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Posted 15 November 2017 - 09:11 PM

"it was required that commercial interests would provide the internet structure because they were the only ones with the money and resources to do so, so it was created to "sell" things and to make money for the commercial interests."


"I cannot agree with this.

In 1975 the Internet Protocol was available for international and local networking over the available 1200bps telephone line to 2Mbs T1 carrier links between Unix Version 7 operating systems, usually on DEC PDP11 hardware. Unix V7 was developed by Bell Labs of ATT USA and was available under license for academic institutions with the right connections wrt US gov export controls, including the Uni of NSW in Australia where I was a Computer Science student. It was also available to government and scientific/defense contractors. It was not available for general for profit organisation use, who were "sold" on IBM and Control Data and DEC etc proprietary networking. Or available to the general public, who did not have any computers.

This did not connect to US DARPA networks which required additional packet headers which were "secret" extensions to the basic protocols.

Early standards for additional functionality (RFCs) were developed by delegates from the research/university spheres, as a "common good".

It was later that the "enclosure of the Commons" with intellectual property claims by corporate lawyers became a legal conflict zone."



The "Internet Protocol" to which they are referring is not the 'world wide web internet" we use today. Its was the protocol used to connect between discreet 'networks" thus the "Internet" part as in "Inter-Network", not the "network" we know today as the internet. The "Internet Protocol" to which they are referring was that protocol used at that time to communicate between systems on individual discreet networks via phone modems (e.g. the old BBS systems) of via dedicated T1 links. That "Internet Protocol" was later adapted to use on the 'world wide web internet" we use today, and in short we call it "IP" as in "IP address" or in other words "Internet Protocol Address" ("Inter-Network Protocol Address") . 


the "world wide web internet" we know today was built by commercial interests whose goal was to use it to "sell" things and to make money for the commercial interests. They do it in the form of people paying for access to the internet (e.g. ISP's or data centers leasing out space, etc...) and providing a method for on line retailers and other pay services to ply their wares for profit, etc.... You think a bunch of volunteers or philanthropists choked up the billions of dollars to build out what we know today as the 'internet' and continue to pay out billions annually to keep it running and intact? You think it was somehow "crowd sourced/funded"? Every time a packet hits the backbone (without which we would have no internet as we know it today), the commercial interest cash registers somewhere go "ching". Did you think the commercial interests were not going to do something with the internet that did not make them money? Even the very standards employed on the internet are backed at some point by a commercial interest, someone has to pay for it. If it was not for commercial interests we would have no internet today (as we know it), there is not one point on the internet that you can browse to that you do not pass through a commercial interest owned "thing" which provides that path to that point on the internet, not even on VPN or TOR. The internet is not big business and so important because someone wants to post they farted on twitter, is big business and so important because commercial interests make money from keeping it running and building it out and improving on it.

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