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    2019 1st and 2nd quarter report

    Hello! Transparency report. NGOs, persons or entities in general whose public activities are compatible with our mission and that we decided to help, according to the limits set by our resources and the commitments to our customers, during the first half of 2019, in alphabetical order AccessNow, for the steadfast activity aimed to defend and extend the digital rights of users at risk around the world. Caitlin Johnstone, for her commitment to totally independent journalism, for publishing non-copyrighted articles and for her fight against censorship in the pursuit of truth. Chelsea Manning (through her legal defense fund), for having put freedom of expression and the right to access and make information public pertaining to war crimes on a level higher than her personal safety and freedom with exceptional courage and moral integrity. Electronic Frontier Foundation, for outstanding support of civil liberties and fundamental rights in the digital and non-digital world through correct and precise information, pro bono legal activities and support inside and outside courts, and development of valuable open source software tools. Mastodon, for the ongoing development of an open source software project which has the potential to significantly enhance freedom of expression and privacy in a "social network" environment Tor nodes and Tor Project, for their effective and invaluable ability to enhance privacy and bypass censorship in the digital world, through open source software, in ways easily available to any Internet-connected citizen in the world. WikiLeaks, for having revolutionized the world of journalism with unprecedented courage, through a nonprofit organization, in spite of the enormous risks derived by such a disruptive activity. Please consult our mission web page for details and additional information, as well as other entities supported by AirVPN in periods earlier than 2019: https://airvpn.org/mission NOTE During the first half of 2019, Amnesty International, for its long standing activities in protection of the right to a due and fair process, freedom of expression and other human rights, had been taken into serious consideration and donations had been planned. However, new events have caused concern and disappointment to AirVPN founders. AirVPN founders deem that Amnesty International decision to not consider Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange as prisoners of conscience is unfair and factually wrong. AirVPN founders also deem that Amnesty International decision to not pursue any active work in defense of Manning and Assange requires a serious re-consideration about the compatibility of Amnesty International activities with AirVPN mission. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2019/05/23/assa-m23.html In the course of 2019, in case Amnesty is not going to change the aforementioned decisions, donation funds for Amnesty will be re-allocated to support different NGOs or entities. Kind regards and datalove AirVPN
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