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  1. I just downloaded 2.19.5, switched to Beta channel, at restart show the notice. What OS you use? Thx.
  2. You are using portable or installer edition? Try the installer OR launch https://eddie.website/windows-runtime/ before launching the portable, i'm waiting for feedback thx
  3. You can retry now? Maybe you try to connect to Netherland servers during the schedulated upgrade yesterday. Honestly, NOTHING are changed in macOS between 2.19.5 and 2.19.6, i don't understand your issue. In general, all our BigSur in our labs works as expected with Eddie, we currently don't reproduce any issue, still under investigation.
  4. Please try to download this: https://eddie.website/windows-runtime/ and retry (it's a dependency that installer edition perform automatically). I know, the Eddie message don't help. I'm waiting for feedback, the next version will have a better solution.
  5. Hi, AA bit issue fixed, https://dnsviz.net/d/ipleak.net/dnssec/ . You can tell me if the issue is resolved? Thanks.
  6. @mazeman23 Please download the latest 2.19.6. Revert to blank the option Preferences -> Advanced -> OpenVPN custom path Revert to blank any Preferences -> OpenVPN directive Restart Eddie 2.19.6 and retry.
  7. I don't understand well, we tested BigSur and don't encounter any particular issue, but i honestly don't know what Little Snitch is.
  8. All of your: please retry the latest beta version, contain the fix. Thanks.
  9. Hi, we compile Eddie with Raspberry OS 64 beta (based on Debian). I don't have currently an Ubuntu rPI for testing. Anyway in the latest release we fix a bug related to elevation in CLI mode under Linux, please recheck. Please note also that aarch64 edition of Eddie include OpenVPN 2.4.8 (armv7 and other platform include the latest 2.5.0). This because OpenVPN build process is not still updated to support aarch64, it's a pending issue.
  10. On Arch launch sudo pacman -S stunnel
  11. This occurs because we use PowerDNS software. https://doc.powerdns.com/authoritative/appendices/FAQ.html IpLeak has this configuration since almost TEN years ago, it's very very difficult for us to think the issue is not yet resolved. Anyway, this is still under investigation, but currently we can't fix, we can't replace PowerDNS.
  12. About the DNS issue, we have a class called IpAddresses (where previous DNS are stored in ram), that wrongly performs a sort that causes the issue, sort removed. Sorry but in our current workflow, our team works on code-base on a private repo, and when a release (not necessarily a stable one, also a beta one) is ready, it's flushed in public GitHub.
  13. Hi, don't need to fill a bugreport, i will check this. Edit: confirmed, will be fixed in the next release
  14. The problem with OpenVPN2.5 rc2 (or rc1, or beta5) with Eddie is caused by recent changes in OpenVPN that produce a compatibility issue. Please be patient, both errors above ("Object reference not set to an instance of an object." and "ERROR: Wintun requires SYSTEM privilege") will be fixed in the next Eddie release, please wait. We plan to release version 2.19.5 in a few days, and another one (or maybe the same) in bundle with OpenVPN 2.5 STABLE when a stable version is released.
  15. This is a known incompatibility problem between Eddie and the latest beta of OpenVPN2.5, it will be fixed in the next beta release, sorry you can only wait for now, we have other issues under investigation before releasing.
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