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  1. Thanks for the feedback, the issue is under investigation.
  2. For the moment, we made the map visible with user confirmation, so there isn't anymore any request outside ipleak.net domain Thanks for the feedback
  3. It's the 2.20 version. For a bug (already fixed for the next versions), file versions (properties) of 2.20 are still 2.19, doesn't matter. Sorry.
  4. @campell and @bluesjunior we applied a hot fix (only to Windows builds) to the current release without changing version, please re-download and retry. Thx and sorry.
  5. I confirm an issue with Windows build with Network Lock activated, will be fixed as soon as possible, thanks
  6. Yes, is a bug in this version, will be fixed in the next release. To all: i wrote some posts ago that a new version will be released in a few days: sorry but we discovered an issue that requires time, a new beta version is expected to be released in mid-August. Please have patience, and revert to stable version in the meantime. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. Probably Eddie UI start BEFORE the service, and try to relaunch. I'm investigating this issue, i hope a fix in the next release in few days. Thanks again.
  8. "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" is a generic error. In this case, occur because 2.21 update your profile, and when you return to 2.20 stable, 2.20 can't read it. This will be fixed soon, in the mean-time, delete your profile file to avoid this error. No. Also, you have IPv6 disabled as os-level, that cause an issue in the 2.21beta that prevent connection. Please wait, we will release a new version in a few days that fix also this issue.
  9. Mmmm Try to launch, confirm prompt UAC, Preferences -> General check "Don't ask elevation every run", EXIT Eddie. Now, with Eddie closed, Windows -> Services , "Eddie Elevation Service" is running ? If yes, relaunch Eddie, ask again UAC? Thanks
  10. We just re-tested under macOS Catalina with or without Hummingbird, in our labs "Checking DNS" step are performed in a fraction of second... you can post here the "Logs -> Lifebelt" report? Only the first part until (and include) the paragraph "Important options not at defaults"? Thanks Someone else have hickups in "Checking DNS" step under macOS? Thanks
  11. All other feedbacks are under investigation/testing, please be patience. Thanks.
  12. After the testing, our Config Generator will be able to create WireGuard .conf file, usable without Eddie (wg / wg-quick or any official WireGuard app).
  13. You need to keep "Use Hummingbir d" for now, making HB the default may occur in future release.
  14. @koob Not sure how you reach the WireGuard error, WireGuard is implemented but only for selected beta-tester for the moment. You find "WireGuard" in "Protocol" section, OR you see the tab "Providers"?
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