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  3. Not staff here, but an obvious place to start: https://airvpn.org/aboutus/ https://airvpn.org/mission/
  4. I have had this iritating problem for a while now & windows was previously updated. The only way around this problem, is I restart my laptop, which is not ideal. I use Airvpn on a desktop running Linux Mint, and no problems, but I have had nothing but hassel since trying to use it on a new laptop, which has all the latest updates. I followed the advice previously, but this only worked temporarily.
  5. Could somebody document what eddie needs open and to where? For example, if I needed to open firewall ports to a specific destination like port 443 to nl.vpn.airdns.org, what other EXACT destinations and ports does it need in order to function? What specific server does it connect to for authentication and could I put that i a host file so I would not need external DNS? Thanks in advance.
  6. @kbps Hello! However, mega.nz operates servers in Luxembourg (at least from what we can see on the web site). We think that New Zealand poses no privacy problems at all. The issue is just finding a suitable datacenter. Kind regards
  7. Yesterday it had a line issue at 'Peony' server that took 2:30h and Eddie didn't change the server automatically. Line issues and packet loss are recurring problems and finding/changing manually a working server are not always an option. Is there a way to detect and change server automatically when these issues pops up? I imagine that some rules would be perfect in that case, though I'm not sure how this works in Eddie.
  8. Sorry Air, I must have missed Estonia. List updated. New Zealand would be good. Mega.nz is based there. As far as I am aware their data centers are all in NZ. The speeds for their servers are very impressive. Yes I am aware of potential privacy issues in that they are closed source, I am using them as an example of a privacy orientated large company that is based in NZ.
  9. @OpenSourcerer Oh, OK, so it is impossible to identify someone in practice in the ATM described by @Mad_Max. We had the impression that you wanted to imply otherwise. About masks and other protections which make facial recognition fail, they are mandatory (in many countries in the EU you can be severely fined if you don't wear them outdoors and you don't have a medically motivated exemption, or even criminally prosecuted) or strongly recommended nowadays, so it's not a big deal, even if they were necessary. Kind regards
  10. yes you are right, working now. Thanks a lot
  11. Okay, weird. I haven't seen this XML since at least v2.16.3. In any case, should be automatically converted to the new format.
  12. You are interpreting way too much into my words. I never wrote anything about any aggregation. What I can write for sure is that if someone stole a credit card for example and attempted to withdraw money with that card, the police publically showed in the past that they have camera feeds from when it happened. They are matching this and other suspected faces with pan-European criminal databases (I wouldn't know which ones, I do not work in this field) and if unsuccessful, they ask the public if someone knows this and that face. I deduce that from every transaction WHEN, TO and HOW MUCH is known. Say, you repeat those transactions and someone finds that usage abnormal, there might be something off, like you transfer 1000€ daily to BTC, for 14 days in a row; in come the camera feeds: You can see if it was the same person for example. From there it's just a leap into checking such databases. Maybe it's someone wanted for laundering? Maybe that person is the case of a lawsuit involving a bank robbery? You never know. I wouldn't recommend it. Privacy should be about blending in, not standing out as the only one making a BTC transaction wearing a mask that day.
  13. @Aghinix Hello! Can you tell us whether the AppImage's eddie-tray fails with the identical error, or you get a different one? What is your current Desktop Environment? Apart from the minimization problem, is anything else fine? What is your version of libappindicator? Can you please re-check whether libindicator is available? Kind regards
  14. @OpenSourcerer Hello! It's a good idea. Actually we already have it (it is shown only to special users, we don't know if you can see it) so it would be simple to make it available to anyone. We will consider it seriously. Kind regards
  15. @OpenSourcerer So, how is it possible that the ATMs described by @Mad_Max (which actually exist for sure) can be used in Germany to aggregate ex-post all the anonymous transactions of each person performing them, and provided that this is possible, how is it possible to link that video footage to an identity (for example if the aggregated withdrawals total exceeds some anti-laundering limit by law). This is technically very interesting and raises questions on the fundamental right to privacy. If confirmed, it may be advisable to use ATM with facial masks, glasses and adequate hats, which make facial recognition impossible (currently). Kind regards
  16. Have a lot of ipv6 errors lately. Windows 10 with eddie 2.19.7. See file. found problem, must open eddie as administrator, because I have windows open via linux and KRDC. Suddenly saw it in log file. 😏
  17. Inside the old Eddie portable Version
  18. They… don't…? I never wrote this process is automatic.
  19. Yes, it's that. Wait. Where did you find that?
  20. Did you try searching for that specific file? $ xlocate -S $ xlocate libindicator.so .
  21. C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\ is not Eddie Directory. I guess its the default.profile inside my old portable Version. What is about the AirVPN.xml ?? Regards Firefox
  22. In a PowerShell: > Copy-Item "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Eddie\default.profile" -Destination \path\to\where\the\portable\version\is\ Or in words, copy the default.profile file from C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Eddie\default.profile to where the portable version is.
  23. I know you locked this, but could it help adding a CPU %usage rrdgraph to every server detail page?
  24. Hello! You can add Estonia and update the list: we have a 1 Gbit/s server in Tallinn, Estonia: https://airvpn.org/servers/Alruba/ New Zealand would be great, especially when you consider the infamous and outrageous anti-encryption law which prevents us from operating in Australia: we have been and we are struggling to find the right infrastructure. We'll keep searching. Kind regards
  25. Useful website. Did not know about it. It will be good for making decisions about services that I use in the future. https://rsf.org/en/ranking Good to see that Air has servers in nearly half of the top 14. Norway - Yes Finland - No Denmark - No Sweden - Yes Netherlands - Yes Jamica - No Costa Rica - No Switzerland - Yes New Zealand - No Portugal - No Germany - Yes Belgium - Yes Ireland - No Estonia - Yes Would be good to see at least one server in each of these locations. Could be a good marketing angle. I understand that geographically some countries are neighbours such as Norway and Finland so probably would not improve latency. However it would be nice to see somewhere like New Zealand or Costa Rica, primarily for latency reasons for people in or near those regions.
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