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Found 83 results

  1. I can't connect AIrVPN through the TOR browser. It gives the error UDP is not allowed with a proxy. Help pls
  2. Guest

    Tor Project Membership

    Recently, the Tor Project announced a membership program. As Air has always been a strong supporter of the Tor Project, maybe you can also consider the membership? This can help secure its independecy while also making AirVPN known to a wider audience. Many NGOs still struggle as the pandemic has decreased their donations. Here is the link to the announcement: https://blog.torproject.org/tor-project-membership-program
  3. Hi, Just got access denied ( too many failed login attempts actually) when tryin to login to the website uing Tor. Is this meant to be ?
  4. Hello. Today, I stumbled across this interesting video hosted by Techlore and The Hated One. I watched some of Techlore's videos before and I enjoy the use of AirVPN (I used to use PIA and NordVPN - until I learned of NordVPN's data mining practises). I thought I would share this video, get you to watch it so we can talk about the points it brings up. How VPN providers use common myths to trick you into using them Please watch and listen to this! I am aware that my browsing traffic and real IP addressgets routed through a server and can potentially be monitored by my VPN provider, whether they claim to have a no-logs policy or not. And I definitely know VPN's don't prevent social media from tracking you - that's what add-ons like uBlock Origin and uMatrix and, of course, not using social media is for. Third-parties like governments, companies and hackers can use correlation attacks to track you (i.e. compare when I access a website to when I access the VPN server) along with other techniques to identify you, in spite of your VPN, like fingerprinting. Basically, completely anonymity with a VPN is impossible - even if you make an account with a temporary email address and pay for it with cryptocurrency if you're not careful how you browse the web. What caught my attention is that while VPN providers claim you can combine their VPN with Tor for improved security and anonymity (hiding the fact you are using Tor from your ISP, for instance), using Tor bridges effectively do that as well. Plus using a VPN with Tor would basically help third parties correlate your browsing traffic to your VPN's IP address. There are other interesting points that bear discussion such as web traffic being decrypted once leaving a VPN server (Is even AirVPN lying about encrypting our web traffic?) and such. So what are anyone's thoughts on this?
  5. Hi, I want to use AirVPN with Tor and followed this instruction: https://airvpn.org/tor/ The "test" Button doen't work (unable to communicate with Tor). As soon as I add ControlPort 9151 and CookieAuthentication 1 to the configuration in torrc, Tor browser can't open anymore, so I can't complete the setup in AirVPN. I would be grateful for any help. Best Regards
  6. Hi everyone, I have 2 remarks about the .onion website of Airivpn: - First of all, I can't access to the .onion Airvpn website (https://airvpn.org/). I got a warning message which says that Tor has detected a potential security threat and will not continue to this website. It is also written that the websites's administrator should be contacted. - A new feature has been introduced in Tor Browser 9.5: the Onion location. With it, the website publishers can now advertise their onion service to Tor users by adding an HTTP header. This feature looks to be not yet in use in the clearnet Airvpn website. For more info, you can read the Blog Post from Tor Project: https://blog.torproject.org/new-release-tor-browser-95 Best regards
  7. Lately I've been thinking about the prospect of using VPN's in conjunction with the Tor proxy and done some research. I know there are both pros and cons to Tor-over-VPN and VPN--Over-Tor connections and played with the idea of using both connection types at once - something I like to call the "Sandwiched Connection" in that you layer your Tor connection between two separate VPN connections. Please correct me if I got any details wrong or missing. First, you have your plain naked internet connection without a VPN or proxy so your ISP and local network can see everything you're doing. Next, you connect to a VPN server. It masks your IP address and location from your ISP as well as encrypts your web traffic so they have no idea what you're doing. However, the company managing the VPN server will have access to your real IP address, location and web traffic that will be decrypted in their servers - making it important it is a trustworthy service provider that doesn't keep logs of your activities and allows you to create your account with a temporary email address, no personal details and paid with cryptocurrency (that is untraceable like Z-Cash and Monero). You connect to your Tor proxy. Ordinarily, the Tor entry node will know your IP address and location. Since you are using a VPN, it will only know the masked address provided by the VPN server. Not only that but the Tor proxy will further encrypt your web traffic so even the VPN provider won't know what you are doing, just like how it, in turn, hides it from your ISP. Even better? Your ISP won't even know you are using Tor in the first place. However, the Tor exit node decrypts your web traffic and has full access to it as if you were never using a VPN to begin with. If the exit node happens to be malicious or operated by any authority that doesn't like what you're doing, they could potentially call whoever is operating the entry node and/or follow the mask IP address to the VPN service provider and contact them for details concerning you. Again, a trustworthy VPN provider with a no-logs policy is important. Then comes the second VPN connection. After you connect to Tor, you connect to that second VPN server which should encrypt your web traffic from the tor exit node. Whatever company is managing that second server (it could be the same service as the first one or a different one) will only know the IP address and location provided by the Tor proxy and first VPN server but it will know your web traffic as it is being fed to their servers and decrypted. Not to mention that this "sandwiched connection" will deliver a big dent to your connection performance so it helps if you have a powerful router connected via ethernet. So at the end of the day, I figured, someone has to know what you're up to online which leaves the question "Who do you trust with your personal information?" Plus this is all just theory, as far I can tell. Has anyone ever tried putting this into practise? Can anyone provide any further insight into the "sandwiched connection"? I look forward to talking about it.
