to servers available bandwidth, you must have some problem on your side or something else, outside our servers, is the cause of the problem with YouTube etc. Adding servers would be perfectly useless in your case. You might like to open a ticket to investigate the issue more properly. Kind regards
  10. Yesterday
  11. 40% usage means they have 300mbits/s available to send to you. That's causing buffering with youtube?
  12. Check Qwant settings. It has a setting for the country to use to orient your search results. Perhaps it defaulted to UK when you first used Qwant, way back before you were on a VPN. (The last time I used Qwant though, via an Air server in a country not my own, I found the setting indicated the country of the Air server I was using.)
  13. The Canadian servers over the last little while have become overpopulated as well as many other country based servers. Take for instance this morning where there were about 17 servers closing in on 40 % which means connections slow down and unnecessary buffering. To combat this I have to switch servers more frequently which is a bit unreasonable imho. Also selecting servers close to my locale is now the only thing to do to avoid speed loss. We all know that that is not the best course for privacy and anonymity. More servers, faster speeds is the most likely option here if I am to stay with Airvpn. Thank you
  14. I successfully created a ProxyVM within QubesOS using hummingbird and I confirm that connection works, however I have problems when trying to use this ProxyVM connections for other AppVM's. They basically do not connect. Accoring to QubesOS VPN section, it should be all working but it is not. I mean, I do not expect a solution here, I think I should post to QubesOS but heads up for hummingbird working (more or less lol) in Qubes.
  15. Connect to a server in a different country and check for leaks at ipleak.net browserleaks.com You should also delete cookies and browser cache as it might contain information about your previous location
  16. Every time I use Qwant search engine it always gives me search results based in the UK. I live in the UK. Despite using Airvpn, changing servers and even changing the screen resolution of my monitor - Qwant will always give me websites based in the UK. I have found this even occurs when I use Tor browser. How can this happen?
  17. Last week
  18. @Staff After doing a fair amount of investigation and research into iptables and nftables I found that my iptables in use only covered a default basic firewall setting without any additions that would hopefully not cause a problem to any programmes or system settings if removed. I read up on converting iptables to nftables, did so, deleted iptables, and started using nftables. I can now use hummingbird with network lock working correctly. As a result of these changes there are no entries in the log anymore showing any problems with IPv6 . I am grateful of your explanations and help p.s I would not have made these changes and alterations without a decent backup programme in place to use if all went 'pear-shaped' I recommend for linux : https://github.com/teejee2008/timeshift
  19. Here ist the ticket including all other tickets :) 119625
  20. @usefulvid 1) CHACHA20 is not experimental on the client side but yes, it is experimental on the server side because OpenVPN 2.5 is still not in stable phase, although it was promised for November/December 2019. That's why we prefer to clarify it. 2) We don't know why they stick to obsolete versions. OpenVPN 2.4 without tls-crypt supports OpenVPN up to 2.2 so it is not a problem for Windows XP and onwards... OpenVPN 2.3.x should not be necessary anymore for any backward compatibility. Thanks for the answers. Staff account does not have PM enabled for flood reasons, please contact us at your convenience either at info@airvpn.org or open a ticket with usefulvid subject (or from your usefulvid account). Kind regards
  21. @Staff This was a review and not an advertisement video or blog post which shows all of your engagement and features. Chacha20 is mentioned as "experimental" on only 5 servers as far as I know. I mentioned in general that your encryption algorithms and the underlying software is up to date. I especially mentioned this because I am both aware of chacha20 and the up to date openvpn binary. I also tested competitors who use openvpn 2.3.x (to keep windows backward compatibility?) I can send you my tickets via PM (usefulvid is not my subscription user)
  22. @usefulvid Are we correct in noticing that no mention of CHACHA20-POLY1305 (boosting performance of non AES-NI supporting devices and adding dramatically battery life of battery based devices) has been done? If we are right, has it been omitted because it is not considered relevant, or for some other reason? Also, is the fact that AirVPN develops OpenVPN 3 not perceived as relevant by your audience? Candid questions whose answers may be useful to us, but of course feel free to not answer. Important disclaimer for the readers: the author of the review has never been paid, either directly or indirectly, by AirVPN. Congratulations for being one of the few who did not ask for money "or else...". Kind regards
  23. @usefulvid Please point us to the ticket that has not been answered properly. Kind regards
  24. Did you select the option for the automatic rule creation on the LAN interface's firewall that the seedbox is connected to? This is done when creating a NAT rule. Remember that with pfSense, any traffic not explicitly allowed is automatically blocked. If you did not and there's no rule on that LAN to allow connections on that port, there's the issue. Basically you're allowing it into your yard (the WAN), but not your house (the LAN). Your description sounds like the seedbox has its own firewall. If so, that be another monster to tackle as you're double firewalled.
  25. Hello! Eddie Android edition includes easy settings to put applications on black or white list. If a black list is defined, applications in the black list will have their traffic not tunneled. Any other application will have its traffic tunneled. If a white list is defined, only applications in the white list will have their traffic tunneled. Any other application will have its traffic not tunneled. Kind regards
  26. In the podcast of macbreakweekly nr. 697, there is an interesting discusion about the latest (?) incident between Apple and the fbi. About 15 min. from the begining. https://twit.tv/shows/macbreak-weekly/episodes/697?autostart=false Gr, Casper
  27. I agree but as I said this gives no minus points for airvpn because the speeds are fine for me. There are a lot of unknown variables in a speedtest its always a bit tricky. The Video was meant as a short presentation of my experiences of AirVPN. The complete review can be found on my website. I mentioned the forum there ;) Forum might be nice but a paid service should take its customers serious and answer the tickets properly.
  28. Settings > Advanced > Check if the tunnel works. Should be enabled.
  29. None of the standard consumer level routers are going to do much, if any, better than that. They just can't handle anymore due to the end-to-end encryption. They're literally encrypting and decrypting each packet. The CPU's are the limiting factor.
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