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  1. This was an already resolved bug, does it still occur in 2.19.3?
  2. Yes thanks, if it is reproducible, enable in Preferences -> Logs both 'Log Debug' and 'Log on File'. Here or open a ticket if you prefer, thanks.
  3. Can you provide the exact message error? During development, sometimes we encounter a mystic "error -47", but it can't be related to Eddie because it disappears with a reboot. Still under investigation. Same as above, when you reboot does the issue disappear? Thx
  4. @Maggie144 has a specific macOS bug that will be fixed soon. @colorman, Linux, If you tick Preferences -> Advanced -> Use Hummingbird, Eddie will search for Hummingbird executable in environment paths. Otherwise a path can be set with option "--tools.hummingbird.path=/path/to/...". Sorry, no UI right now, it will be available in 2.19.3. But remember: you need to ensure "chmod +x /path/to/hummingbird" AND "chown root /path/to/hummingbird". An Eddie security protection requires root ownership.
  5. We hope to release 2.19.3 probably tomorrow, it fixes the "Unable to obtain elevated privileges (required): Object reference not set to an instance of an object" issue. Of course with Hummingbird updated. Please be patient, thx.
  6. Can you post a screenshot of the error by 2.19.2? Thx If you want to test, older 2.19.0 portable version for macOS is here
  7. linux .deb x64 resolved, thx, my apologies, an issue in deployment system.
  8. We cleaned the above post on Linux build crash for simplicity's sake. We have detected the issue and we are working to resolve it.
  9. Version 2.19.1 (Sat, 18 Apr 2020 11:14:36 +0000) [bugfix] Linux - Fix issue with Network Lock IPv6-only incoming whitelist [bugfix] - http-100-continue issue [bugfix] - Special condition elevation checks (may resolve "Unable to start (no-socket)" issues). [change] - Removed curl binary dependencies [new] Linux - New Network Lock with nftables (if nft is present, it is used by default in "Automatic" mode) [new] Windows - New option "Use wintun driver (OpenVPN>=2.5)" under "Preferences -> Advanced" automates ovpn directive
  10. Without, "windows-driver wintun" without quotes. The stable 2.18 includes the same tapctl.exe of OpenVPN, and runs automatically the "tapctl.exe create --hwid wintun" if no wintun adapter is available. But we know there are some issues under investigation.
  11. A new beta version released here addresses an urgent issue on older macOS and Custom DNS under Windows. Other feedback is under investigation. Thanks to all.
  12. No, sorry. You need to be able to download the 2.18.9. What package? .deb ? what you mean with "18%", apt-get ? curl? your browser download? You can try other kind of package, like portable or AppImage? Thx
  13. The download 2.4.8 installer for Windows 7/8/8.1 from OpenVPN website has exactly the same tap-windows.exe (575288 bytes) of Eddie 2.18.9 Windows 7/8. The issue is anyway under investigation, thanks
  14. Confirmed, will be fixed as soon as possible.
  15. Yes, my fault, forgotten to update when deploy an urgent fix, hash recomputed now. Thx.
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