  8. It seems someone has been running a Tor exit node on Lich and Rasalas servers. Over the past 24 hours I have been banned from a number of websites where Tor is forbidden. Anybody else having issues?
  9. Hello,As we know no VPNs even the safest VPNs like AirVPN or ProtonVPN? are really safe, in fact there is always the problem that none of us users really know if they keeps logs.My solution would be to host running a VPN on a rented VPS server in order to personally manage it.To do so I do not want to limit at something pre-compiled, such as "digital ocean", infact my plan is to run it in Softether host inside a VPS.The scheme should be so: Within a Windows Server VPS placed in some data center run VMware emulating another operating system, within this guest run Softether host app.Then connect via VPN tunnel from Softether host app to my real domestic PC. I just wonder if the VPS server owner or the VPS internet operator itself could actually trace the source back to my real PC even though ill establish a VPN tunnelling from softether to my actual pc. PS: The idea of ​​running everything inside a VM instead of into just the VPS itself is to make the Softether logs inaccessible to a potential attacker protecting them in a shell, plus mask the imei and the operation system.I look forward to understand if they (NSA or potential attackers) would have some way to track back the encrypted VPN connection from Softether to my current PC
  10. Hi, I know that you can't use network lock in conjunction with the Tor over VPN feature, but I don't want to have to choose between extra anonymity and the scare of a possible leak. Is there anyway to use the Tor over VPN feature, while also using a killswitch? I've looked around the forums here and on other sites, but I haven't found anything useful or that actually worked. So how do other people find a way to use Tor over VPN with a kill switch type fail safe? I use a mac computer along with the eddie application.
  11. This is how I use Tor browser and based of my inspection of real time tcpdump I feel certain that it is Tor over VPN. I.e. My ISP can only see an OpenVPN tunnel and the AirVPN exit server knows the Tor entry node: I run openvpn in a terminal widow using only TLS encrypted AirVPN servers and the ovpn files are modified to include update-resolv-conf (repeatedly successfully tested at https://ipleak.net). I have IPv6 disabled in GRUB. After the OpenVPN tunnel is establish I open Tor Browser. If I run tcpdump monitoring my Ethernet adapter the only IP addresses I see are my local LAN IP and that of the AirVPN server it is connected to. My conclusion: My ISP cannot see the Tor traffic. If run tcpdump monitoring tun0 I can see the Tor traffic between the onion sites and the AirVPN assign public address only. I never see my local LAN IP. I just wanted an objective opinion from someone else: Am I correct in concluding I am running "Tor over VPN"?
  12. hi. as indicated in the topic... i set up auth. via a hashed password in torrc. i'm dead sure i'm copying same hash over to eddie (with the 16:prefix). one output only: Unable to communicate with Tor (515 Authentication failed: Password did not match HashedControlPassword *or* authentication cookie.). Is Tor up and running? Tor is detecting that control connection, but not complaining about auth issues (in the output). [notice] New control connection opened from
  13. Hi! I've been a long-time AirVPN user and I love the service and the fact that it's run by people who truly believe in their mission and not as a commercial venture. I've been wondering if it might be a good thing to do to use a VM with another OS/browser, through another AirVpn server for websites that have access to my personal data. I've set the VM up, but it's not as fast as my host system, perhaps because I'm using an intergrated GPU? I'm not sure if inserting a dedicated GPU could improve performance (I have a good one lying around), but it still would be more hassle anyway to browse the Internet this way. Do you guys think it's worth it? Otherwise, are there any good and convenient methods to obfuscate your identity and avoid fingerprinting? Could using Torbrowser, for example, be a better solution? (I'm already using https://airvpn.org/topic/15769-how-to-harden-firefox-extreme-edition/?hl=fingerprinting this Firefox setup and I'm getting quite a low fingerprinting rating, btw) Thanks!
