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Found 255 results

  1. Dear All, I have recently been trying to make the move to Linux from Windows 10. I have moved over to Linux Mint Cinnamon (latest version) I have managed to get Eddie to run at startup however when I log in the program always requires a password to be entered to authenticate it and allownit to start. This is not very fluid. Is there anyway in Linux to remove this having to enter the password. I have just typed the password to login to the account and would like Eddie to start, connect to a recommended server and activate network lock without retyping the password like it does when you log into Windows. Any help from someone more proficient on the use of Linux would be much appreciated.
  2. Hello all, I use a very restrictive firewall for Windows 7 known as TinyWall. I made it only allow programs I specifically let through it. The issue is I've allowed the AirVPN.exe executable through the firewall with no restrictions, but even so I'm not able to connect to a server until I disable the firewall. After I connect to a server, I can then reactivate the firewall. If I have the SSL protocol activated though, and I re-enable the firewall after connecting, it just disconnects from the server. If I let Eddie choose the protocol automatically, it doesn't disconnect after re-enabling the firewall. Judging from the attached screenshot of blocked processes by the firewall and Eddie's logs, it seems it's trying to connect to port 80? Though I'm not sure what exactly is trying to do so, since the executable is not shown. Any ideas? Thanks for any help. system log info.txt
  3. Hi I love airvpn .... I have used Shimo with it for a longer period of time, sometimes the connection seams to drop though (and I was a bit worried it would get me in trouble). Then my subscription ran out, so I started using Eddie. Now I have just started using setapp, which mean I can use Shimo for free. And I'm a bit in doubt if it would be best to dump Eddie and use Shimo again instead? Eddie seams to work fine, but the interface and ui is a bit hmm unpolished? Haven't really experienced it drop any connections though (haven't used it that much either though). So whats the best route for me to go here? Whats the best option? Shimo vs Eddie? Thnx
  4. New with VPNs, chose Airvpn, am on Macbook High Sierra. Downloaded Eddie according to the site, launched it but don't seem to be browsing thru it - looking at county specific content which does not appear, even if i specifically chose a server from that country. Then tried to set up a vpn connection through the macbook network preferences (L2TP) but needs a server name i can't find on the airvpn site. I use Firefox normally but also tried with Google Chrome without success. I'm not very tech savvy (maybe i shouldn't have chosen Airvpn because of this) so would appreciate some help to get started. thx!
  5. Hello. You work hard to provide Eddie for different Linux distributions. I would like to suggest that it might be much easier to instead build a single Appimage (which is a self-contain file that includes both the app and all the necessary libraries). Appimages appear as singles executable files, are portable and work on most LInux distributions. https://appimage.org/ Thank You.
  6. Eddie on Ubuntu 17, first install attempt did not complete sucessfully, due to other packages not being installed first. I did not keep track of what order I tried what commands, unfortunately. before the reboot, I did however, after searching on the forms, do this: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv-keys 3FA7E0328081BFF6A14DA29AA6A19B38D3D831EF echo "deb http://download.mono-project.com/repo/debian wheezy main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mono-xamarin.list sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get install mono-complete After these otehr steps,, a reboot was required. After reboot, I tried again, and am prompted for root password, but then nothing else happens in terminal window. rebooted, tried again, no change. Thanks for any assistance
  7. Hi AirVPN forums. I'm using 2.13.6 of Eddie on Ubuntu 16.04 and noticed today that when I close the client (or as happened overnight it crashed) the IPTables firewall rules were reset, and all traffic was allowed!! I definitely only want to allow network traffic when AirVPN is connected. I believe this worked in the past - any suggestions?! Kind regards, randomusername
  8. so i bought a subscription of 3 days trial and i m going to the ''enter'' tab to download the eddie client for windows but when i click the download button nothing loads? i've been trying for hours and it does not work i also downloaded a zip file named ''eddie-master'' and have extracted it but i dont seem to find my way to the right application file to run the client can someone help me?
  9. Basically, I open AirVPN the programme, connect to a server and Air is running OK. (Version 2.13.6 In Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon). But if I try to get access to AirVPN via the drop down box on the overview page, nothing happens. At one point a private Firefox page opened and allowed me to log in to my account. Now I have to go through my regular Firefox browser. Seems that the browser link in Eddie is broken, for me at least. Any suggestions?
