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Found 3 results

  1. I just moved to a new house internet connection already set up with a Huawei HG8546M router installed. I've managed to access the router's settings, but don't know what to do to set it up for AirVPN? Has anyone already done this or have some pointers to get me started? I have Eddie clients on my linux mint laptop and windows 10 computer running, but both seem to be dropping the connection periodically and reconnecting to another server. The drops seem to get worse if I 'lock server'...which I need for a static external IP address for my Shoutcast Server stream. Thanks in advance for any help at all!
  2. Hi guys! I set up my Windows 7 PC by this instruction: https://airvpn.org/topic/3405-windows-comodo-prevent-leaks/. It's a nice HOW-TO guide and i'm very grateful for it, but is there any similar guide to add TOR before my VPN connection? I tried to find some info on this forum, but I couldn't. So, if anybody knows links to HOW-TO guides please give it to me. Thank you! P.S. - I know about Eddie, but i really want to set up it with OpenVPN.
  3. the .ovpn files from http://www.vpngate.net do not come with separated .certs and .key files, which are necessary to import them with nm-applet. nm-applet is the little GUI network manager tool in the system tray of debian and other Linuces. Now, the trick is simply to open, say, the downloaded vpngate_60.86.245.141_udp_1456.ovpn with a text editor and extract the 3 ASCII sections into 3 separate text files: ca.crt (changes like daily) user.crt user.key That's it ! Now import the .oVPN file from nm-applet GUI (add vpn ... from menu , create vpn with .ovpn-file etc.) and set those 3 certs and key. save it & you are good to go! This is the same procedure, incidentally, which you follow to set up an AirVPN, except these ship with crt & key separated already.
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