  14. Hello, I am still a VPN newbie so I thought I would ask these questions on this forum to get a better idea of how the service works. Allow me to ask three of them: 1. Purely theoretically, if a law enforcement agency such as the FBI was suspecting somebody was using one of your servers for illegal purposes (whatever they may be), and sent you an official letter to share information about the usage of the VPN server in question at any given point in time (for example, the VPN server was used to access a Gmail account at a particular time, and the FBI would reach out to you and ask you who used that VPN server exactly at that time), how would AirVPN respond? Do you have, as a service provider, a legal obligation to respond to such requests? As far as I know, you do not keep any logs, so would there be any information that you would even be able to give to the law enforcement agency? I would really appreciate elaboration from you on how this scenario would play out. Not that I want to do anything illegal, it is just a theoretical question. 2. I read somewhere on the internet that if a VPN provider says they do not keep logs, it is often a false statement, and even if they do not keep logs, usually the upstream ISP of the VPN provider (the ISP through which the VPN servers are connected to the Internet) do keep logs. I would like to ask you what you think of this theory and whether it may represent a potential risk of logging. In other words, even if you do not keep any logs at all yourself, can it be a potential security risk that the upstream ISP you use for your servers does keep logs, and, as a result, could potentially give this logging information to potential law enforcement agencies? 3. If I use AirVPN over Tor, meaning I connect from my computer to the Tor network first and from there to the VPN server, will the Tor exit node periodically change in order to make the route more anonymous? Because if the Tor exit node did not change and an attacker was controlling both the guard (entry) Tor node I would be connecting to, as well as the Tor exit node that would be connecting to the VPN server, although the attacker would not be able to see the actual traffic, he would see the amount of bytes flowing through from one end to the other, and if the attacker also got control of, for example, the websites I would be visiting via the AirVPN server, he could correlate the amount of bytes flowing from my real IP to the entry node, then through to the exit node and finally to the destination server of the websites I would be visiting, thereby deanonymizing me. So that is why I am asking if the exit node changes when the traffic is routed through the AirVPN over Tor channel. If it does, I think I can feel safer?
  15. Hi, I am getting several alert entries in my pfsense firewall. There are connections denied to 4 different TOR relays in the US, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. I never had these entries before so I am a bit worried. Example: AirVPN_LAN Source: 192.168.1.xxx:476xx Destination: Any ideas?
  16. Hi, Totally new to doing VPN over TOR. I'm just seeing what its like to set up. I'm using an iMac 27" macOS 10.13.3 & Eddie 2.12.4. I have Tor Browser installed and running fine, its connected to TOR. I followed the instructions on this page: https://airvpn.org/tor/ - In Preferences for Eddie Proxy/Tor>Type>Tor I clicked the test and Eddie indicates there is connectivity to Tor. Am I actually running the VPN through TOR as it is? See images. The Test indicates there is connectivity. But how do I know the VPN traffic is running through TOR? ipleak.net doesn't indicate any tor exit node. Any help or suggestion will be appreciated. Cheers.
  17. According toTails support This is the exact situation since I updated OpenVPN to 2.13.6 Is the fixed Tor entry guard AirVPN sponsored?
  18. I upgraded to 2.13.6 and since then I noticed the Tor entry node remains constant regardless of what I try. Shouldn't the Tor circuit "This browser" to first Tor node change whenever I request a new Tor circuit? Does this mean Tor browser does not go through AirVPN first? How can I fix this?
  19. Hello, maybe I'm too paranoid but nonetheless. I want to establish connection to AirVPN servers over Tor, so I open Eddie, go to preferences -> Proxy/Tor -> Type Tor and click Test button. It says that everything works fine. My question: when I will try to login into my account, will authorization be transmitted through Tor -> AirVPN or authorization request will be transmited directly to AirVPN servers (i.e. my home ip -> AirVPN)?
