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  1. I'm not, but the ground-up changes on Eddie base engine blocks other developers. This delay it's only my fault, the situation will be recovered as soon as possible.
  2. Hi, I'm sorry about the delay on Eddie development, but in the next release we changed all source code from the ground up, to separate what needs elevated privileges and what not. So we are re-testing all Eddie features. For example, in the next release UI runs as normal user, and this can fix or cause worse issues in different Linux distributions. Re-testing all major distributions requires a lot of time. Anyway, I hope to release it (as a beta version for feedback) when all supported OS (Win/macOS/Linux) are ready for use. This is related to the next release of 2.X branch (the same UI you know). In the meantime, we are building also the new universal UI for 3.X branch. I hope we can release the new 2.x version as soon as possible. I hope I can give you a date in a few days. Sorry again for the delay.
  3. Hi, i honestly don't check this with unbound yet, but i made a little hotfix that maybe resolve. Can you retry? Thx for this feedback.
  4. I honestly don't understand why, it's the CMS we use (IPBoard). The only notification we implement (under AirVPN section) are not grayed... Sorry, i will check the IPBoard docs about this. I implement these styles. If the are issue or people need/want more styles, write to me a DM, thanks.
  5. I agree, an option about datetime formats. As soon as possible, promised.
  6. The CMS we use doesn't support anymore BBCodes. Some of them are accepted (for example spoiler), but don't rely on it. In theory you can copy/paste the rendered html directly. Please provide example URLs to topics for assistance, thanks. https://airvpn.org/notifications/options/ doesn't work? Not yet, but it will be implemented soon. We know, it will be fixed. Can I have a confimation that it's fixed now? Thx
  7. What link? The below link?
  8. Hi to all! Absolute NOT! We have an old, static copy of previous version as reference (yes LZ1, an old.airvpn.org ). Absolutely any user-content will be the same without re-editing, only please be patience, we are working on that. For all others: i will check each things tomorrow, please wait, i have other priority right now. Unfortunately the BBCodes are deprecated for IPBoard, but there are the equivalent for spoiler, log etc, we need only to tuning and write a guide. I added the Font button to the toolbar now. Some features still exists but are disabled by default in this edition.
  9. This currently disconnect all sessions of the user. If the key is not provided, it check if an user is logged on website. I will add this as soon as possible.
  10. Of course there is something wrong, but I have not yet identified what... I think there are at least two different issues, one related to NetLock, and another one is related to IPv6. We start focusing on the first issue. Open a ticket if you want to talk with me privately. Or write here, for me it doesn't matter. If I understand correctly, Internet works if you don't use Network Lock, right? It's a Windows 7. It's not a problem, but do you have any other PC in the same lan to check? At the moment, please perform these steps: Go to Settings -> Networking -> Layer IPv6 and switch it to "Block". 1) - Open Eddie - DON'T activate NetLock - Connect to Tyl server (double-click it in servers list). - Check if Internet works (go to ipleak.net for example). - Disconnect - Generate a full-log (lifebelt), name it "without-netlock.txt". - CLOSE Eddie 2) Repeat the same, but activate the NetLock before connecting. Name the log "with-netlock.txt". Please, connect to the same server, Tyl. 3) Go to Settings -> Network Lock -> Mode and pick "Windows Firewall". Repeat the 2). Name the log "with-wf.txt". Thanks for your patience.
  11. There are lots of flushing-dns methods, unfortunately Linux doesn't have a generic solution for this. Eddie tries to detect environment (nscd, dnsmasq, named, bind9) to flush DNS. So, to those who have this long wait time: please activate Preferences -> Logging -> Log Debug, reproduce the problem, and paste there the lines after the "Flushing DNS" line. Thanks.
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