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Found 74 results

  1. Could a malicious party ever possibly gain access to a list of AirVPN's users' forwarded ports? If so, could the malicious party then correlate those users with traffic to and from the exit IP addresses of AirVPN's servers, using the port numbers as common values in both sets of data? To help explain what I mean, imagine the following scenario: John Doe is the only AirVPN user to ever use BitTorrent on port 12345. Even if he connects to a malicious peer, which we'll call the Ministry of Truth, his anonymity remains intact, because the most information that the Ministry can correlate are the files being shared, the IP address of an AirVPN server, and port number 12345. However, what if the Ministry got a court order demanding that AirVPN provide a list of its users' forwarded ports? Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the Ministry then be able to see that John Doe was the only AirVPN user to forward port 12345, thus linking him to the aforementioned BitTorrent traffic? Perhaps I'm simply misunderstanding how AirVPN's port forwarding works, so correct me if I'm wrong. But if I'm right, then what measures must users take to protect themselves from such a scenario?
  2. I'm trying to figure out how to use an SSH tunnel to access my home computer when I'm away. I used AirVPN to forward a random port, and then set that as my listening port on my SSH server. Several hours later, I tried to connect from another location, but my SSH client didn't recognize the hostname (****.airdns.org). I logged-in to this site and checked the Dynamic DNS Name Propagation. Each DNS server has a red error message. AirVPN DNS, Google, and OpenDNS simply say "EMPTY", but the other two give rather specific error messages. OpenNIC says: ";; Connection to for ****.airdns.org failed: connection refused." DNS Advantage says: ";; communications error to connection reset" I have absolutely no idea what any of it means, but I can tell that my home computer is still connected to an AirVPN server.
  3. Hello Yesterday, in the middle of a session, port forwarding stopped working for me. Going to "your forwarded ports" on the website and running a TCP test gives the message "Not reachable on server IP over the external port 26247, tcp protocol. Error: 110 - Connection timed out." This happened to me a few months ago, and simply forwarding a different port worked for me. However, this time it is happening for all ports on the website (same error). No changes were made on my local firewall, all port forwarding works fine when off of the VPN. I am on the Andromedae server, if that matters. Thanks!
  4. I have to following question which I am sure has a simple solution though I am not knowledgable enough to figure it out myself: I have a tomato router running as a client for the VPN connection to AirVPN (with IP Now I have a computer in the LAN which should serve as a SSH server towards the outside (with IP I have set up a port forwarding, to forward the port 22 from the WAN to the client Which works when the VPN is not on. If I connect the router with AirVPN having in AirVPN a port forwarding to the local port 22 set up and then try to connect from the outside to the SSH-server, I suddenly end up talking to the SSH-server of the router. So the port forwarding does not work. I guess the reason is that the connection comes in through the tunnel and thus the port forwarding rule does not match. How can I adjust the settings of my router that the connection to the port 22 through the tunnel are forwarded to Thank you for your help, Fabian P.S. Luckily I figured out that the connection from the outside can talk to the SSH of the router (even though it is set up not to accept any external connection attempts). But I guess that is what the P in VPN stands for. In the mean time, I turned the SSH server off: the standard options for the SSH login on the router where set and I guess there is nothing worse than your router being hacked...
  5. Hello AirVPN, Just a quick usability suggestion. It would be great to be able to add a short description or label to each forwarded port. It's hard to keep track of which port is used for what or why you even have it open in the first place. Thank you for taking this into consideration
  6. Hi guys! I'm having some problems with airvpn: -I noticed that in airvpn client download and upload values don't increase (it's correct?) -I can't open any forwarded port (I always receive the same error : Not reachable on server IP over the external port 5796, tcp protocol. Error : 110 - Connection timed out) Thanks P.s. In "speedtest.net" site I can see that I'am still in Italy and not in UK (the server that I am connected).
