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  1. coomandoo wrote: Hello! As you have already stated there can't be any correlation with our service. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  2. Hello! In order to obtain all relevant data about our servers, please use our configuration generator (menu "Member"->"Access without our client"). Kind regards AirVPN admins
  3. Hello! We're very glad to inform you that a new 1 Gbit/s server located in the United States is available: Sirius. The AirVPN client will show automatically this new server, while if you use the OpenVPN client you can generate all the files to access it through our configuration/certificate/key generator (menu "Member"->"Access without our client"). The server accepts connections on port 53, 80 and 443 UDP and TCP and offers a theoretical maximum of 500 Mbit/s per user. It has a 1 Gbit/s dedicated port. As usual, no traffic limits and no logs. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or problem. Kind regards and datalove AirVPN admins
  4. Hello and thank you! We're glad to hear that the problem has been solved. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  5. Hello! AirVPN client v.1.5 for Windows is now available. Changelogs: - Unicode encoding path problem fixed - Added useful information to the tooltip in the tray area - Now shows the "exit-ip" and not the "server-ip" in the "connected" window. - Micro layout fixes AirVPN 1.5 comes pre-packaged with OpenVPN 2.2.1. When you run the client, it will detect if you need an update of your OpenVPN package, and you can decide to authorize it to make the upgrade (or a first installation) automatically or not. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  6. ip133912 wrote: Hello! Thank you for your nice words. Let's hear what you and the other premium members answer to your question. It is an important feedback for us. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  7. blknit wrote: Hello! Thanks. Can you please also check that ufw is disabled, or its status? Kind regards AirVPN admins
  8. blknit wrote: Hello! Probably you have already considered the following, anyway: according to your network configuration, it may be necessary to enable IP forwarding on your box. Usually IP forwarding is disabled by default in the kernels of the distros,, and surely it is disabled in Ubuntu 11.10. You can do that, in order to test, on the fly: echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward or sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  9. balthazett wrote: Hello! Just tested uTorrent running in a Windows client connected to Vega. It works just fine. We tested DHT, connection to some public trackers, initial seeding, dl/ul. Results are satisfactory and consistent with those of any other server. Perhaps something in your configuration blocking Vega IP addresses in uTorrent? Kind regards AirVPN admins
  10. @boom Hello! Can you tell us which version of Windows and .NET framework you're using? If you can connect through the OpenVPN client, the OpenVPN installation is ok. Can you confirm that you're able to connect to the servers with OpenVPN (we are unsure from your message)? Feel free to give as many information as possible, so that the client programmers can support you with more accuracy. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  11. blknit wrote: Hello! Thank you very much for those tests. They show that the problem is not on the VPN server side. We must concentrate on Linux distros. What version of Ubuntu and Arch are you using? Kind regards AirVPN admins
  12. @balthazett Hello! Vega server has a 1 Gbit/s dedicated port, so a 30% usage of Sigma is the equivalent of just 3% usage of Vega. The wrong geolocation of Vega is a Google mistake. Other USA services correctly see Vega IP as from the USA (Pandora, Hulu etc.). We'll investigate on the issue you report about uTorrent connections and keep you posted as soon as possible. Thank you for your feedback! Kind regards AirVPN admins
  13. @2394john Hello! Before proceeding further, can you please test if ports are reachable in the host? For example, if you connect the host to one of the VPN servers, run a torrent client in the host (outside Wine, for example Transmission) and have it listen to port 43612, is it reachable? Just to ascertain or rule out whether it is a problem in TUN/TAPWine port forwarding. It has been possible to determine that the other pf problem reported in the forum is not related to the servers through a particular simulation (however, to perform the simulation we need your authorization, please contact us in private if interested). Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  14. DonkNet wrote: Hello! Very well! Glad to hear that. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  15. DonkNet wrote: Hello! You don't need to do anything, just like with any other program. Just make sure, as usual, that you launch irssi or mIRC *after* the connection to the VPN servers has been established. Once the connection is established, all the traffic is routed through the encrypted tunnel, no need to configure any application. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  16. triad575 wrote: Hello! We have checked that port forwarding works correctly. Which server do you connect to? At your convenience, please feel free to contact us in private so that we can run simulations exactly with your account configuration (to do that, we need your explicit authorization). On Windows 7, the built-in firewall may keep different configurations for different networks. When you enter the virtual network, it will be correctly considered a completely new one. We have noticed that Windows 7 firewall, by default, blocks incoming connection for eMule, even if it is an authorized application on other networks. You should please check the behaviour of the firewall in the VP Network and make sure that eMule is not blocked there: we have had some similar cases in the past. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  17. allanmills wrote: Hello! Ok and thank you. Please feel free to send us the requested information if you wish a deeper investigation on the issue. Kind regards
  18. triad575 wrote: Hello! Ok, we are going to check your ports for you to make sure everything is ok on the server side. In the meantime, can you tell us your OS and which (if any) firewall you use? Kind regards AirVPN admins
  19. triad575 wrote: Hello! Can you please check that eMule listens and responds to the correct ports? Launch eMule, make it "connect", then run a port scan on the TCP port you have configured for it. You can quickly do that even with this tool: http://www.t1shopper.com/tools/port-scan When the web page opens, it will automatically detect your VPN exit-IP address. Type in the TCP port and click "scan". If everything is ok, you will receive the message in red " is responding on port ". Kind regards AirVPN admins
  20. @triad575 Hello! We have checked and your account has no forwarded ports. In order to forward ports: - log in the website - pick menu "Member"->"Forwarded port" - choose a port number (or let the system pick random ports for you with the "Auto" option) and click "+" (the green + symbol) to add, and "-" (red) to remove a forwarded port. Take note of the port numbers. If you use the AirVPN client for Windows, you can do the same by right-clicking the dock icon and selecting "Ports". In this case disconnection and reconnection to the VPN servers may be necessary to update forwarded ports. After that, configure your eMule client to listen to the same ports you have forwarded. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  21. triad575 wrote: Hello! When you are connected to the VPN, it does not matter that you forward those ports on the router, but it's important that ports used by emule (which must be configured from emule prefs & options) match with the ports you have forwarded on the VPN servers. Kind regards AirVPN admins
  22. blknit wrote: Hello! Can you please send us the kernel IP routing table (netstat -nr) and the status of all your interfaces (ifconfig -a) when you are connected to a VPN server and you have both tun0 and tun1 (feel free to delete privacy weakening info)? Kind regards AirVPN admins
  23. @blknit Hello! Just checked that port 17019 is correctly forwarded for your account and that port forwarding on Omicron works as expected. Are you running any software firewall on your Linux box? Kind regards AirVPN admins
  24. andla wrote: Hello! OpenVPN runs under Windows (Windows 2000 or later). You can setup either a server or a client on your Windows VPS. Anyway you might seriously consider a Linux or *BSD solution to run an OpenVPN server. Kind regards AirVPN
  25. triad575 wrote: Hello! Please make sure that you remotely forward ports and that you configure your client to use those same ports. In order to forward ports, login and pick menu "Member"->"Forwarded port". Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. Kind regards AirVPN admins
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