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  3. So for one year this is all the troubleshooting you have done/tried/performed? Already provided the OP with an alternative way on how he/she can solve this dilemma. @StaffPlease help the OP here. Maybe you have a different opinion/approach to fix it
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  5. I'm sorry, I can't reproduce your findings on Circinus. The website loads quite fine, if a bit slow, but that's most likely because of my location relative to the server's.
  6. I'm currently on Circinus. At the moment, app.uniswap.org works but other sections of the website still won't load.
  7. Well, of course you should do this with v6 enabled, otherwise there's no sense in setting v6 to link-local only if it's disabled and continues causing errors. Glad to read it. Though you could really just go with v6 now, there are no downsides to using it.
  8. Do yourself a big favor and simply use a RasPi as VPN server you can reach from abroad, if you're abroad. No blocks because it's effectively your ISP internet. No one to share the connection with. The most trusted network you can possibly have abroad. Initially costs slightly more ($40 or so), but pays off with time. None of the servers log connection data, you can torrent pretty much everywhere. Please forget all the marketing/paranoia-inducing bullcrap about 5-eyes/14-eyes, it doesn't matter as much as you would like it to be. It shouldn't matter whether you're connecting to U.S. or Europe, none of the servers log identifying connection data. And the ones allegedly watching over us are not going to knock at your door tomorrow for downloading movies without paying for it, for their goal is war on terror, not war on pirates. Just use one connection for everything, and simply change the servers everytime you connect. If someone wanted to take you down, any VPN wouldn't be able to protecc you.
  9. Does anyone have trouble accessing uniswap.org with AirVPN? I tried opening the site and got secure connection failed error.
  10. Thanks for your reply giganerd. I tried your link-local suggestion, unfortunately to no avail. I ended up turning on IPv6. For security/privacy reasons I've been blocking it since it first became available. From what I've read, it has become far more trustworthy as time has gone by. Anyway, turning on IPv6 at the Linux kernel level, Network Manager & in Eddie/Hummingbird (prioritising IPv4), has activated the Eddie tray icon colours, which has solved my problem.
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  12. Agreed. I am curious what made them to determined that NordVPN is best overall. I would suspect likely that NordVPN paid them for the positive review. I won't be surprised if that is the case. I checked MacWorld review on NordVPN, interesting... Well, their credentiality fall apart from there. Not worth to discuss it here. I checked their Best VPN for Mac reviews. They even recommend TunnelBear for Europe. I tried TunnelBear in the past and I lasted 2 hours and immediately uninstalled TunnelBear from my computer (Former TB users don't even recommend them). TB service sucks so bad that NordVPN are a sightly better service than TB, and they both sucks. I wouldn't touch TB with 50-mile pole (80 km). I questioned their speed testing methodology. They are using Ookla Speedtest only. They should be using more than just one since they get a reliable data than relying on Ookla and their results are questionable. I see Ian Paul is the author of both reviews (AirVPN & NordVPN). I read Ian Paul reviews for various thing (including PCWorld) and I don't have a confidence with his researching skills. He recommended Norton the best antivirus suite... 😕
  13. Yeah, I'm not necessarily looking to hide my IP from anyone regarding the banking type stuff. 1) I travel occasionally 2) With one IP I won't have to bother with all the "confirm your identity" type things as much. My machine uses a VPN and I multitask. I'd prefer, I think, to continue using a VPN at all times at the OS level. I was thinking it'd just be nice to have all my streaming stuff always have the same US/CA/UK IP when I'm using that browser profile. While I set up my torrents using their own outside the 14 eyes in some torrent-friendly country -- which would generally be slow for everything else. Unfortunately, my machine isn't powerful enough for multiple VMs. lol. And, I don't quite have the money to get a new one.
