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    Eddie Desktop 2.18beta released

    I disabled latency check to avoid this issue.
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    2019 1st and 2nd quarter report

    Hello! Transparency report. NGOs, persons or entities in general whose public activities are compatible with our mission and that we decided to help, according to the limits set by our resources and the commitments to our customers, during the first half of 2019, in alphabetical order AccessNow, for the steadfast activity aimed to defend and extend the digital rights of users at risk around the world. Caitlin Johnstone, for her commitment to totally independent journalism, for publishing non-copyrighted articles and for her fight against censorship in the pursuit of truth. Chelsea Manning (through her legal defense fund), for having put freedom of expression and the right to access and make information public pertaining to war crimes on a level higher than her personal safety and freedom with exceptional courage and moral integrity. Electronic Frontier Foundation, for outstanding support of civil liberties and fundamental rights in the digital and non-digital world through correct and precise information, pro bono legal activities and support inside and outside courts, and development of valuable open source software tools. Mastodon, for the ongoing development of an open source software project which has the potential to significantly enhance freedom of expression and privacy in a "social network" environment Tor nodes and Tor Project, for their effective and invaluable ability to enhance privacy and bypass censorship in the digital world, through open source software, in ways easily available to any Internet-connected citizen in the world. WikiLeaks, for having revolutionized the world of journalism with unprecedented courage, through a nonprofit organization, in spite of the enormous risks derived by such a disruptive activity. Please consult our mission web page for details and additional information, as well as other entities supported by AirVPN in periods earlier than 2019: https://airvpn.org/mission NOTE During the first half of 2019, Amnesty International, for its long standing activities in protection of the right to a due and fair process, freedom of expression and other human rights, had been taken into serious consideration and donations had been planned. However, new events have caused concern and disappointment to AirVPN founders. AirVPN founders deem that Amnesty International decision to not consider Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange as prisoners of conscience is unfair and factually wrong. AirVPN founders also deem that Amnesty International decision to not pursue any active work in defense of Manning and Assange requires a serious re-consideration about the compatibility of Amnesty International activities with AirVPN mission. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2019/05/23/assa-m23.html In the course of 2019, in case Amnesty is not going to change the aforementioned decisions, donation funds for Amnesty will be re-allocated to support different NGOs or entities. Kind regards and datalove AirVPN
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    hummingbird woks inside eddie 2.18.6 portable on plasma manjaro
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    Hello, I'd like to suggest adding a small note field to the port forwarding menu, where you could for example note which port works for which of your services. Having many of them and having to use a different external and internal port sometimes takes a while to remember which port was meant for which service. /off topic, on a sidenote I have to praise the performance / service of Air. I came over from PIA after Kape's takeover and would never look back. Speed wise, connectivity wise and especially for port forwarding needs. Will stay a good while. Have a nice day!
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    Eddie Desktop 2.18beta released

    Thanks for the Info . Gonna wait for the next release... Great community here
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    @puremorning Check the servers available bandwidth because 30 MB/s are 240 Mbit/s. To give you 240 Mbit/s the server needs 480 Mbit/s, therefore you are probably at server/OpenVPN daemon capacity. We would say that now your fine tuning with Virgin is just fine. Additional fine tuning on your side (if you haven't already done so) is setting very large OpenVPN sockets buffers. For your kind of throughput they are necessary, but don't keep large buffers if you need high responsiveness such as in online gaming. Keep at least 512 KB (you can set buffers in Eddie's "Preferences" > "Networking" window). Kind regards
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    Here is an excellent new link I just came across on setting up qBittorrent for best performance. https://www.techjunkie.com/best-qbittorrent-settings/
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    Eddie Desktop 2.18beta released

    Linux Mint 19.3 user here on Eddie 2.18.6 Beta with TCP 443 enabled - unable to use UDP as it's blocked by default. I placed the hummingbird binary in /usr/lib/eddie-ui directory and checked the advanced setting to "use hummingbird if available". When Eddie pings my server list, I get an ERROR: TCP_OVERFLOW message. Functionality does not seem to be significantly affected by this error. Initial impressions indicate throughput and responsiveness are faster via hummingbird OpenVPN 3 vs OpenVPN 2.4.4. eddie.log
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    Hi guys! thank you so much and you have done a terrific work as usual Should we consider this as a "stable" version or still as an "experimental" one? Thank you
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    Version 2.18.6 (Fri, 17 Jan 2020 13:46:48 +0000) [change] Bug fixes and code cleanup [change] OpenVPN 2.4.8 [change] Windows - Tap driver (Win7-Win10) upgraded from 9.23.3-i601 to 9.24.2-i601 [new] New option 'Skip promotional messages'. [change] macOS - New menubar icons [bugfix] macOS - 'Rules not loaded' in some environment [change] Hummingbird integration (experimental) All other reported issues are under investigation. (Linux Arch package is not yet available, fix coming soon).
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    Thank you giganerd. I solved the DNS issue, thanks a lot. The port forward problem was that I did not spot that the external and internal ports are different No. When those are the same it works perfect
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    Hello! We confirm the issue on iOS with some browsers, but Safari behaves correctly. We are going to investigate the problem. In iOS, please use Safari to download ovpn files from the Configuration Generator in the meantime. Kind regards
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    airvpn.org censored

