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    Interesting thing I came across. Surprised to see no talk of this in the forum yet. https://lists.zx2c4.com/pipermail/wireguard/2019-September/004580.html
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    ANSWERED IP leaking and proxy servers?

    Hello! You can start by considering updating your client from mid-2018 to 2020 .
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    How to use wintun driver in Windows

    I noticed your post right after I posted mine. I'm getting the same result as you, and have sent a support request through the client area while also posting here. I got a reply that my request has been forwarded to the Eddie developers. If I get a response from the Eddie developers before one is posted here I will pass the info on.
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    Gigabit connection here, from Canada. I'm able to reach more than 600Mbps. Here is how: - wintun and OpenVPN 2.5 - ChaCha20 server - Ethernet connection I'm very happy with the speed after a lot of testing.
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    This more of a warning than a request for support. After upgrading yesterday to Windows 10 Home Version 2004, the experimental wintun adapter installed from the openvpn 2.5 git wintun technology preview installer is no available in Adapter Settings. Trying to reinstall from this version was unsuccessful. Has anyone else noticed this? If so, has anyone had any luck reinstalling the adapter? Could you share how you did it? Thanks very much
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    Was able to sold the issue with an uninstall, reboot and reinstall so make sure to give that a go.
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    I have to say, Wintun is a whole heap more stable then TAP in W10.
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