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    LZ1 got a reaction from serverless in What do you think of the new site design? (Welcome to report any bugs/odd behavior)   ...
    After scheduled downtime, the AirVPN website design has changed substantially. 
    What are your thoughts about the new design? 
    I can definitely say there's some fancy new additions that make some things a little smoother, even if it's tempting to want an "old.airvpn.org" site😄. 
    Possible to "Recommend" posts and not just mark them as the solution. The design is more flat and the colors seem brighter overall.  There's some tags which no longer work in signatures, but still in posts.  There's now a reminder for unregistered users that they'll need to have their posts approved, before their posts are visible. More captchas it seems.  The location of various information has been moved, such as with the top bar and your sign-in location. More use of drop-down menus.  Profile settings options have been moved around, but seemingly remain largely the same.  Some better moderator UI facilities.  Apparently the AirVPN support departments like "Support", "Feedback" and others, have been combined into one single unit.  Everything in the Client Area is now a top-down sort of affair. The FAQ sub-forum was changed, so that it has its own place under the "Home" menu. 
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    LZ1 reacted to jean claud in New plan and lower prices   ...
    thank you LZ, if you allow me to call u by your first name 😉
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    LZ1 reacted to techterrain in Eddie slow to apply iptables rules   ...
    Reporting in with another replication of this error on latest Manjaro (XFCE). Also, due the network lock not working correctly, some of the rules persist after the end of the session, which causes connection issues in the local network.
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    LZ1 reacted to Staff in AirVPN supports Mastodon   ...

    We are glad to inform you that we support Mastodon as "Platinum" donors. Mastodon is an online, self-hosted, federated, community owned and ad-free social media and social networking service https://joinmastodon.org

    Check our mission page: https://airvpn.org/mission

    Kind regards and datalove
    AirVPN Staff
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    LZ1 reacted to Staff in AirVPN becomes an EFF Super Major Donor   ...

    We proudly announce that today AirVPN has become an Electronic Frontier Foundation "Super Major Donor".

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. Founded in 1990, EFF champions user privacy, free expression, and innovation through impact litigation, policy analysis, grassroots activism, and technology development. We work to ensure that rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected as our use of technology grows. https://www.eff.org

    Check our mission page: https://airvpn.org/mission

    Kind regards and datalove
    AirVPN Staff
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    LZ1 reacted to OpenSourcerer in What do you think of the new site design? (Welcome to report any bugs/odd behavior)   ...
    I can confirm this and reproduce it on a 1024x768 screen. Beyond 1000px the site layout changes from one looking like it's for mobile to the full desktop one and that's where the font overlaps with the logo.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from Air4141841 in 100 errors?   ...
    Answered here.
    I'm pinning this, as it's a slightly recurring issue, which there's no need to make many threads about :).
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    LZ1 got a reaction from Clodo in Fractal Snip3r   ...
    Answered here.
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    LZ1 reacted to zhang888 in New Country: Brazil (BR) - New 1 Gbit/s server available   ...
    Sao Paulo is as cental America as you can get. "Lite South" America would be something like Mexico/Panama in where it would be better getting a server in Miami instead,
    for both ping and bandwidth related performance.
    Geographical center:
    Panama/Mexico/Costa Rica - Most providers are limited to lease a shared 100mbit connection per customer. This is because they have max 5-10Gbit per datacenter or less.
    Because of that, their main peering happens to be with U.S. providers, so see the sentence above.
    "Southern South":
    Rest of the countries are not going to happen - Peru, Chile, Argentina. No sufficient datacenters to offer quality bandwidth for a reasonable price. Wholesale of 1Gbit almost unspoken of.
    Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay - the same reasons as above, + add at least 5 more years for their availability after the countries above.
    Most providers in those areas offer only shaped 10Mbit traffic (yes, in 2019) with a burstable option to 100Mbit with a very high premium.
    Those providers mostly offer local data as well as CDN to companies like Akamai, Cloudflare, Google which is their most profitable way of operation.
    Other Caribbean islands or countries with less than 5M residents - can be totally dismissed. Not a valid option even for large "Big 10" companies to operate. 
    An exotic new location will not give you the privacy/performance you would probably assume from a service like Air. So this is a strategic point which is totally
    transparent and provable. Don't make other providers who sell fake GeoIP locations (this is possible and actually much cheaper) or sell VPS/Cloud connectivity
    with limited 100Mbit b/w make your decision here, test your own locations with your maximum speed before you buy a VPN service. And always remember:
    If AirVPN ever wanted to cross that grey area, there would probably be 50 available countries now. Or maybe 100. This is not an ethical way to do (VPN) business.
    Not flagging any competitors here since we all know who they are.
    Finding even a single provider in South America with apparently enough bandwidth and acceptable prices (probably because they have more than utilized) is not an easy task
    by it's own. Right now no other country can probably overcome Brazil by price/performance, where even 3 years ago the situation was nearly as same as above.
    Same things happen is East Asia as well, where I am more native, and is directly linked to the country GDP.
    (The case has some exceptions in countries like Ukraine, Romania) because they are strategically and historically big EU transit points where AirVPN operates. But largely if it costs more
    than an average monthly salary to get a 100mbit connectivity, this country cannot be generally considered as a valid location.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from amazeballs in Built in advertising and tracker blocking   ...
    Absolutely not. For several reasons, including:
    It's probably not harmonious with AirVPNs mission to make the Web as free as possible for users to experience, both good and bad. It's outside the purview of what a VPN is supposed to do. If users can't reasonably secure their own computers/browsers, then a VPN will be useless for them anyway. It adds another layer of complexity. Besides mainly being a marketing ploy, used by some of AirVPNs competitors, to give the impression of higher security and privacy. It's simply unnecessary and undesirable, for what is probably the majority of AirVPNs userbase, as such people can easily and would rather control this themselves. It's sort of a stated design goal for Eddie, that it isn't filled with any bloatware. Fortunately, nothing prevents you from installing something precisely like Ublock Origin, ticking off a few desired blocking lists and being on your merry way.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts however. As this topic has appeared a few times before, I think it's fair to lock this thread.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from KennethKnism in Connection speed bumping   ...
    Have you checked out the stickied/pinned threads?