  14. You're far better off doing banking with as little middlemen as possible so as to prevent attacks against you from favorable positions, meaning, do this with your ISP IP. That doesn't mean to disregard security of your local machine, obviously, as a VPN does nothing in this regard. If you're doing banking, there is literally no one to hide from by hiding your ISP IP, they already have personal data from you. Streaming is, depending on the exact setup, a valid point, as is torrenting. The latter is unproblematic in any way, streaming does hiccup sometimes with any VPN or plain proxy service, so it's sometimes difficult to see where it works and where not. For none of these use cases you'd need such a complicated multi-proxy setup like you envision. It's much easier to set up a host with four VMs and connect each to a different server, the effect is the same, even if it demands certain prerequisites of your host. And even then I fail to see the sense. Why do you want four different IPs for every use case? Why does one not work? They're all shared with other clients at the same time.
  15. Ah okay. Thanks for the clarification. I wasn't sure if there was some way to use these servers as proxies. Something like that. I want a more complex setup with things like streaming and banking on their own IPs, and maybe torrenting (my own bands music) on a fourth.
  16. There is no auto-update. The update notification system you can set in Preferences don't really work on any platform, but you being on Linux means Eddie can be easily updated along with the system. Follow the few steps on the Linux download page to add the Eddie APT repository to your system, everything else happens on every system upgrade. Of course.
  17. Having a few problems with Eddie found out there is a new version. Why is there no auto update? I use Ubuntu and have never been notified of available updates. In any event, how do I update Eddie? Can I install new version over old? Thanks
  18. To everyone, I'd like to remind that AirVPN did lose one or two servers because of government intervention in the past. One very delicate example was Ukraine somewhere in 2015 during a politically even more delicate time: Euromaidan. The server was seized, but no one lost his or her head for it; AirVPN held its word back then. I can also vouch for this a bit – I read some of the code of the AirVPN library and Eddie for PC, even if, in case of Eddie, it's C# which I don't usually work with. Nothing suspicious was seen so far, but truth be told, I was not reading it like a novel. About the whole 5-eyes and 14-eyes thing: I think it's marketing slang. Somehow people get the notion that not being in 14-eyes is a plus while the horrible truth can be as simple as the company deliberately moving their HQ outside 14-eyes while the overlords are still chinese or NSA agents or something.
  19. Depends on the mouse. Or the tree. You get artificial trees for $40 on CL… Of course it's to be understood as stars, even the resource files are named "rating-stars-macworld-fixed". But really, what is it? A mouse, a tree, a flower pot on a stick, maybe ice cream? Maybe someone drew a person first but then decided it got too.. erm.. you know?
  20. Then it is DNS somehow, but really no idea where to continue looking next here. 😕
  21. @giganerd You often have a price per star. We don't know about a price per mouse/tree or whatever With them, we have had absolutely no request (otherwise you would not have seen the review, as you know we don't pay for bogus reviews). The journalist even contacted us to inquire and clarify various points, some weeks ago. This is a problem of ours which we need to face. You CAN enter a non-existent e-mail address, but you can NOT enter nothing. You can not even enter a bogus address if you don't include a "@" and a dot in the chars after the @. So noneofyourbusiness@mindyourbusiness is not accepted, but nonefoyourbusiness@mind.yourownbusiness is. So, the conclusion of the journalist is trivially wrong in this case, but we were complicit to make him reach the wrong conclusion, our bad. Kind regards
  22. Ouch. We could open a separate forum just about NordVPN, that's how much crap we came to get to know about them. And the best thing is how exceptionally recent all those threads are. So that website actively recommends shooting yourself in the foot. What I don't understand is that they allegedly did the research: How can you miss all the trust-obliterating bullshit of just the last three years? This is insane, and I wouldn't trust them with anything they write on VPNs, even about AirVPN. And of course ExpressVPN is first, who would've thought. They and NordVPN are always among the first for a very simple rea$on. Also, I'm a bit confused about the rating system used across the website. AirVPN scored 4.5, erm, mice, trees, whatever that symbol means, but the first are Express, Freedome and IVPN with 4, and Nord is 5th with 4.5 (?). Small inconsistency, but it truly bothers me seeing Express on 1 and Nord as good as Air.