  20. In the latest version of Tor Browser, traffic analysis resistance has been added, which makes Passive website fingerprinting attacks harder for an attacker. Tor Browser 7.0.6 is released Connections between clients and relays now send a padding cell in each direction every 1.5 to 9.5 seconds (tunable via consensus parameters). This padding will not resist specialized eavesdroppers, but it should be enough to make many ISPs' routine network flow logging less useful in traffic analysis against Tor users. Padding is negotiated using Tor's link protocol, so both relays and clients must upgrade for this to take effect. Clients may still send padding despite the relay's version by setting ConnectionPadding 1 in torrc, and may disable padding by setting ConnectionPadding 0 in torrc. Padding may be minimized for mobile users with the torrc option ReducedConnectionPadding. Implements Proposal 251 and Section 2 of Proposal 254; closes ticket 16861. Relays will publish 24 hour totals of padding and non-padding cell counts to their extra-info descriptors, unless PaddingStatistics 0 is set in torrc. These 24 hour totals are also rounded to multiples of 10000.​tor-0317-now-released
  21. Hi, id like to: vpn -> tor in a vm but, i cant connect to tor, its stucked at: Establishing a tor circuit or: connecting to tor maybe i should allow it in address allowed?
  22. Hi guys! I set up my Windows 7 PC by this instruction: https://airvpn.org/topic/3405-windows-comodo-prevent-leaks/. It's a nice HOW-TO guide and i'm very grateful for it, but is there any similar guide to add TOR before my VPN connection? I tried to find some info on this forum, but I couldn't. So, if anybody knows links to HOW-TO guides please give it to me. Thank you! P.S. - I know about Eddie, but i really want to set up it with OpenVPN.
  23. dear community, I've read through https://airvpn.org/tor/ twice, studied some other materials and one thing is still not clear to me. I hope you can help me out here. I want to do my best to make my desired activity with as much privacy as possible. I don't care if my ISP sees Tor traffic, so I chose VPN over Tor. I've followed the guide here https://airvpn.org/tor/ and set my Tor and AirVPN windows client accordingly. I don't need use network lock, because I run a clean VM just for this. "Test" button in AIrVPN's settings says my Tor config is alright. So what I do: Start Tor, start airVPN, connect VPN. As described in the guide: What I would expect is, that when I use Tor browser to browse sites, my traffic goes through Tor AND through VPN. This doesn't happen, also when I browse with Tor, I don't see the traffic numbers in AirVPN client move. Alright. Question: how do I access the site then, when I want to be covered in a way, that there is: ME -> Tor -> VPN -> site, rather than ME -> Tor -> site and ignore the VPN? I can't just open another Tor browser (it won't allow me). What am I not getting here? When I open firefox/chrome of course I have VPN's public IP, whether the traffic goes through Tor I don't know, I guess it is, but I want to browse the sensitive site with Tor.
  24. Hello, I am not able to use AirVPN when using obfs4 bridges in Tor. I have found these threads on the topic, but none of them seem to give a conclusive solution: TOR (obfs) & AirVPN not workingTor with obfs4 - can't connect to airvpnI am running the latest 64-bit version of Eddie (2.11.10) and Tor 6.0.8 on Windows x64. I have been very careful to check that IP and ports in Tor network settings (Options --> Advanced --> Network --> Settings) match the ones in the "Proxy/Tor" section of Eddie preferences. Eddie log: I 2017.01.14 03:26:55 - Session starting. . 2017.01.14 03:26:55 - IPv6 disabled with packet filtering. I 2017.01.14 03:26:55 - Checking authorization ... . 2017.01.14 03:26:56 - Tor Control authentication method: Cookie, from C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Tor\control_auth_cookie E 2017.01.14 03:26:56 - Unable to communicate with Tor (Unable to find IP address of Tor first node of an established circuit.). Is Tor up and running? I 2017.01.14 03:26:59 - Cancel requested. . 2017.01.14 03:26:59 - IPv6 restored with packet filtering. . 2017.01.14 03:26:59 - Flushing DNS ! 2017.01.14 03:27:07 - Session terminated. Tor Log: ... 14/01/2017 03:26:56.000 [NOTICE] New control connection opened from ​... As soon as I disable obfs4 bridges, AirVPN and Tor work flawlessly (Using AirVPN with Tor) I actually run out of options and any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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