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  1. Hello ! The answer is yes and no, literally.
  2. You are doing a great job LZ1, I'm sure giganerd would not mind if you copied his how to link Haha, thank you x 2, it is done ! If only I knew as much as you guys, then I'd be able to help out more ^^.
  3. Hello ! Please use tags for your logs! As you can see, your post is a mile long. Please do edit your post and put them between those tags. https://airvpn.org/topic/16583-vpn-loses-connection-during-high-network-demand/?p=36538
  4. Hello ! Please do attach your logs, which you can find in the AirVPN client. Use spoiler tags too, if you can. You can try go into your network IPv4 adapter settings and set everything to "Obtain automatically".
  5. Hello ! I believe that's a common sort of bug and it's because the normal settings don't return after AirVPN has changed them. You can try go to your adapter settings and setting your DNS servers and IP address and all that to obtain automatically . Alternatively, you can go into the Eddie client and copy/paste the logs here for us to see. Just remember to use spoiler tags.
  6. "VPN" and "Fast" don't always go together though. Why do you need a VPN to game on your console???
  7. Hello ! I don't see why AirVPN shouldn't :]. Maybe just a small capacity server to start things off? Haha. Then they can perhaps gauge interest.
  8. Hello ! I don't know if this helps, but here you go: https://airvpn.org/topic/17076-openvpn-allready-running/?p=38993 By the way, before the real pros (not me) ask, maybe you should attach your AirVPN logs in a spoiler or some such if possible. Here's how you do it in case you're unsure https://airvpn.org/topic/16583-vpn-loses-connection-during-high-network-demand/?p=36538 We'll try to get your problem fixed . I know how it is dealing with something which just won't go away.
  9. Did you try some remote port forwarding? https://airvpn.org/faq/p2p/ https://airvpn.org/faq/port_forwarding/ I'm not an expert though. So you'll have to wait for one of the masters haha. I tried
  10. Hello ! I don't know if it's relevant, but make sure you're using things like AES and stuff like N-only connections or AC-only connections in the router web interface .
  11. I'd definitely say it couldn't hurt to check out that site I don't know if it's relevant, but anyways: http://www.bestvpn-china.com/blog/31750/a-complete-guide-to-ip-leaks/
  12. Oh I didn't notice it was *that* old. I couldn't post, so I went looking for threads which might solve my problem. My bad! I totally agree. I just switched to qBittorent and it's quite nice. I heard of that malware, but I didn't realise it might come from uTorrent, so thanks ^^.
  13. Hello ! So Transmission is finally available on Windows, after having been mainly *nix based. I think that's good news in general, as it means more options. Here you go. https://torrentfreak.com/transmission-releases-long-awaited-bittorrent-client-for-windows-160327/ With a link to the download here, from the above article: https://download.transmissionbt.com/files/ Will anyone of you be checking it out on Windows? (If it's the wrong sub-forum, I apologize)
  14. Thank you very much for that detailed explanation! That was excellent. I understand now. CA's seem quite useless, when put like that. But isn't there some sort of danger of impersonation? Like, couldn't someone else take AirVPNs brand name and start issuing malicious versions of their software, especially as the code for the software is open-source?
  15. Hello ! Thank you very much for the guide! It's always nice when someone adds their knowledge to the forums for all to see . Although my head is still spinning and getting uTorrent to work is proving a nightmare, as I just want all my networking traffic to go through the VPN, shh.
  16. Hello! AirVPN is the most badass when it comes to technical answers, haha.I love that about AirVPN. I love the professionalism of the staff too. They always seem cool, composed, professional and highly knowledgeable about technology; yet at the same time helpful. On bestvpn.com AirVPN wrote in to correct a reviewer in regards to SHA1 vs SHA1 HMAC, haha. It was quite epic.
  17. Hi ! I found this guide quite simple to follow: https://blog.ipredator.se/howto/restricting-utorrent-to-vpn-interfaces-part-1.html Maybe it can help you. Although I'm a little confused myself, as to which IP to allow on Inbound and Outbound for the BitTorrent client. I've been searching for hours and hours, but it's still not working. Is it the server entry and exit IPs which one has to allow? Or is it something else. Help would be appreciated.
  18. Maybe you can try: - Changing servers - Port-forwarding (Go to the client area on this website, top-right tab) Depending on what it is you're downloading. https://airvpn.org/forum/15-how-to/ https://airvpn.org/faq/p2p/ https://airvpn.org/faq/speed/
  19. Hello! I'm new and happy to be a part of this great thing. I just have 1 question and I tried looking around to no avail. I just wondered: why doesn't Eddie have "AirVPN" or something similar, as its "Publisher" when downloading the installer? Isn't this normally bad practice and/or potentially insecure? I checked my hashes and all and I think I'm in the clear regardless. But is this intentional and if so, why? Thank you
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