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    No technical stuff from me else I would be typing all night and day. Is enough to say from day one I have been mightily impressed with AirVPN the product, the staff, and the forum. On the few occasions I have looked up and or emailed a few other companies and asked questions they have always fallen short in one way or usually many more ways. Why other VPN providers get much business is beyond me.😍
  2. I have not yet switched my ISP to Sky (UK) but will be soon. I can however use their SkyGo software but unless I add the above domains to be outside the tunnel then firstly I cannot sign in (You don't have permission to access "http://skyid.sky.com/AK_PM_VPATH0/" on this server) and secondly after I can sign in nothing will play. I have only tried this tonight and can probably get around it one way or another but the sites seem blocked using UK servers. I have no need to use non UK servers normally but can of course. Why should I though? All works fine on all devices without AirVPN running. I have no interest in any other VPN software.
  3. Oh no....that is reserved to/for government officials and corporate rats only. Covid-19 does not apply to them apparently. God forbid we apply the rules to Prime Ministers and such 😳
  4. Glad to hear you are able to get on with things and be safe and well. It is safer here to nip off out and to still be out without having to come across anyone much so being remote is not so bad and we can of course do shopping locally pretty much in the same way as before. Another plus for me as far as I am concerned is that I have no children to cope with at home but I do miss being able to see my 88 year old Mother as yet. She also lives in a small village but has plenty of local help and doesn't complain - it is what it is and far too many complain. This is understandable since many difficulties and sacrifices have had to be made by many. At least us two can cope better than most I guess. Still love the clear roads 🤩 but I am breaking the rules a bit 😛, Sorry about that but I meet no one and pay for fuel at the pump and wear a diving suit and aqualungs. That last bit is a lie 🙄
  5. Of course for many the effects of the Covid-19 virus are extremely bad especially for those who have lost their lives and their families and friends. My heart and prayers reach out to those affected in such a way. For me, the previous lockdown measures and the repeat ones now in place haven't really changed how I live - my home is in a very remote part of England and I am disabled so I didn't go out much into populated areas anyway and shopping habits didn't have to change. However, my partner (of many years) and I do not live together and she lives 30 miles away, so we hadn't seen much of each other for much of 2020 until she was diagnosed with lung cancer. I am leaving out a massive amount of stuff but my main point here is that although I have been able to spend a lot of time at her place in the past few months things have now changed again of course. I have masses of stuff to transfer back to my home and couldn't do it quick enough before the more restrictive measures came into place. However, the motorways and road traffic in general means it is so easy to travel - whoopie lol. I still have a few trips to make but is like Heaven doing the driving bit!
  6. Bitwarden has all the best bits of any password manager I've ever tried - my pennies worth.
  7. and by quite a lot as we can see, great stuff. I can only add my best wishes to all Air staff and users, families, friends. Please stay safe and healthy and well done to AirVPN for maintaining a such a competant and sturdy company infrastructure. God Bless all.
  8. www.premierplayer.tv You can access the site but nothing will stream, live or not. I have an account with Premier but to watch it in the UK thru Air I have to use a non UK server. I have tried adding the various ip addresses and routes to try and bypass it all but with no success. I like my NASCAR see
  9. You guys are simply the best
  10. Have you never paid for anything using bitcoin before or understand how bitcoin payments work? The transaction can take hours or it can take five minutes, it depends on lots of stuff but usually less than an hour to confirm and and take place using bitcoin. Once the transaction has started it makes no difference what web page or site you go to, the transfer will still continue on its merry way. Usually, if you use something like Coinbase, you can find a way to continually update you on the progress of the transaction as in the amount of confirmations that have occurred. Six confirmations are usually enough. What you MUST know is the EXACT bitcoin address you are sending your bitcoin to, otherwise they are gone forever. You should recieve emails as to when transactions are sent and recieved from both parties. Oh and I don't know what the bitcoin wallet address is you posted but it won't help anyone nice very much so best not to give it out.
  11. I had this same problem with OpenVPN for Android (which is why I'm trying Eddie for Android): https://github.com/schwabe/ics-openvpn/issues/851 But, I just thought I'd post here to see if you can track down the problem. I've been using OpenVPN For Android for a few years without any issues on all sorts of devices since the S4, the latest being a TAB 6 and S8+ both using Oreo. I can't see how it is an Android or Google problem? Edited: I did it again I wrote 'an Air or Google problem' originally . Never mind
  12. I have no idea about pfsense, however I do know that slsk uses the port number you specify +1 as an obfuscated port and like all ports will only show as open if it is being used so do not worry about that. As long as it is specified in your port forwarding list and your main port comes up as open then all should be fine. @AtariSoul - Forget about the soulseek server port, you do not need to worry about that at all.
  13. That's it then, my original question has no answer?
  14. Hello! From your description you might need the traffic of those applications OUTSIDE the VPN tunnel, so you should black list, and not white list, them. If you choose to filter according to a white list, applications in the white list will be the only ones whose traffic is tunneled.If you choose to filter according to a black list, all applications will have their traffic tunneled except those ones which are included in the black list. Kind regards Yes, not quite sure why I wrote 'Whitelist'! I have them blacklisted but have tried whitelisting all but them too which I would not normally do! Sorry about that.
  15. I use OpenVPN For Android since it allows me to use the two apps I probably use more than any others whereas when I use Android Eddie I cannot get them to work at all. The applications use my normal/simple home network to wirelessly connect to and control audio devices. The apps are "Naim" and "Cambridge Connect". Whitelisting makes no difference.
  16. I get this lots connecting to recommended server. Go to server list, refresh and pick one.
  17. Almost every time I go to shut down or restart Linux Mint 18.3 the Eddie Window is unresponsive; I can display it but I am unable to click anything on it. Initially I just shut the system down regardless but if I don't want to sign out I have to shut down all *vpn processes manually, usually with htop cos its quicker. Just what might the issue be? It isn't new, I've had this happen for a long time, just not as often.
  18. What has this to do with anything VPN? A phone as a server, aye right.
  19. 1, No. The AirVPN Lock precludes anything even knowing about other networks you may have 2. No. Certainly not. With any VPN running you are bypassing your connection from your computer from the eyes of your router and your ISP. The port forwarding is brilliant if you need it. I have not found it necessary for any torrent clients to specify ports but you can - just remember they have nothing to do with ports outside the tunnel,
  20. wow, thats what i call a detailed answer. About as useful as a choccy fire grate unless you are as clever as the respondent thinks he is or then you have to go find out what micro routing is and die of boredom. So the answer is you have no concern.
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