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  1. Hmm... https://bgp.he.net/AS62744 Any of you who've seen this info before will note a change.
  2. www.justice.gov.ma uses a self signed cert. that's the problem with that site.
  3. UDP connections may seem to linger. Use the option "explicit-exit-notify 5" to make UDP connections terminate nicely. Also note, that option can't be used with TCP connections.
  4. It sounds like you aren't connected to the VPN
  5. Those are SSL configs so that's the way they're supposed to be. The stunnel daemon should be listening on port 1413 on the local machine as the config shows.
  6. Hi, I don't think any of us are saying it doesn't work, we're just saying we can't get it to work. Would you care to share your setup so that we may all get it to work? Thanks! I don't use resolver or forwarder in pfsense. I assign DNS to clients via DHCP (can be or or whatever) and enforce via port forwarding rules and firewall rules.
  7. I don't see why you'd have a problem. Of course, I don't know what your network setup actually is. When you created a port forward on this web site did you choose a local port different from external port?
  8. My friends, I use pfsense as well and I can do dns lookups with nslookup www.google.com Server: UnKnown Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: www.google.com Addresses: 2607:f8b0:4000:812::2004
  9. Try connecting from a mobile device on cellular. Sometimes plex will say port forwarding isn't working but it is. If you get the green light from the airvpn port forward testing then it's pretty much a 100% chance that it *is* working. Just use the web browser, login to plex.tv and launch the web app.
  10. Can we get an update on this move? It has been 1.5 months since the announcement. Thank you.
  11. If you feel you're seeing a bug then create a support ticket.
  12. I had this problem with a mint vm at one time. I scratched that vm and made a new one and eddie was fast again. It's a mystery.
  13. OK, that's the entry IP 3, tls-crypt, so you need to change tls key usage mode to authentication and encryption. Also, I assume you put the tls key from this new config in the proper field, not the other key from a tls-auth config?
  14. Either get a more powerful router/gateway that uses an AES-NI CPU and run something like pfsense on it, or get a more powerful NAS that can run openvpn itself.
  15. I know those can do openvpn but the openvpn speed will be slow. About 17mbit/s is what they claim IIRC.
  16. You can't forward a port to a NAS when you're running AirVPN (Eddie) on a PC. You must run AirVPN on the NAS or run an openvpn client on a router/gateway.
  17. By default that's what the Eddie app uses.
  18. 1) did you verify the interface is TUN0? 2) Also can you be more detailed with your port forward rule on this site? Did you specify the internal (local) port as 10001 but external is something different?
  19. The OP of this thread is wanting to use the openvpn client on a router. That's not what you are doing. Port forwarding through the VPN tunnel to the Eddie app has nothing to do with what router you have. Everything goes through the encrypted VPN connection, the router cannot affect it at all. If you've seen a change in behavior with a new router it's just coincidence. If you had/have DNS leaks it sounds like you're not using network lock in Eddie.
  20. Wow, three of the Dallas servers are gone from status page.
  21. No, iptables are not created in the GUI on ddwrt or tomato.
  22. For clarity I think what you mean is you were able to forward ports without problem using Eddie (AirVPN software) but now that you use your edgerouter as openvpn client you have problems. I did a quick web search and it looks like there's plenty of help on this topic. You can do it through the web GUI of your router by creating DNAT and firewall rules.
  23. Doesn't seem much different really. Just different arrangement. I was hoping for the ability to just edit configs but I still can't do that that I can see.
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