  10. Hello, I can successfully run the Eddie CLI and connect by issuing sudo ~/airvpn -cli -connect However, I want to put this line into a shell script "vpn.sh" so that I con't have to type all this every time I connect, but instead just issue "vpn.sh". When I do this, the program doesn't connect but instead I get a small graphical window with the title "Eddie" and the content "Lib.Platform.Linux.Native.so". This also happens when I set an alias for the long command in my .bashrc. Does anyone know why that happens, and how to avoid it? If there's another, better solution to my problem, I'm also happy to hear about it. Thanks in advance. /Edit: Okay, this is mighty weird: *Sometimes*, this command throws the same error: sudo /home/beefcake/files/Software/eddie-ui_2.13.6_linux_x64_portable/airvpn -cli -connect I've had two bash windows open where it worked in one, and failed in the other. If I issue these commands, it works: cd /home/beefcake/files/Software/eddie-ui_2.13.6_linux_x64_portable/ sudo ./airvpn -cli -connect
  11. Hi. Today I tried using Eddie to connect a server, and it was unable to connect and it gave me an error message. I tried a few other servers and they also gave me an error message. Here is the error: I 2017.12.28 08:20:18 - Eddie version: 2.13.6 / windows_x64, System: Windows, Name: Windows 10 Home, Version: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.16299.0, Mono/.Net Framework: v4.0.30319 . 2017.12.28 08:20:18 - Reading options from C:\Users\*******\AppData\Local\AirVPN\AirVPN.xml . 2017.12.28 08:20:18 - Command line arguments (1): path="home" I 2017.12.28 08:20:20 - OpenVPN Driver - TAP-Windows Adapter V9, version 9.21.2 I 2017.12.28 08:20:20 - OpenVPN - Version: 2.4.3 - OpenSSL 1.0.2l 25 May 2017, LZO 2.10 (D:\Program Files\AirVPN\openvpn.exe) I 2017.12.28 08:20:20 - SSH - Version: plink 0.67 (D:\Program Files\AirVPN\plink.exe) I 2017.12.28 08:20:20 - SSL - Version: stunnel 5.40 (D:\Program Files\AirVPN\stunnel.exe) I 2017.12.28 08:20:20 - curl - Version: 7.54.1 (D:\Program Files\AirVPN\curl.exe) I 2017.12.28 08:20:20 - Certification Authorities: D:\Program Files\AirVPN\cacert.pem . 2017.12.28 08:20:20 - Updating systems & servers data ... ! 2017.12.28 08:20:20 - Ready . 2017.12.28 08:20:21 - Systems & servers data update completed I 2017.12.28 08:20:24 - Session starting. . 2017.12.28 08:20:24 - IPv6 disabled with packet filtering. I 2017.12.28 08:20:24 - Checking authorization ... ! 2017.12.28 08:20:24 - Connecting to Tyl (Canada, Toronto, Ontario) . 2017.12.28 08:20:24 - OpenVPN > OpenVPN 2.4.3 x86_64-w64-mingw32 [sSL (OpenSSL)] [LZO] [LZ4] [PKCS11] [AEAD] built on Jun 23 2017 . 2017.12.28 08:20:24 - OpenVPN > Windows version 6.2 (Windows 8 or greater) 64bit . 2017.12.28 08:20:24 - OpenVPN > library versions: OpenSSL 1.0.2l 25 May 2017, LZO 2.10 . 2017.12.28 08:20:24 - Connection to OpenVPN Management Interface . 2017.12.28 08:20:24 - OpenVPN > MANAGEMENT: TCP Socket listening on [AF_INET] . 2017.12.28 08:20:25 - OpenVPN > Outgoing Control Channel Authentication: Using 160 bit message hash 'SHA1' for HMAC authentication . 2017.12.28 08:20:25 - OpenVPN > Incoming Control Channel Authentication: Using 160 bit message hash 'SHA1' for HMAC authentication . 2017.12.28 08:20:25 - OpenVPN > TCP/UDP: Preserving recently used remote address: [AF_INET] . 2017.12.28 08:20:25 - OpenVPN > Socket Buffers: R=[65536->262144] S=[65536->262144] . 2017.12.28 08:20:25 - OpenVPN > UDP link local: (not bound) . 2017.12.28 08:20:25 - OpenVPN > UDP link remote: [AF_INET] . 2017.12.28 08:20:25 - OpenVPN > MANAGEMENT: Client connected from [AF_INET] . 2017.12.28 08:20:57 - OpenVPN > [uNDEF] Inactivity timeout (--ping-exit), exiting . 2017.12.28 08:20:57 - OpenVPN > SIGTERM received, sending exit notification to peer ! 2017.12.28 08:21:03 - Disconnecting . 2017.12.28 08:21:03 - Connection terminated. I 2017.12.28 08:21:05 - Cancel requested. . 2017.12.28 08:21:05 - IPv6 restored with packet filtering. ! 2017.12.28 08:21:05 - Session terminated. If anyone knows what this means, please let me know, Thanks!!