  23. This one: --------------- #push-peer-info --------------- Now you will not get an Assigned IP of v6.
  24. @curhen57 Just a quick preamble to make you notice that Italy is not one of the "Five Eyes countries". However it is one of the Fourteen Eyes country. It's not very relevant when servers are not based in Italy (but, like any other VPN service, we do operate or own servers even in the USA, the apparent champions of illegal wiretapping!). Remember that, no matter how powerful an entity is, it can't get data that we don't have. So do not enter personal data in your VPN account, pay with anonymous methods (we accept Monero too and without intermediaries!) and so on and so forth. We guess we are the only VPN service in the world that accepts many different cryptocurrencies without intermediaries. An intermediary can crumble all the privacy and anonymity layer of a cryptocurrency transaction nowadays: most cc payment processors now collect your data and many do not even allow transactions if you don't send them an ID document etc. The majority of Tor nodes are in the Fourteen Eyes countries too. We have written a lot on how to defeat a powerful adversary (in short: jump to Tor not from your node, but from a VPN server located in a country different than the one you are living in), but of course if you are a specific target the easy way for the powerful adversary is breaking your own system, so that any encryption and all that jazz become irrelevant. It's hilarious (or maybe sad) that a lot of people worry about intelligence data exchange and co-operation while they use routinely and with peace of mind Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or some archaic Linux distribution! About NordVPN mining personal data, we were aware that they implemented several trackers usage in their Android application which collected personal information and sent it out to third parties without your consent in the past, are you aware of anything else about data mining issue with them? AirVPN is the oldest VPN around (between the mainstream ones) operating since 2010 (and at least an AirVPN founder had experience with VPN and Tor since late 90ies). During these 10 years, can you mention about AirVPN a single case of identity disclosure imputable to AirVPN logging or storing personal information? There are cases for various "no logging" VPNs around, but we challenge you to find one about AirVPN. About local data mining (enforced by many VPN software, unfortunately, what a shame) can you find any line of code in our software (it's open source, so anyone can check), now or in the past, aimed at sending personal information to ourselves or any third party? Kind regards
  25. A bit overkill on Linux: In any network manager, simply set IPv6 method to "Link-local"; OpenVPN and Eddie will treat it as unavailable instead of unsupported and not make a fuss about it. The error will much likely disappear as well. Maybe that will even fix the grey icon and subsequently the freeze; I hint a hiccup of Mono here because it expects v6 to function. If you want to debug this further, launch eddie-ui via terminal and see if you get any errors particularly from Mono, which, as I wrote, I think you will definitely see. That's what it does under normal circumstances, anyway. The same rule as in programming applies here: Fix the errors at the top first because the errors after it are likely a consequence of the first.
  26. Thank you @Staff I was just curious to see how AirVPN measures against the points raised in the video, given that it is never directly mentioned. Still, I would be interested to further discuss this if anyone else is intrigued by this topic. One thing that does concern me is that Italy, where AirVPN is based, is part of the Five Eyes. Each country, if I'm correct, member cannot spy on their own citizens but trade information about them with each other. NordVPN promised to be outside of the Five Eyes and Fourteen Eyes, something too good to be true but, again, is guilty of data mining its customers and have recently had its servers hacked into with secret keys stolen, as far as I'm aware. I switched to AirVPN because of its open source nature and better customer satisfaction but, just for the sake of refreshing my memory and assuring other prospective users, what makes AirVPN safer for users from government spying in spite of it being based in a Five Eyes member country?
  27. AirVPN does not operate proxy servers, so no. Let me guess – you can't reach certain streaming services with AirVPN and that's why you want this.
  28. it hung at 2, 4 and 5. But seeing there's really an obvious 10-11 seconds delay in the pi-hole logs between A and AAAA logs tells me i'm pretty confident the issue is with ipv6. If I set switching mode to none with no dns defined, both the dns server of the current vpn connection and the dns set in pi-hole resolve. this happens either if "ignore ipv6 dns pushed by the server" is ticked or not. Which ovpn directives would I need to modify in the .ovpn config file to block ipv6? I'll test that. After that if it doesn't work at this point I might just use Airvpn's dns server and consider switching to linux in the future. It's just that it's a big migration for my setup, not to be considered lightly. I really appreciate the help you gave me. thanks!
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