    You might also want to append some Eddie logs. Instructions in my signature.
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    LZ1 reacted to Staff in New Country: Brazil (BR) - New 1 Gbit/s server available   ...

    We're very glad to inform you that a new 1 Gbit/s server located in São Paulo, BR, is available: Peony.
    Peony is our first server in South America and we are very proud to start operating there. Special thanks go to out moderator Zhang who helped us find a datacenter with particularly good connectivity

    The AirVPN client will show automatically the new server. If you use the OpenVPN client you can generate all the files to access it through our configuration/certificates/key generator (menu "Client Area"->"Config generator").

    The server accepts connections on ports 53, 80, 443, 1194, 2018 UDP and TCP.

    Just like every other "second generation" Air server, Peony supports OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over SSH, TLS 1.2 and tls-crypt.

    Full IPv6 support is included as well.

    As usual no traffic limits, no logs, no discrimination on protocols and hardened security against various attacks with separate entry and exit-IP addresses.

    You can check the server status as usual in our real time servers monitor: https://airvpn.org/servers/peony

    Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or issue.

    Kind regards and datalove
    AirVPN Team
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    LZ1 reacted to OpenSourcerer in What do you think of the new site design? (Welcome to report any bugs/odd behavior)   ...
    Would it be helpful if we use the first post to collect all the bugs and inconveniences people notice so that it's easier for you to keep track of at least the community-submitted ones?
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    LZ1 got a reaction from encrypted in What do you think of the new site design? (Welcome to report any bugs/odd behavior)   ...
    Indeed, there's audio. But it seems like it's no longer possible to simply "Follow" a thread and get a notification. Now it's only via email, unless one starts or replies to a thread. 
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    LZ1 reacted to encrypted in What do you think of the new site design? (Welcome to report any bugs/odd behavior)   ...
    Everything looks new, flat and whitespacy alright. I suppose here is where people can suggest sane defaults.
    Forum loads significantly faster than before.
    Maybe it's just me, my fonts and my eyes, but the fancy blue forum titles look dizzyingly fuzzy here.
    I"m going to try and say Haha to LZ1 because he's nice to people and because now I can.
    edit: Turns out there are now audio notifications too! Check yours here:  https://airvpn.org/notifications/options/
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    LZ1 got a reaction from OpenSourcerer in What do you think of the new site design? (Welcome to report any bugs/odd behavior)   ...
    Indeed. But luckily my signature remained the same, structurally. It's just not very colorful now. 
    I just noticed we can now not only "Like" but append a specific emotion. "Like", "Sad", "Thanks", "Haha" and "Confused". 
      I think that will be mildly hilarious around here. Whatever Staff says, there will be 10 newly registered users clicking the heart icon and choosing "Confused" 😂. But now likes can also be removed.
    But you made me sad giga, so you get the sad icon attached. I don't know how this will factor into your Like count though, haha. It will factor in independently. So your likes are separate from your sadness score. Oh dear.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from OpenSourcerer in What do you think of the new site design? (Welcome to report any bugs/odd behavior)   ...
    Indeed. But luckily my signature remained the same, structurally. It's just not very colorful now. 
    I just noticed we can now not only "Like" but append a specific emotion. "Like", "Sad", "Thanks", "Haha" and "Confused". 
      I think that will be mildly hilarious around here. Whatever Staff says, there will be 10 newly registered users clicking the heart icon and choosing "Confused" 😂. But now likes can also be removed.
    But you made me sad giga, so you get the sad icon attached. I don't know how this will factor into your Like count though, haha. It will factor in independently. So your likes are separate from your sadness score. Oh dear.
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    LZ1 reacted to OpenSourcerer in What do you think of the new site design? (Welcome to report any bugs/odd behavior)   ...
    It's still IPBoard, more or less, but a few major versions newer.
    I can say that the waste of display space in threads is gone and the website looks good again on 100% zoom.
    Then there's the editor. There is no "full editor" anymore, all the features are in the one you find under posts. Also, the ability to choose a different font was removed, something I used extensively. I also don't see the support for BBCode anymore, so our beloved spoiler tags are dead, along with all the others. You, Mr. LZ1, should revise your signature. They're still here, but buggy as hell. Oh no.