  7. Hi guys! I have some problems with my airvpn: -I can't open any port (I have always the same message: Not reachable on server IP over the external port 5796, tcp protocol. Error : 110 - Connection timed out) -I noticed that in airvpn client download and upload values don't increase (it's correct?) Thanks
  8. I already use port forwarding for torrents and get speeds that I consider very good, the fastest I've seen being about 4mb/s. However, when downloading things with Firefox it's a different story. On speedtest.net, I score about 4mbps, though this is bits rather than bytes if I understand rightly, meaning about 400kb/s second, as opposed to about 60mbps or 6mb/s with no VPN. Please correct me if I'm wrong with these conversions! In any case, I had to download some large files with my browser and resorted to doing it with no anonymity software because the speeds were so much better. Would I be able to mitigate this by forwarding ports for Firefox? Is such a setup possible?
  9. Hi there, I want to open a specific port [ no matter which one it is ] as my ISP is blocking all of them! But when I connect to AirVPN servers ( I already port forwarded from the client area as in the screenshot ). But when using CanYouSeeMe.org it appears that no port is open. But I used "http://www.ipfingerprints.com/portscan.php" and it seems that port number 88 is open. So, what's the deal? Will I be able to bypass the ISP block?
  10. Hello All. I have a problem with port forwarding to the transmission daemon on my raspberry Pi....I have been trying to get it to work for a few days now and have finally given in and decided to post on the forum.... The steps I have gone through are: Pick a random port number (e.g. 54567) Configure port forwarding on router using that port and to the IP address of my raspberry Pi. Go to client area and forward a port on the server I connect to (using the port number I selected in step 1, entered into the local port number box) Use the generated port number in the "incoming port number" in the transmission options. Close & restart the transmission daemon.No matter what I try the port never seems to open, checking with the "test port" feature in the transmission GUI. I would like to point out that I am a novice with linux and the raspberry pi. Any advice would be great and sorry in advance if I have not posted enough info...... Thanks
  11. I understand why a router should not be "double" port forwarded when using AirVPN but I'm a bit confused as to how that applies to my ISP router in a dd-wrt setup and whether this router can be port forwarded the normal way without compromising security. An example of why I want to do this is that I use torrent website that won't allow VPN connections. To separate these torrents from others I use two torrent clients that both need to be port forwarded. Torrent client A is used on for non-VPN connections and is blocked if the VPN is active and vice versa for torrent client B. Is is safe to port forward the ISP router for torrent client A and leave it open as long as this is never allowed to work over the VPN? I have a similar issue with Skype, although there's more potential for conflict. Can I port forward skype on different ports with AirVPN and in my ISP router as long as each is configured to work only with the appropriate connection? I haven't seen any postings about this but I'd be grateful if someone can confirm. Thanks
  12. I connect to AirVPN via Tomato Router. I have set iptables as per the how-to at this link: https://airvpn.org/topic/9270-how-to-forward-ports-in-dd-wrt-tomato-with-iptables/?hl=%2Biptables+%2Bprerouting+%2Btun11+--dpor It works fine if I am forwarding the same external to internal port. But what about when I want to re-map to a different internal port, do I put the internal port into iptables, or the external port, or both? And how about for software firewalls further downstream on computers on my LAN... do I set the firewalls to allow the internal port, external port or both? Thanks!!
  13. Hello all, I am trying to find a way to make my home server (https, ftp, ...) accessible through the internet, while being connected to AirVPN. The OpenVPN client on my DD-WRT router is properly configured and connects fine. All the computers behind the router are available to browse the web and show the correct AirVPN IP adress. The server stays accessible from inside the private network . My problem is that I can't seem to find a way to make the server accessible from the internet, through my AirVPN WAN IP. For example, I have created a port forward on the AirVPN site from port 14645 to 443. My router is set to forward port 443 to the server's private IP, but this configuration doesn't work... Can somebody tell me how to properly setup port forwarding so that I can access my server through my AirVPN public IP ?
  14. Hi. I recently can't get port forwarding working for german servers. See screenshots below for aquilae, velorum and tauri. It works however on other servers. I tried it succefully on herculis, pavonis, nashira and cygni. Attached working screenshot for nashira. Btw: thanks for the great service so far. This is the first time ever that I had any problems since I use your services. Two thumbs up. Thanks.
