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  1. i've read most of the posts here about virgin media throttling speed for openvpn, i'm actually getting this too. my broadband speed is well over 100MB, but with openvpn, speed gets throttled to 15-25mb with alot of connection drops, making it near impossible to browse. here's the protocols i've tried (unticking automatic protocol on eddie) UDP 443 - huge packet loss with speed throttled to 10-18mb UDP 1194 - high packet loss with speed throttled to 12-23mb at this point, i decided to use the TLS-crypt1.2 protocols -- UDP 443 TLScrypt - average packet loss with speed throttled to 25-35mb UDP 1194 TLScrypt - average packet loss with speed throttled to 25-35mb SSL 443 TLScrypt - small packet loss with speed throttled to 20-40mb SSH 80 TLScrypt - little to no packet loss with speed still throttled to 30-50mb this doesn't only happen on airvpn but other vpn providers that use openvpn... happens on android too. actually it's much worse on other openvpn vpn providers at this point, i thought i'd try wireguard (tunsafe) surprisingly no throttling no packet loss, full speed 90-120mb not sure what to do, can anyone advice? firewall is completely disabled on my router. cheers
  2. yes i started getting alot of packet loss with the recent updates, i haven't been able to get a stable connection past 2 months so i've been buying the 3 days trial. i don't know if i should switch to old versions or not
  3. i've tried most of the uk servers, alot of packet loss, near 50% every few mins then goes back down to 5-10% packet loss. torrents don't go beyond 1mb download speed lol what's going on? been happening for almost a week now,i usually hit like 50-60mb on the uk servers (just come back using airvpn) cheers
  4. you must be having a bad day, i don't know, in my 2 years of using airvpn, i've never come across any slow down or connection loss with air's servers
  5. Adzkii

    my review

    hands down the best VPN i have ever come across, in terms of price, speed, reliability and support team. support team, are just the best, the price for such great performance, no other VPN can beat i've been with other VPN providers, i'm so glad to find AirVPN! thumbs up to you guys! hope it stays like this
  6. your router might have different configuration to mine, if there's a similar option to ip flood detection you should look into those settings and try to disable individual one by one to see if the scores and latency are working again
  7. i solved this by disabling IP flood detection on my router firewall! if you have a similar firewall to mine then you have to disable some firewall features
  8. my port is already is portforwarded, but airvpn shows connection timeout whenever i try to test to see if the port's open or not, also checked with other sites that let's you check your port's but shows time outs, not sure why.
  9. look at the images attached, i'm using transmission torrent client. takes roughly 2 hours to complete a 800mb file, without the vpn i can get this completed in 15mins utp is turned off (now) The reason I ask about time is because depending on the environment the system may write out the space needed on the hard drive as soon as the torrent is started. Since the hard drive is in 100% use for a time the torrent speed drops to 0. Once the hard drive is done writing torrent speed goes up. But, it sounds like you've been very patient. forums not active, so what can you do besides being patient
  10. look at the images attached, i'm using transmission torrent client. takes roughly 2 hours to complete a 800mb file, without the vpn i can get this completed in 15mins utp is turned off (now)
  11. here's my router firewall configuration...
  12. I have a good speed internet connection, hitting above 25-30mpbs in downloads. but when torrenting i only get 512kb+ in downloads. i portforwarded, checked all ports but shows my ports are blocked or connection timed out. takes hours just to download 1gb file in torrent client. any help would be great. cheers!
  13. i have the most recent version eddie (experiment), my client isn't showing any score or latency on any server or location. it's hard for me to pick which server is best for my gaming needs or browsing needs. i have already connected to 5 servers which come out to be awful on latency and speed. i really need the scores and latency checks on the eddie client, anyone? i added two images to the attachments, one of them are my router firewall configuration, am i missing something? cheers!
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