  12. Hi guys, I am running into some problems with Sophos Home. It is blocking some traffic from Eddie every time a VPN connections is started or restarted. As far as I can tell, Eddie is calling Curl to fetch something from here: (at least that was the address in the Sophos Log) and that is being blocked. I guess Eddie tries to get some updated information from here and since this IP is appearing on some Block Lists it is being blocked. What I would like to understand is, what Eddie is doing here. Kind regards, Lex
  13. I've been using Eddie 2.13.16 beta for several months now on Mac OS 10.12.5. When I launch Eddie 2.13.6, it seems to launch noticeably faster than Eddie 2.13.3, and also does not seem to get stuck on "checking route" as Eddie 2.13.3 often did on launch. Also, when I disconnect from a server and then switch to another server, Eddie 2.13.6 switches with no problems whereas Eddie 2.13.3 would often get stuck on "checking route" and I'd have to quit Eddie 2.13.3 and relaunch it. Also, Eddie 2.13.6 has been rock solid when it connects and I don't think it has dropped a connection since I've been using it. It will stay connected until I disconnect from a server. My question has to do with using Eddie (both 2.13.3 and 2.13.6) and DNSCrypt. When I boot up my MacBook, DNSCrypt will automatically launch and the regular DNSCrypt icon will show up on my menubar. On the DNS tab in the Eddie preferences, I have checked the "Check AirVPN DNS" box and the DNS server IP shows as in the DNS Servers field. However, after I launch Eddie, the DNSCrypt icon turns into a square with an exclamation point inside the square. Does this mean that DNSCrypt is no longer encrypting my DNS requests? If yes, is there a solution to this?
  14. I am facing the dreaded DNS issue that is caused by not exiting Eddie properly, which in the case of Linux Mint, is due to Eddie crashing frequently (there is a long thread about this). There is also a long thread about the DNS issue, but that thread is all about Windows and provides no step-by-step instuctions for Linux users who encounter this. ​This is the resolv.conf file on a Linux Mint PC that is able to connect to the internet with Eddie (AND network lock) turned OFF. In other words, this is what my resov.conf file should be when I disconnect from Eddie: ​ However, this is what my resolv.conf file looks like when I exit Eddie now: ​ There is no nameserver, and adding it manually does nothing to resolve the issue. How can I fix this so the resolv.conf file is restored correctly? I need to be able to access the internet when Eddie is disconnected. Thanks.
  15. I downloaded eddie and right clicked and it has an option to install with program installer.When I select this option it does nothing and I can not see the program is installed when I search for it.Can anyone help this is obviously not like windows
  16. Hi I installed ubuntu 17.10. Eddie does not work anymore with the new Wayland display server. I have to change on Xorg. An Eddie client update is required to work with the new Wayland display server. The Xorg option is temporary because Ubuntu (canonical) has definitlety adopted Wayland since 17.10 Regards.
  17. Hello, If Eddie is running, gome-maps tells me that I don't have a internet connection. Everything else works fine. Archlinux Eddie 2.13.6 What can I do? Thanks in advance.
  18. Your eddie portable version of the client which is written in C# make enormous not needed usage of CPU on my ArchLinux. It continually uses around 50% of the CPU which from some reason make load on my machine goes over the 120 load after few minutes. My machine is two core four threads and it uses two cores fully all the time which is insane. I used simply openvpn with generated certs from the website and had minimal under 1% usage. Why does the eddie have that much use of cpu resources. Also one bad thing why there is no possibility to minimize your client. That is a bit irritating. Btw I have disabled checking for servers first I have selected checking for servers every minute then I thought maybe badly written code have problem with checking of the servers. Its not that. I dont write C# I write C and C++ I can write C# I just don't want to. And I expected at least a decent client. Btw I'm using your portable version I might try with AUR version. version is 2.13.6 which is the latest version.