  15. Hello, this is my first day using AirVPN, seems a good and fast service, but I have a problem: I have a server application which listens to port 2405. I have forwarded that port using AirVPN, ran a test using canyouseeme.org and AirVPN, they both can see the service on that port. Problem is, I don't receive any connection from a client app, connecting in this case to octopus.airdns.org, port 2405. Syn gets sent by the client, and then, nothing. What is the problem? Thanks in advance!
  16. I used to run a non-exit Tor relay when I used Riseup VPN and had no problems. However, with AirVPN I get the error message: [Mon 9. Sep 13:53:18 2013] Server Port Reachability Test Failed - Your relay's server port is not reachable by other Tor clients. This can happen if you are behind a router or firewall that requires you to set up port forwarding. If <Air IP>:443 is not your correct IP address and server port, please check your relay's configuration. Can I use the port forwarding feature on this website to solve this problem? I'd like to support the Tor network. Can I use that same port to speed up my torrenting? Do I do that by entering the number of the port into uTorrent's settings?
  17. I have been trying to get port forwarding to work, and I'm stuck at the first step. In the Client Area I clicked "Add" without requesting a port, so I would get a free one. When I click "check" it gives me the following error: Not reachable on server IP over the external port 44468, tcp protocol. Error : 111 - Connection refused I saw a post where you advised waiting a few minutes after joining a new server to see if this problem clears up. Here's the info in the right sidebar This account is actually logged to Heze server (, UDP), located in United States - Fremont, California, since 3h 10m 6s ago. These ports are mapped to external IP and forwarded to internal IP Port forwarding doesn't seem to work on my torrent client, but I wouldn't expect it to, as long as I'm getting the above error on the airvpn site. Thanks in advance!
  18. I am having trouble port forwarding. I go to the ports page, leave all the fields blanks, add a port, then Check the port. This is what comes back: "Not reachable on server IP over the external port 32665, tcp protocol. Error : 110 - Connection timed out" I have tried multiple ports, disconnect and reconnecting, changing settings in my router...nothing works. My goal is to set up a Port Forward for Plex Media Server, is this possible with AirVPN?
  19. Introduction This is a guide on how to host a Minecraft server through AirVPN. Please note that this guide assumes that you already have at least a basic understanding on how to set up and run a Minecraft server. AirVPN is a good tool for people who want to run Minecraft servers and either don’t know how to port forward or can’t for any reason. It is also useful for some ISPs that block most inbound ports, making it impossible to run a Minecraft server without a VPN tool. I found AirVPN useful to help me run a server at my university because my university is its own ISP and they don’t allow any inbound ports aside from standard ones like HTTP. Step #1 Set up the server normally. If you are running it on the same computer that you are playing on you should be able to join the server locally (IP If you don’t know how to get this far the Minecraft wiki has a very good, albeit technical, guide on setting up a server here. Step #2 Forward a port with AirVPN. You can do this by logging into your account on airvpn.org and clicking the “Client Area” tab then going to the “Forwarding ports” tab on the left side of the screen. Once there you can fill in the form as shown above to reserve a port. Things to note: The box at the top is the inbound port you want to use and you have to find a free one. The actual number of the port doesn’t matter, any will work fine. Just make sure to note which one you picked!Unless you have changed the Minecraft server port you should set your local port to 25565, the default port.DDNS is useful if you want players to players to be able to join a URL, which is easier to remember, than an IP address. In the example above you would connect to myserver.airdns.org (note that it might take up to an hour for the name servers to update and in the meantime you would need to use the IP)Step #3 Connect to an AirVPN server and note your exit-IP (the exit-ip is different for each server). If you are not using the DNS service or are waiting for the name servers to update you will need this for players to connect. You can find the exit-IP of the server you are currently connected to by checking your client area on the AirVPN site or the application on your computer. You may be finished now, you can check and see if players can connect to your server at <Server exit-IP>:<Your Port>. For example, if my server exit IP were and my port was 22222 you would have people connect to If players can’t connect keep following the last two steps. Step #4 Find the IP of your AirVPN adapter. On Windows this can be done by opening command prompt (Press + R then type “cmd” and press Ok) and typing in “ipconfig.” You should see something that looks like the picture above. Look for an entry that starts with 10.*.*.* if you have two, like I do, check https://airvpn.org/specs/ to see which one matches with one of the entries on the table. You can see that because 10.247.*.* doesn’t appear on the table Local Area Connection 2 is my AirVPN connection because 10.4.*.* does. Note the whole Address, in my case, we will need this for the next step. Step #5 Open your Minecraft server config file (named “server.PROPERITES” in your Minecraft server directory) with notepad. Set “server-ip=” to the IP you got from step 4. Congratulations, people should now be able to connect to your server from around the world. If you had to do Step 4 and 5 for it to work then unfortunately you have to repeat those two steps every time you reconnect to an AirVPN server as that IP changes each time you connect. Enjoy!
