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  2. Small bug: Eddie icon stays gray in tray, instead of blue, even if connection is active and working. Fedora33 KDE spin with Plasma 5.20.
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  4. First Halloween and not black Friday! YAY
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  6. I'm getting this error Unable to obtain elevated privileges (required): Unable to start (unable to initialize service) on Eddie 2.19.6 (running Windows 10) both installer version and portable version. I don't have an error in 2.18.9, it only started after I updated.
  7. I installed Eddie 2.19..6 today on Windows 10 and whenever I try to start it I get the error Unable to obtain elevated privileges (required): Unable to start (unable to initialize service) I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it doesn't fix. This happens with both the installer version and portable.
  8. Exactly, it was pointed out last year, too:But a discount nonetheless, so let's not look the gift horse in the mouth too closely.
  9. No, this is a subjective perception, I believe driven by thinking of computers as living beings. Living beings break down more quickly the more weight they carry. Computers don't. If there is headroom and more load is pouring in on what's already there, things are programmed to use that headroom. If a Gigabit link is negotiated on an interface, it means that interface can send and receive data over that link with one Gigabit a second, meaning, it can send/receive 1,000,000,000 electical states (= "zeros and ones" = bits) in a second, simultaneously in both directions. It will not renegotiate something slower just because the link is only used partly. If only 500 Mbit/s are used, it means that one half of a second is "occupied" transmitting/receiving those bits. The other half is silence. If something else comes along, parts of that silence is used. So if the load was 90+% on that network interface, then I'd agree with you that congestion situations can occur and some packets might get delayed… but the AirVPN team would have opened three new servers before such a situation becomes the norm. The same thing happens with CPU load for example: If only 50% of the CPU processing cycles are used, the CPU will not break down if more load pours in. It will use cycles which would otherwise be idle to process commands. You might get occasional glimpses of diminished responsiveness at 90+% CPU utilization, but never a hard breakdown as you describe. Same thing with HDD/SSD/USB/M.2/CD-ROM drives, by the way. It's slightly more complicated in the real world, of course, because resource management is driven by algorithms wherever you look. Everything you do with your computer is governed by some algorithm, no matter which OS you use (if you're interested: CPU process schedulers, disk input/output schedulers, TCP congestion control, to name a few) but that's the general idea. Of course it's best to use a server with as little bandwidth utilization as possible because an absence of cases where congestion control must step in is inevitably a blessing. What I want to point out is that it doesn't mean a horrible experience if you use a server with 30% of its bandwidth in active usage. Remember, it's a Gigabit link…
  10. Hello, I noticed that it's really 35% off. For example, Three years shows 99 €. Below that it shows 64.35 €. That's a savings of 35%, even though below it it says "Save 74%". Same with One year. 49 € is now 31.85 € which is also 35% savings. However below that it says "Save 62%". That's with the "Applied coupons" set to "BLACKFRIDAY2020". Am I missing something? Edit: Yes, I missed something. It says "when compared to one month plan price". I mean, okay that's true - but it is a bit misleading and broke my brain for a bit there in the way it's presented. I'll still renew since they're still the best. 😁
  11. I don't understand? A server/connection/whatever offers less performance for each connection, the more connections there are - that's fact, not subjective...
  12. While I generally find such a feature cool as well, it would be detrimental to privacy. It would mean a data point people can use against you personally. "So, this IP downloaded [insert copyrighted content] on port 9000, and we found out it's an AirVPN exit. We studied your website and found out that ports are bound to keys, and keys are bound to users. So, which user forwarded this port?" AirVPN find themselves in a dilemma quickly: If they tell the truth, the others will ask for all data on that user account, including mail address. Also, trust would be obliterated forever. If they lie, they will have trouble with authorities and the users, because if they lied here, where else?
  13. Please translate all this into English because that's the one common thread around here we all share. Thank you!
  14. @stevewasabi69lol Hello! That's unexpected: it must be a bug in version 2.16.3 because servers have not been sending Halloween banner since weeks ago (now they send Black Friday promo banner). You can either upgrade to latest Eddie 2.19 (but you might have issues with Windows 7) or you can just delete all the files in C:\Users\parent\AppData\Local\AirVPN\ while Eddie is not running. At the next run you will need to re-enter your credentials and any custom setting. Kind regards
  15. when i start Eddie, I always get a pop-up advertisement for spooky halloween deals. i click OK button to close the popup, but it does not stop the pop-up from happening next time i open eddie. here is log. . 2020.11.26 11:33:41 - Eddie version: 2.16.3 / windows_x64, System: Windows, Name: Windows 7 Professional, Version: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1, Mono/.Net: v2.0.50727 . 2020.11.26 11:33:41 - Reading options from C:\Users\parent\AppData\Local\AirVPN\default.xml . 2020.11.26 11:33:42 - Command line arguments (1): path="home" . 2020.11.26 11:33:42 - Profile path: C:\Users\parent\AppData\Local\AirVPN\default.xml . 2020.11.26 11:33:45 - OpenVPN Driver - TAP-Windows Adapter V9, version 9.21.2 . 2020.11.26 11:33:45 - OpenVPN - Version: 2.4.6 - OpenSSL 1.1.0h 27 Mar 2018, LZO 2.10 (C:\Program Files\AirVPN\openvpn.exe) . 2020.11.26 11:33:45 - SSH - Version: plink 0.67 (C:\Program Files\AirVPN\plink.exe) . 2020.11.26 11:33:45 - SSL - Version: stunnel 5.40 (C:\Program Files\AirVPN\stunnel.exe) . 2020.11.26 11:33:45 - curl - Version: 7.54.1 (C:\Program Files\AirVPN\curl.exe) . 2020.11.26 11:33:45 - Certification Authorities: C:\Program Files\AirVPN\res\cacert.pem W 2020.11.26 11:33:46 - Recovery. Unexpected crash? . 2020.11.26 11:33:46 - Routes, remove for gateway failed: The route deletion failed: Element not found . 2020.11.26 11:33:46 - Routes, remove for gateway failed: The route deletion failed: Element not found . 2020.11.26 11:33:46 - Routes, remove for gateway failed: The route deletion failed: Element not found ! 2020.11.26 11:33:46 - Activation of Network Lock - Windows Filtering Platform . 2020.11.26 11:33:46 - Updating systems & servers data ... W 2020.11.26 11:33:46 - Spooky Halloween Deals! Not a trick but a treat! Save up to 74% I 2020.11.26 11:33:47 - Ready . 2020.11.26 11:33:47 - Systems & servers data update completed how can i stop this popup from being displayed? thank you
  16. I wonder if you could configure DDNS based on Device/Key ? Would that be an option to only setup DDNS on a dedicated device ? would love to see that feature.