  19. Hello everyone! This is my first post, so keep that in mind. Also, while I have better-than-average I.T. skills, I'm hardly an expert. I have recently encountered several problems, all of which I did not notice until after I installed the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Note that that does not necessarily mean they weren't present before the update; I just didn't notice them until afterwards. I also have some other questions. 1. If I open Eddie and activate network lock, remain unconnected to a server, attempt to load a webpage, and it doesn't work -- does that definitively mean that Network Lock is working and secure? (Assuming, of course, that it does work with network lock deactivated.) 2. I keep getting the message, "Recovery. Unexpected Crash?" (the question mark is part of the message). 3. I keep getting this message too: "The requested protocol has not been configured into the system, or no implementation for it exists." 4. If I run ipleak.net while connected to an AirVPN server, and: my IPv4 is the AirVPN server, no forwarded IP is detected, IPv6 test is not reachable, RTCPeerConnection is not available, and the DNS addresses are all AirVPN servers -- then am I definitively secured? 5. It appears IPv6 doesn't work (I get the "IPv6 test not reachable" message on ipleak.net) at all times, even if I'm not running Eddie. This was not the case when I first installed and set up Eddie. Toggling Eddie's "Disable IPv6 at OS level if requested" option doesn't seem to make a difference. 6. In Eddie's preferences, under Advanced, for the IPv6 dropdown menu, what's the difference between "None" and "Disable"? 7. What does "Force TAP interface UP" mean? I probably won't have time to check this thread again until Sunday. Thanks a bunch!
  20. Hey there When having a torrent client activated over night, Windows 10 decided to restart itself on it's own. It couldn't fully restart because of the Client preventing it, and that's a good thing. But is the Network Lock still active in that state? And if not, does the torrent client run anyway? It sounds a bit weird but hopefully you guys understand what I mean. Huge thanks for answers in advance
  21. Hi, I'm getting an error when trying to connect on Windows 10. It says: "OpenVPN: Route gateway is not reachable on any active network adapters:". It didn't do this when I first installed AirVPN Client. How can I fix this? Thanks
  22. I just reinstalled Windows a couple days ago and when I downloaded and installed Eddie apparently I got the newest version, 2.13.6, and it wasn't the version I had been using. I don't know the version I was using but the buttons were across the top not on the left hand side of the GUI and it was a MUCH more stable version. This new version has many bugs as per my post in the Troubleshooting forum. Is there still a supported older version of Eddie that we can use? Where can we find this? Thx.
  23. When the Refresh button is clicked while connected to a server it no longer works correctly. Now it alphabetizes the server list by server name, erases all of the scores and erases all of the latency numbers. The only way to fix it is to disconnect from whatever server I'm connected to and then, without even clicking Refresh, everything updates itself properly again immediately. The next time I click refresh while connected to any server the same thing happens all over again. You can't click refresh while connected without it messing up. Also, the speed is way off, both in the top left corner of this photo and in the speed graph. When I took this screenshot the DL speed was actually over 20Mb/s not 3Mb/s. Also, if you hover the mouse over the Eddie icon in the toolbar it usually says the DL speed is 0Mb/s regardless of what it actually is. Not always with that part but usually. And, again, the only way Ive found to correct this is to disconnect and reconnect.
  24. The other day, I was unable to connect to AirVPN. Turns out my subscription had expired. I had the regular notices in my inbox, but I never saw them because I hadn't logged into the web site. Of course, resubscribing was easy and painless. I was wondering if Eddie could display a notice regarding the subscription status somewhere in its window. Perhaps, "Premium, xx days left" over the Overview button or as part of the Overview. I know Eddie can be used for non AirVPN connections, but if that functionality existed for AirVPN connections that would be pretty awesome.
  25. I’ve been using AirVPN for a long time, I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon either. Just a quick question really, why doesn’t AirVPN software (Eddie) have an update notification? Each time a newer version comes out I have to stumble upon it from either the forums or by checking the latest version on the download page. Is there a reason? Is it already implemented but I’m just not seeing it? If it’s not yet been implemented, are there any plans to implement it. Just a little notification that informs you of a newer version.
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