  20. I am running an ssh server behind openvpn. I successfully forwarded an airvpn port to my port 22, and I can ssh in my server, nevertheless I can seem to figure out the correct way to use scp to copy files from my local machine to my ssh server. How can i solve the problem? Best Regards
  21. Port forwarding works when connected to Singapore but breaks when connect to a US server.
  22. When attempting to add a port, typing in the port number followed by the Enter key does not function correctly (submit the port to be added) but in fact deletes a previous port that has been forwarded (the first/lowest port). This could possibly be a side effect of the recent bugfix. Also, I'm now getting "Port X already assigned to you." when trying to add a port back even though it's not shown. "You are using 3 of 20 ports available." I see 3, but it's reporting the 4th one is still assigned. Could be temporary. EDIT: Now showing 4 of 20 and the port has been added back however the main issue of the topic still persists.
  23. Hello, I have used port forwarding with your site and u torrent for almost a year with no problems. Since about last Friday however it has been almost impossible to get it working. Nothing has changed my end. When I connect to a server, I use port forwarding which now gives you a double token check, one in black the other blank. When you perform a check the other will turn black. If you add another port, another double will come up. And so on. After re-booting the machine and connecting to a different server I may strike lucky (i think anyway) and get one black port and one green. My download speeds on u torrent are all over the place though. I took a screen shot but it says uploading is not allowed? and won't upload the capture (217 kb) I've just used copy and paste 11692 0 seconds ago. Reachable on server IP over the external port 11692, tcp protocol. 11692 3029 seconds ago. Not reachable on server IP over the external port 11692, tcp protocol. Error : 110 - Connection timed out
  24. HOW TO FORWARD PORTS TO YOUR DEVICES WITH IPTABLES You need to create a basic DNAT on your router. Remember that the router GUI forwards ports from the WAN to LAN. When connected to the VPN you must forward ports from TUN to LAN. Therefore, it is imperative that you do NOT forward ports in the GUI of the router. Assuming that: destIP is the IP address of the destination deviceport is the port you wish to forward to that devicetun1 is the tun interface of your router (please check! on some routers it can be tun0, on Tomato it can be tun11)you need to forward both TCP and UDP packetsyou need to add the following rules. Please note that the following rules do NOT replace your already existing rules, you just have to add them. iptables -I FORWARD -i tun1 -p udp -d destIP --dport port -j ACCEPT iptables -I FORWARD -i tun1 -p tcp -d destIP --dport port -j ACCEPT iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -i tun1 -p tcp --dport port -j DNAT --to-destination destIP iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -i tun1 -p udp --dport port -j DNAT --to-destination destIP Note: if your router firmware iptables supports the multiport module you can use --match option to make your rules set more compact. Please see here, thanks to Mikeyy https://airvpn.org/topic/14991-asuswrt-merlin-multiple-ports/?do=findComment&comment=31221 Kind regards
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