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Found 42 results

  1. https://www.perfect-privacy.com/blog/2015/12/21/wrong-way-security-problem-exposes-real-ip/ @AirVPN Does your client handle this problem with the Network Lock?
  2. Hello there, A friend of mine recommended me this VPN, and I subscribed for a 3 days trial period. Since I saw no server in Italy, I would like to know how can I simulate an Italian IP address, for example to stream contents from the Italian national television (RAI). EDIT: I just found out that now I can actually stream contets even while connected to a server in the Netherlands. Therefore I wonder: is this just working because of the VPN, or am I missing something? Thank you in advance for your helpfulness.
  3. Block you geographic location in Chrome. A work around for the Block WebRTC. If you download the plug in uBlock Orgin. Use uBlock ORGIN not uBlock without the Orgin after it. There is an option in the options that says "Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP address" click the circle next to it.
  4. Hi, I've been using your service for a year or two now without any major problems. Sometimes I run a quick 'what's my ip' check to make sure things look ok, but today I noticed something strange, and worrying. If I check here: http://www.whatsmyip.org/more-info-about-you/ my true location is shown on the map, accurate to a few hundred meters But if I check here: http://www.whatismyip.com/ the location of the airvpn server I'm connected to is shown. Both sites listed correctly show my airvpn exit IP, not my real IP. The airvpn connection is made on the router with dd-wrt so all connections in my home should run through the VPN, except for one exception I set up for my partner's computer. How can this happen?
  5. Hey I got a problem. When i connect to a vpn server, it says connected. but im still using my ISP IP instead of the IP of the VPN Server... How do i fix this? These are my machine details: Operating System Version: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Hardware information: HP ProLiant ML110 G6 Processors: Intel® Xeon® CPU X3430 @2.40GHz Installed Memory (RAM): 24GB Installed Roles: AD DSDHCPDNSFile and Storage ServicesHyper-VIIS 8.0IPAMNAPRemote AccessWDSLog: http://pastebin.com/43UnP5Ci SOLVED: This message is the answer!: Awesome StaffAdvanced Member Staff5013 postsPosted Yesterday, 11:40 PM Hello! The tun/tap interface (the virtual network card used by OpenVPN) does not come up. Please try to run our client Eddie, which includes some additional code which tries to force the interface up. If the client attempt does not work, please follow all the steps described here: https://airvpn.org/t...2012/#entry8321 Kind regards
  6. Dear Staff, After multiple people, including me, already mentioned in this thread - https://airvpn.org/topic/11908-new-1-gbits-server-available-nihal-es/ - whenever we connect to the Nihal server, ANY service (in my case TV and Pay-TV, which very annoyingly does not work with your "Spanish" server) recognises Nihal as being in Lisbon, Portugal. Furthermore it is supposedly registered to a portuguese name, too. If I understood you guys right, the server actually is in Spain, but that does not change anything for us users, as every "normal" ip-checking website locates the server in Portugal. So the server actually being in Spain, but showing itself as Portuguese to basically every website I was testing, does not help at all. It is rather unpleasant that internet-based Spanish Pay TV contents are not possible to access with AirVPN. The old spanish servers, albeit supposedly much slower, worked perfectly in that respect. As we didn't get any additional and/or problem-solving replies in the above attached thread, I would appreciate it very highly if you could help us out with this and fix that problem. Having said all that, I want to emphasize that I absolutely love AirVPN and what you guys offer. I think it is amazing and you have all my respect for the way you are running AirVPN. The above problem is the only drop of bitterness I am experiencing. Cheers
  7. Hi I think I have a dns leak, when I try to connect to kickass.to I get an "Error - site blocked". When I checked with ipleak it shows: AirVPN Server exit node but also a BT DNS address. I get the same results, ip exit node and dns, when I check with dnsleaktest. I connect with: sudo openvpn AirVPN_Europe_UDP-443.ovpn I think the BT DNS is a leak, not sure why this is happening.
  8. Hello, When I tried to browse craigslist.org and my local craigslist site (a subdomain of craigslist.org) while connected to Persei today, I received the following message: "This IP has been automatically blocked." with an email address for more info. Can someone contact Craigslist to get Persei's IP whitelisted? Thanks, anonym
  9. I would like to set up my router's firewall to deny all inbound and outbound traffic unless it is coming from or going to the airvpn servers. Is there a group of static IP addresses I can use to define this? Thank you.
  10. I've looked all through the posts and haven't seen any questions regarding this. I'm connected to to the AirVPN (US server). When I go to whatismyip.com I get the IP I would expect. But when I go to checkmytorrentip.com I get an IP that says I'm in the Netherlands. They are two completely different IP's so I'm sure that it's not just a location mix up. Can anyone explain this for me?
  11. A few seconds after a user logs into Knuddels chat while connected to Tauri a popup comes up, telling the user his/her IP has been blocked due to spam inside chat rooms, followed by an immediate disconnect from the chat. It's possible to login again but the popup won't disappear. Doesn't pop up when connected to Velorum, DE, though.
  12. Access to 123people.de is somehow not possible through Tauri, DE. ​ ​ ​Viewing this from my mobile which is not connected to AirVPN but to the same intranet is working fine.
  13. Hey Guys, When using AirVPN, will I be able to choose the location of the IP address? Like, can I pick whether I want to appear from Russia, Germany, USA etc. ? Thanks
  14. Hi This isn't fully an AirVPN problem, but since I installed a patch fixing a DNS leak, it's been a nuisance. You can find the fix here: https://www.dnsleaktest.com/how-to-fix-a-dns-leak.php Basically, I was on Riseup VPN at the time. I took a DNS leak test at dns-oarc.net and it gave results for both Riseup's VPN and an IP belonging to my ISP near where I live. Apparently DNS leaks are a common problem for users of OpenVPN on Windows. I'm on Windows Vista. I installed a fix, and it worked. However, since then I've had to manually reset my IPv4 and DNS settings to "obtain automatically" in the Network and Sharing Centre in Control Panel every time I switch on my computer. Otherwise, it doesn't connect to the internet, only "local only". So I got AirVPN today and the problem is persisting. Not only that, but every time I want to switch server I need to reset the IPv4 and DNS settings again. I also had to re-run the DNS leak fix because it was leaking with AirVPN as well. It leaked in both OpenVPN and the AirVPN client. I've chosen to use OpenVPN because it allows me to use the fix, which has worked apart from the frustrating problem described here. Anyone know how to fix this?
  15. Can anyone tell me how to find the names of the servers, e.g. Sirius.net or the IP address. I want to use software with OpenVPN that prevents leakage and cuts off internet if the VPN goes down. i tried Comodo and it came with all software of other bits and pieces and forced me to restore because I couldn't get it to uninstall. I can tell what IP I present to the outside world but I don't know if that's the one the VPN is going to. Thanks Richard
  16. Hello, I am trying to force Chrome not to use VPN's IP, but I am stucked with ForceBindIP application. I am writing the right lines into Command Promt, I hit enter and a new Chrome window pops up, but it still uses the Air IP. IS there any problem with ForceBindIP, did it become ineffective on Windows 7 x64?
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