    @tlc Hello! Look: $ dig @ airvpn.org +short $ dig @ airvpn.org +short which is correct. However considers airvpn.org an adult only web site or a porn site. Just another proof of how idiotic censorship is, how web site filtering is exploited by hidden political agenda eventually, and how stupid the persons who gladly look for censorship and delegate their choices to a third party are. Kind regards
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    Linux user here. I'm using virgin's m500 service with a superhub 3, had it for literally a week. I was previously with another VPN provider and noticed Virgin were throttling the openvpn connection I was using and said provider had no real information on what was going wrong and how I should fix this. Through various attempts at googling I found some posts mentioning that if you run openvpn over stunnel on port 443 you should be able to evade this which is what led me to airvpn. I followed one of the tutorials on here and did a stunnel (443)/openvpn/port forward implementation. Raw : ISP: Virgin Media Latency: 18.65 ms (0.27 ms jitter) Download: 547.18 Mbps (data used: 807.1 MB) Upload: 36.84 Mbps (data used: 36.6 MB) With airvpn : ISP: *** Latency: 26.50 ms (26.09 ms jitter) Download: 24.78 Mbps (data used: 43.3 MB) Upload: 32.97 Mbps (data used: 54.6 MB) To be fair to airvpn I do occasionally hit 80Mbps but it's not consistent. I've not yet managed to max out my connection but it's a marked improvement on where it was before. I have a stand alone linux machine which I run transmission on which has stunnel/openvpn running constantly. Like I say, I've only been with Virgin for about a week so I'm still researching the best way to do this.
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    Hello! We inform you that all of our Lithuanian servers are being withdrawn and dismissed. The datacenter provider, Cherry Servers, has just asked for a block of all outbound ports except a few ones they called "standard ports" (sic) to prevent any possible future "copyright infringement" (to be noted: no infringement in the past has ever been proved). It is clearly an unacceptable request for us, and we guess for everyone, and it also reveals the true face of Cherry Servers datacenter as an enemy of the Internet. For us, it's also an option to finally get rid of the last servers still not supporting IPv6. Cherry Servers was one of our last providers still lacking IPv6 support, a fact that should have given us a "head up!" about Cherry Servers poor commitment to providing decent services. We will be actively looking for an alternative datacenter. We will be looking for datacenters where the concept of mere conduit is understood, and IPv6 infrastructure is available. In the meantime keep in mind that we offer several servers in the Baltic region as well as other, nearby countries. Kind regards
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    TLS keydir direction usage

    @Air4141841 Hello! key-direction 1 when you use TLS Auth key (i.e. you connect to entry-IP addresses 1 and 2). Omit it when you use TLS Crypt (i.e. you connect to entry-IP addresses 3 and 4), because it's not pertaining to TLS Crypt. For an explanation, look for secret file [direction] and –key-direction in the manual https://openvpn.net/community-resources/reference-manual-for-openvpn-2-4/ If you run OpenVPN 2.4 or higher version, TLS Crypt is recommended because it encrypts the whole Control Channel, with the important side effect to make OpenVPN "fingerprint" not detectable by Deep Packet Inspection (some ISPs, when they detect OpenVPN "fingerprint", enforce traffic shaping). Kind regards
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    HOW TO: get openVPN working in Kodi