  17. De gebruikte handleiding van de website voor installatie Airvpn op iPad deed niet wat ik wilde. Met tips van de helpdesk is het me alsnog gelukt. Dat ging echt anders. Daarom heb ik de stappen in bijgaande handleiding verwerkt. Handleiding AIRVPN op een ipad.pdf
  18. I've added 3 more years too and I recommend your services! Thanks for your work on OpenVPN3 and hummingbird.
  19. Does it? Can you give some examples which are not based on subjective perception? When I quickly look at the current bandwidth utilization, none of the countries exceed 50% of utilization, most don't even go beyond 25. So from the numbers alone I don't see any incentive to add new servers anywhere.
  20. When I first started using Airvpn, total bandwidth (as displayed at the top of the page) was around 50xxxMbit/s from memory. Now it's currently up at 68xxx Mbit/s. Are there any plans for a commensurate increase in the number of servers; perhaps even the addition of some more countries in high b/w areas (Europe)? I know the likely response will be that the existing servers still have some headroom, but as utilisation increases, performance does suffer.
  21. Have you tried a beginner's tutorial on IPv6? Like: http://www.steves-internet-guide.com/ipv6-guide/ and in a bit more detail: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/ipv6/ipv6_quick_guide.htm If I got it right, then the tunnel is working. Yes, qBittorrent is not using the VPN. In its settings > Advanced, set Bind to interface (or similar) to TAP-Windows Adapter. I think you mean the DNS tests. They indicate DNS leaks, DNS resolution queries outside the tunnel. One simple solution is to enable Network Lock in Eddie. Another is to disable Smart Multi-homed Address Resolution, otherwise referred to as simply SmartDNS. Yes, you do. As written, simple fix is to enable Network Lock in Eddie.
  22. Did you change shells recently? What are the contents of /etc/shells? What is the output of cat $SHELL? It's optional. See PKGBUILD: […] optdepends=('stunnel: VPN over SSL' 'openssh: VPN over SSH') […] I don't think your hunch is correct. The error message clearly states that the contents of $SHELL are not listed in the permitted login shells config found in /etc/shells. This can happen if you change the default login shell or remove a previously used one, or something like that, without editing /etc/shells. There's actually a manual for all this, see man shells.
  23. awesome thank you team!! recommend your services to all my friends.
  24. Thank you, Thank you ! That was exactly what I was hoping for and it went perfectly ! Three More Years !! Keep up the great work
  25. As is tradition for me now, extended another year! ty guys for the great service.
  26. .One reason why I love AirVPN is the dedication to open source and linux. Whenever I get into conversations with techies about VPNs, their picks fail in contrast to airvpn. I think I will also wait for the GUI/qt version of this. I've been running Eddie for a long time now and am very familiar with it, the experimental builds seem to work quite nicely and one thing I've learned from being a 100% linux user the past few years is "if it works, don't mess with it." I'll keep checking back for updates, thanks airvpn staff!
  27. Re IP6 addresses, I cannot read them myself. In fact before all this started I'd never seen an IP6 address. As yet I haven't used qB with AirVPN because I don't know if I've got everything set up properly and don't know how to test it for confirmation. I was hesitant to share any pics because I don't know what info is .... sensitive .... and should be blurred out. I know I still need to learn how to read this stuff, that's why I'm here :) With Eddie connected the ipleak IP4 server shown is listed in the Eddie stats as IP Entry and IPv4 Exit. The ipleak IP6 server shown is listed in the Eddie stats as IPv6 Exit. For the ipleak Torrent Address Detection, the IP4 address that I mentioned that I'd never seen before is in Eddie's Stats as Real IP detected. This is the IP4 address shown in ipleak when Eddie is disconnected, so I'm guessing that this is my actual address (at least for the moment until or unless my isp resets it or something). When I just ran the detection, the two different IP6 addresses shown are not the IP6 Exit address, they are two different addresses that aren't listed in Eddie's Stats. Of the ten addresses shown in the detection, three are the IP4 Exit, three are the "Real IP detected". Two are one IP6 address, and two are another IP6 address. So now with the knowledge of what my IP4 and IP6 are with Eddie not connected I reconnected Eddie and returned to ipleak. Of the ten IP addresses shown, half are through Eddie, and the other half are my actual addresses.. I'm guessing then that I'm leaking ip addresses?
  28. I missed the Halloween sale, can’t afford to lose this one too. How long will the Black Friday offer stand? Be specific please, as in “The discount expires on November xx, [Time in GMT]” Thank you.
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