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  1. Those two default rules need to be deleted and it looks like you have a duplicate rule for "airvpn_lan allow outbound".
  2. You need to follow the guide. Firewall rules are required. This note is under the "i" at the bottom of the firewall rules pages - "Everything that isn't explicitly passed is blocked by default." Therefore, if you don't create rules to pass traffic out the AirVPN gateway (or wherever you want it) it'll be blocked!
  3. the AC86U has an AES-NI CPU so it should be the best that I know of.
  4. Looks like you did something wrong around the TLS key. Also, is your local network really What is your DHCP server subnet?
  5. That CPU has AES-NI and can go up to 2.8ghz. I don't think it's your CPU keeping your speed down.
  6. RARBG wouldn't.. In fact they're one of the ones like Pirate Bay and Demonoid that have warnings all over the place about how you SHOULD be using a VPN. Some providers however, have been flagged. I get a message when I go to RARBG that my IP range has caused suspicious activity in the past, but the site still works fine (I get one at ETTV as well). I cant recall running into trouble with any of the Nor Cal servers, but I spend most of my time on the LA ones and they're all fine with RARBG. Been using the new Arizona ones the last few weeks, and believe it or not, they're faster and seem to be running even better than the ones here at home in LA.. Shorter ping times too. RARBG trackers *do* block many of Air servers. I use them too and usually have to rely on DHT only as the RARBG trackers don't respond. On a few servers I've tried their trackers respond normally. Again, it's not AirVPN doing the blocking, so it must be RARBG. I understand it seems ironic for them to suggest you use a VPN but then block some VPN IP but it's the truth.
  7. Sounds like sometimes your torrent client doesn't bootstrap DHT - maybe those DHT bootstrap servers are overloaded or blocking some VPN servers? The one remedy I know of is to just keep everything connected. If your torrent client continues to have an internet connection (through the VPN) it'll gather up many DHT nodes and won't lose them. Hopping around or disconnecting causes your torrent client to lose DHT nodes and then it has to bootstrap again.
  8. I can't say much about most of your problems but I will say that trackers block VPN IPs. Air is not blocking your access to trackers.
  9. Hash algorithm is SHA1 (not SHA) for tls-auth configs.
  10. OK, either way (router, or eddie) you must create a port forward rule in the client area on this web site. The servers must know to forward a port to you. If you use your raspi as openvpn client then you must create some iptables rules I imagine, much like other routers. Though I'm not sure as I've never used one. Anyway, the iptables rules basically tell the OS to forward traffic from the openvpn interface to whatever LAN device. Your ISP router can remain untouched, as the VPN tunnel (between raspi and VPN server) contains all traffic and can't be manipulated by the ISP router anyway. If using eddie it's easier. Once a rule is created in client area on this web site it should just work for any server listening on the same device that's running eddie. Again, do not touch the ISP router. Oh, and make sure your server is listening on the port that is setup in the rule you create in client area.
  11. Give some more details on what ports you've opened, including if you specified a local port, and what port your game is listening on. My guess is that you haven't told the game to listen on the port that AirVPN has opened for you. Furthermore, unless your game can tell your buddies what internet facing port (that of the VPN server) to connect to, it still won't work.
  12. I'm confused about how your setup. Are you using your RasPi as openvpn client, or Eddie?
  13. Much needed for it seems those northeast USA servers are often quite loaded. Thanks!
  14. The problem is that you now connect to the load balance. And the load balancer assigns you to a server. The IP address depends on which server it assigns you to. So you cannot control this any more. Unless AiVPN has relented from doing this load balancing? They were (justifiably) pleased about this. So I doubt they have removed it. https://airvpn.org/topic/28494-tunnel-private-subnet-changed/?p=75305 I added the underline. I think that's internally a load balancing across CPU cores, not servers. My external IP is consistently what I expect it to be depending on the server I use.
  15. If you connect to a regional domain (e.g. ca.vpn.airdns.org) your IP address may change because you may connect to a different server. If you specify a single server (e.g. alhena.airservers.org) you'll always get the same internet facing IP address.
  16. I’ve been saying this exact stuff re pfsense and tls-crypt since the first gen 2 test server (castor) came online many months ago. Please don’t act like you discovered something new.
  17. So my understanding is that I should not open the port on the router, so how can I get this to work? Thanks! When running the openvpn client from the router you do forward ports on it. See https://airvpn.org/topic/9270-how-to-forward-ports-in-dd-wrt-tomato-with-iptables/?hl=%2Bdd-wrt+%2Btomato+%2Bport+%2Bforward for details.
  18. Have you rebooted your pfsense box? Is there something wrong with the AirVPN server you're trying to connect to?
  19. You'll need to post logs for us to help.
  20. Fafnir is still here according to status page but Pictor left when this announcement was made. Of course, the other 3 didn't even survive the temporary time. Is Fafnir going to become permanent?
  21. It's as you say - they block VPN IP addresses. They don't want you getting cheaper rates by changing your location. They, reasonably, want to be able to track you in case of fraud. There are many good reasons why us users should put ourselves in the shoes of the business and compromise a little at times. On the other hand, I have no problem with bypassing a Netflix blockage because my billing address is USA. So, if I want USA library I should get it.
  22. https://airvpn.org/topic/26549-eddie-android-edition/?p=77774
  23. you could try running the AirVPN Android beta on it.
  24. The suggestion to turn off IPv6 is probably on the right track. You can have Eddie turn of IPv6 upon connection - see settings. It's the checking route IPv6 that's failing.
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