    It also feels a bit buggy overall because while writing this my cursor controls were dead and I couldn't seem to make a new line anymore. Fixed in the edit.
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    LZ1 reacted to zhang888 in Weird DNS locations   ...
    The issue is only with IP2Location database, DB-IP and Maxmind appear to be correct:
    Such corrections are harder to make since the entire IP block belongs to AFRINIC RIR, and
    because of shortage in IPv4 addresses providers usually rent or resell IPs even from different continents.
    Moreover, the WHOIS information of the datacenter also indicates South Africa, which will make the
    request even longer to process.
    This is the only server in US with such issue, another server is Tegmen (CA) which is incorrectly shown
    to be geolocated in Seychelles, again because of an AFRINIC IP:
    Just avoid these 2 servers if a correct GeoIP location across all databases is absolutely crucial for you.
    This is not necessary a critical thing, some VPN providers build entire businesses around fake geo locations.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from bluesjunior in Help Extremely Slow Download Connection Using AirVPN?.   ...
    You don't need to touch your router if you're just running the Eddie client locally on your PC, unless you have a specific setup in mind. You mentioned trying protocols: but did you try SSL/SSH and also remember to click "OK" and re-connect to a (nearby) server, after each change? Have you been through this stickied guide to Virgin? Have you tried these options for desktop Eddie? You don't need a profile/config generator by the way. Did you remember to update qBittorent and/or port-forward it? Please remember that there's guides to torrenting in my signature. Speedtests don't always tell the truth, so remember to test multiple times, controlled conditions, etc. etc. You don't really need to deal with the TAP issue any longer, if you've installed the latest Stable client or Beta. Remember to download the test-torrent from ipleak.net when you're done, to ensure you're not leaking. Your age isn't a problem.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from OpenSourcerer in Stop running Tor servers behind AirVPN   ...
    Pinning this and marking giganerds answer as the "solution" for convenience, as it's important we make as many people as possible aware of the issue of running exit nodes in this fashion.
    Further interesting and clarifying messages include:
    From giganerd:
    One of a few Staff posts:
    Hopefully that'll help make more people aware of the issue. Locking for now, as I believe most of what could be said, has been said already.
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    LZ1 reacted to OpenSourcerer in Stop running Tor servers behind AirVPN   ...
    Yes, it's annoying.
    I know your thinking, unknown TOR exit runners, you want to help the TOR network by providing one more exit node, because kind of I am afraid of possible legal consequences running a TOR exit node over my ISP line but now I'm behind a VPN and I want to help; it's okay so far.
    But it's not okay to not take into consideration that some of us use services and websites which constantly try to prevent TOR exit IPs from viewing them (not limited to TOR, some try to block all anonymizer services). A TOR server will be listed on a TOR exit servers list even after you shut it down and as long as it's there we suffer from blocks. Blocks we are trying to circumvent; that's what a proxy service is good for, right?
    In addition, AirVPN run two exits themselves. Given the bandwidth of these servers (100 MBit/s) I don't think your contribution is a great gain in overall TOR performance as your internet connection is most probably not that fast and not that stable (I assume you use your internet to watch Netflix, play games online and the like, creating traffic which lowers performance of the node).
    Third, you expose AirVPN and yourself to attacks from the internet by those who want to literally destroy TOR. Attacks on AirVPN's servers will cause line problems, line problems harm the user's experience.
    You as a TOR exit runner (although behind a VPN) expose yourself to attacks, too: It's not the AirVPN server who gets infected because a vulnerability in the TOR software is being abused; it's your computer. Your computer gets infected, and it's most probably your personal computer with your personal information on it. Your antivirus software is just a bunch of algorithms, too, it's not supposed to detect 100% of vulnerabilites in software and prevent their abuse. And: It's you who will be marked an extremist.
    If you think it's easy these days to help TOR you are mistaken. Maybe installation and setup is easy, to preserve your own security by running this piece of software sadly is not. So, before you start that TOR software again, think twice. Thank you.
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    LZ1 reacted to 6.15amInBali in Absolutely impressed!   ...
