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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. Today, I stumbled across this interesting video hosted by Techlore and The Hated One. I watched some of Techlore's videos before and I enjoy the use of AirVPN (I used to use PIA and NordVPN - until I learned of NordVPN's data mining practises). I thought I would share this video, get you to watch it so we can talk about the points it brings up. How VPN providers use common myths to trick you into using them Please watch and listen to this! I am aware that my browsing traffic and real IP addressgets routed through a server and can potentially be monitored by my VPN provider, whether they claim to have a no-logs policy or not. And I definitely know VPN's don't prevent social media from tracking you - that's what add-ons like uBlock Origin and uMatrix and, of course, not using social media is for. Third-parties like governments, companies and hackers can use correlation attacks to track you (i.e. compare when I access a website to when I access the VPN server) along with other techniques to identify you, in spite of your VPN, like fingerprinting. Basically, completely anonymity with a VPN is impossible - even if you make an account with a temporary email address and pay for it with cryptocurrency if you're not careful how you browse the web. What caught my attention is that while VPN providers claim you can combine their VPN with Tor for improved security and anonymity (hiding the fact you are using Tor from your ISP, for instance), using Tor bridges effectively do that as well. Plus using a VPN with Tor would basically help third parties correlate your browsing traffic to your VPN's IP address. There are other interesting points that bear discussion such as web traffic being decrypted once leaving a VPN server (Is even AirVPN lying about encrypting our web traffic?) and such. So what are anyone's thoughts on this?
  2. Hi, I want to use AirVPN with Tor and followed this instruction: https://airvpn.org/tor/ The "test" Button doen't work (unable to communicate with Tor). As soon as I add ControlPort 9151 and CookieAuthentication 1 to the configuration in torrc, Tor browser can't open anymore, so I can't complete the setup in AirVPN. I would be grateful for any help. Best Regards
  3. I'm having problems connecting tor -> vpn I'm quite flummoxed as to why considering when I first set it up it worked perfectly fine. I have barely touched the settings in the vpn and and problems connecting through tor started occurring after I switched to automatic protocol (which also worked fine and still does) and then back to using the tor protocol. When I test the tor protocol it tells me the test is successful however when I attempt to connect it gets stuck on checking authorization while flashing to connecting the the vpn server every few seconds and then back to checking authorization. I have left it running like this for probably over 15 minutes it just keeps flashing back and forth without connecting. I'm pretty stumped on how to solve this considering the test for the protocol comes back successful.
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