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Found 4 results

  1. As the title suggests, Eddie connects to servers absolutely fine over wifi, but when I turn the wifi off and use ethernet instead, for some reason Eddie can't connect at all. I'm on a windows 11, laptop. Any advise would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  2. I just got a 100/10 Mbps connection, coming from a 50/10 Mbps one. Both machines run Win 10 2004. I have the most recent Eddie client and the same settings on each machine. Using the Ookla speedtest the desktop on WiFi is hitting @ 93 Mbps and the other is only getting @ 50 Mbps on Ethernet (sits next to router, gigabit NIC). Both max out at >100 Mbps with the VPN off, and I can't figure out why there's a difference with it on. I know that the CPU can make a difference, and that plus RAM is the difference in the setups: WiFi Desktop: AMD Phenom II X4 B65 @ 3.4 GHz | 8 GB DDR3-1866MHz Ethernet Desktop: Intel Pentium J2900 @ 2.41 GHz | 4 GB DDR3-1600MHz Does anyone think the CPU is the issue here, or have any other ideas/suggestions?
  3. Hi, I'm running the AirVPN Eddie client on my Windows 10 64-bit machines. I was recently unable to connect to my network, but not the internet or AirVPN and remembered I had the same problem on my other machine a few months ago and this forum gave me a solution. It involved setting the IPv4 to my preferred connection through a netsh powershell command. Doing this fix I noticed that there were 50 different ethernet connections that Eddie has created and I was wondering if there is a way to delete these connections to prevent any issues moving forward? A couple screenshots for clarity:
  4. hello i have been using air vpn with wifi and have no issues when i try to connect with ethernet (no wifi) it seems to work, but i get readings of 0bit/s u and d any idea why this is happening or how to optimize? my ethernet is much faster than wifi and i would prefer to have it set up this way
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