    Not new to VPN, but new too Air. And maybe too early to write a review after signing up yesterday.
    But i wanted to anyway. I doubt that i would change my mind totally as time goes, so here we go
    When i was new to VPN, i fell for the "Top 5 best VPN!" trap.
    Just search for VPN, and a million sites will pop up "reviewing" different VPNs. Im sure you know what i mean already.
    Its just not easy finding a good VPN when looking around for the first time, and following times.
    I was absolutely sure, that if i would start to use a VPN, those "Top choises" was the real thing.
    It took some time to understand what was behind the whole hype. Paid reviews of course.
    As i walked through several VPN providers, i was always feeling a bit uncomfortable.
    I started to doubt if the VPN i used really was based in some secure location in Panama.
    So i changed provider after reading up on some other reviews. I remember once when i woke up in the morning, seeing an email from my new VPN provider, asking me how i like their service?
    I replied that all is fine so far, their reply back was: "Good. This is part of our Privacy Policy"
    I stopped using VPN that day.
    Sometimes its better to trust facts instead of feelings. But i had that gut feeling, telling me something is not right. And i couldnt get rid of that feeling, it was bothering me.
    I took up the chase again, this time determined to find a trustworthy VPN.
    After some intensive research i think i found one.I have used it for a while, never felt let down. Actually i have been very satisfied the whole time.
    So why did i even considering signing up for Air, when i already was using a VPN service that i like and trust?
    Well, while i was reading up, determined to find any serious providers out there, Air was definitely one the list.
    There was no reason for not picking AirVPN in the first place. I was kinda tired of all the reading, trying to find some independent source, So while having the website up for the previous VPN, i just gave it a go.
    After a while, i was starting to visit AirVPN more frequently. I was interested still, i mean Air was on my list of trustworthy and serious VPN service in the first place. And my list was far from long.
    I liked reading on the forums here. There was so much more to learn. Interesting tech discussions, well written guides, some more features in the client, a lot of happy users and great reviews.
    Now i just had to try. So i signed up.
    Now i wanted to get started!
    But instead of download the client, Eddie, I started my journey making 2 support tickets - I couldnt log in to Air from my computer. Later i found out that it was ME who forgot some of my log in details.
    The payment status was also "Pending" still. Kinda embarrassing creating support tickets, when it was an user error. The solution was of course to remember my log in details, and just give it some minutes for processing the payment. The support staff replied almost right away, that was impressing! Once i found out that the problem was on me, not on Air, everything just works great!
    The important things, about privacy, terms of service, is very clear, I have been testing out the features in Eddie, i have played online games (I understand theres no limited bandwith, but i figure heavy server load while playing, so please correct me if i shouldnt use VPN while playing online)
    And i experience absolutely GREAT speed! I have been used having slower speeds with other VPN before, but thats not the case here at all!
    I really like the client, Eddie. It feels solid, and i can easily change server, change the settings, network lock on, DNS lock, starting up when i start my computer, informative, easy access to the log, its flushing DNS at startup, showing the whole process,
    I know, only a day has passed, but im really impressed and happy with the service. I wouldnt write this if i wasnt, or if i believed that i suddenly will change my mind.
    I believe when someone signs up for Air, they are here to stay. At least i am, and i cant see myself going back to anything else!
    Thank you!
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    LZ1 reacted to zhang888 in Is there anything like this for Air?   ...
    Buy from GL-Inet directly, why do you need to buy from those resellers for €75 when it's $20 directly?
    It's the same box.
    For that budget, the Slate is a much better product, with a better CPU for encryption:
    And yes they all support Air out of the box since it comes with OpenWRT preinstalled.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from UnoBorg in I will be trying NordVPN, AirVPN, and ProtonVPN this weekend and will post some speed results   ...
    I think it's best we lock this thread, as OP hasn't posted during the weekend which OP said he would and that weekend is long gone now. So let's not keep people waiting for nothing.
    OP, if you decide to post your results, you can either PM me and we'll unlock this thread or you can start a new thread.
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