    This manual is primarily intended for LibreELEC/CoreELEC/OpenELEC users, from version 7, there OpenVPN is already integrated. But in general it should work with Linux and Windows, but OpenVPN may have to be installed there first. For more information, see also: https://github.com/Zomboided/service.vpn.manager/wiki/01.-Installation This manual is based on the unofficial build of kszaq LibreELEC with Kodi (Krypton) 17.6 and "VPN Manager for openVPN" 4.9.9. After I've tried for hours to get openVPN working in LibreELEC in order to be able using Zattoo (HIQ) via switzerland-airVPN-server, here a small HOW TO, so hopefully it would be easier for others. 1. Use the Config Generator in client area in order to create a configuration file. Select as operating system Linux (I did) or RPiSelect as protocol udp (recomended), Port 443Select nothing else, no advanced mode, no proxySelect a server (for me it has to be one from switzerland) by single server! I have experienced, that if you choose "by country", sometimes it won't work (probably because one or more servers, which are then automatically selected, are not recognized as swiss servers). You can test the single servers with your already working system to see whether they should be recognized for what they are. One server is enough, because later only one server can be used for automatic connection establishment in the VPN Manager anyway. But you can also create several server-files, if you want (and later mark the files in green, you'll see it in one of the next steps.).Create and downlaod the .ovpn file(s).2. Download the zomboided repository on your PC. With this you can download later on the service-vpn-manager (to manage openvpn) and its updates. You can get it from here: https://github.com/Zomboided/repository.zomboided.plugins And maybe interesting: https://github.com/Zomboided/service.vpn.manager/wiki There you can read, what it does and how it works. 3. Copy the two files (zomboided repo and .ovpn file) in the download-folder of Kodi (your OE/LE/CE machine). For connecting your PC with your device you can use e.g. SAMBA. An other way is e.g. to copy the files to an USB-Stick and work with this. 4. Now go into your Kodi menu. Enable install from unknown sources (for more informations take a look at the Wiki-link above -> installation)Install the zomboided repository via Systems/Addons/InstallGo to the new installed zomboided repository and install the "vpn manager for openvpn".Now a wizard wants to start -> don't use it! (For me it did't work!) Instead change directly in this window into settings.In the new window (settings) you can see on the left the first entry "VPN configuration". It should be already selected.Move to right, just have a look at "Protocol (udp recomended)" and change it to udp, if necessary. Don't change anything else (don't care about all the things like username or password!), but scroll directly down to "user defined import wizard", select this.Confirm the next dialog box with OK.Next dialog box should be: "Any existing user defined settings and files will be deleted. Do you want to continue?" -> YesNext dialog box: "Select all files needed ...", you can choose between files and directory -> choose "files"Navigate to the folder you have stored the .ovpn file, select it (it turns green) and click OK.(I'm not sure about this point. I recently had a device, the next steps (from "Now in the settings window again...") did not work. So maybe you'd better move on to the next to steps.) Next dialog box: "Update the .ovpn files ...?" -> NoNext dialog box: "Update the .ovpn files ...?" -> YesNext dialog box: "Rename the .ovpn files ...?" -> YesNext dialog box: "Import wizard finished ..." -> OKNow in the settings window again, go down on left side to "VPN connections".Go right to "First vpn connection ..." and click it. Wait a moment ...In the new dialog box: Heading "select first vpn profile", you should find something like "AIR_VPN_..._UDP..." or maybe just an IP-Adress -> select it and click OKNow you should get a new dialog box with: "Connected to a VPN ..." - gratulation, that's it!To make sure you don't forget, now go in the settings menu and click OK to save the settings you have made so far!Just a few more tips: Now you can go back to the settings menu and familiarize yourself a little bit. For example you should have a look at the "monitor" menu option on the left. There you can define, among other things, whether openVPN should connect automatically at system startup or even before the Kodi startup.An other interesting thing for example is the "Add-on Filter". There for example, you can define addons that should only work over a VPN connection. For example, if you only need a VPN connection when you start a specific addon like Zattoo HIQ, you can put this addon into the filter and the VPN Manager will automatically establish the openVPN connection when the addon is started. And it will not allow Internet access for the addon until the VPN connection is established. That's really very useful, I think!The VPN Manger is a great addon, once you have managed to feed it with data in the right way! Some passages are translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
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    Hello! We regret to inform you that the server Thuban (FR) has been withdrawn due to inability of the datacenter to meet our technical requirements. Currently, we have decided to momentarily drop France. The current legal framework on data retention can be interpreted as an obligation to extend logging of various traffic information by the datacenters, since it covers "hosting providers". Although this obligation, according to our inquiries, has remained quite theoretical so far at datacenter levels, we deem appropriate to not expose our customers to such risks. We will add in the next days servers in Belgium, where data retention laws have been canceled since last year and the legal framework on data protection and privacy does not infringe human rights. Kind regards AirVPN Staff
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    Discord is a little big privacy nightmare, I hope you are aware of this. No encryption, profiles open, nothing gets ever deleted, full access to your data from devs.
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