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[ENDED] 2023 Black Friday Sale

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We're very glad to inform you that the Black Friday week has started in AirVPN!


Save up to 74%

when compared to one month plan price


Check all plans and discounts here: https://airvpn.org/buy


If you're already our customer and you wish to jump aboard for a longer period, any additional subscription will be added on top of already existing subscriptions and you will not lose any day.

AirVPN is one of the oldest and most experienced consumer VPN on the market, operating since 2010. It never changed ownership and it was never sold out to data harvesting or malware specialized companies as it regrettably happened to several competitors. Ever since 2010 AirVPN has been faithful to its mission.

AirVPN does not inspect and/or log client traffic and offers:

  • five simultaneous connections per account
  • remote port forwarding
  • WireGuard support on all servers
  • flexible and customizable opt-in block lists protecting you from adware, trackers, spam and other malicious sources. You can customize answers or exceptions globally, at account level or even at single device level.
  • powerful API
  • IPv6 full support
  • comfortable access to your client certificates and keys management
  • AES-GCM and ChaCha20 OpenVPN ciphers on all servers
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy with unique per-server 4096 bit Diffie-Hellman keys
  • active daemons load balancing for unmatched high performance - current 'all time high' on client side is 730 Mbit/s with OpenVPN and 1046 Mbit/s with WireGuard
  • internal DNS. Each server runs its own DNS server. DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS are also supported.
  • free software support to traffic splitting on an application basis on Android and Linux (alpha testing) and on a destination basis on Windows and macOS

AirVPN is the only VPN provider which is actively developing OpenVPN 3 library with a fork that's currently 190 commits ahead of OpenVPN master and adds key features and bug fixes for a much more comfortable and reliable experience:

AirVPN, in accordance with its mission, develops only free and open source software for many platforms, including Android, Linux (both x86 and ARM based systems), macOS and Windows.
Promotion due to end on 2023-12-03 (UTC).

Kind regards & datalove
AirVPN Staff

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Awesome.;) What is the last day?

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Just had a look at the payments options and the cryptocurrency list seems a bit short compared to previous years (Ethereum is conspicuous by its absence).
Last time I renewed my subscription I paid with Bitcoin. This time I feel like experimenting: Bitcoin Cash, Doge, Litecoin, Monero. Which altcoin do you recommend?

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I was going to buy now but it seems that the price changed from yesterday and become more expensive. Wasn't it "Promotion due to end on 2023-12-03 (UTC)."

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7 hours ago, bosterius said:

I was going to buy now but it seems that the price changed from yesterday and become more expensive. Wasn't it "Promotion due to end on 2023-12-03 (UTC)."

EDIT: the promotion has been re-activated to honor the 1st declaration in the original message.

We apologize for any inconvenience; due to a misunderstanding and a typo the promotion ended almost 24 hours earlier than announced here. Please open a ticket to get the discount. Any other reader still wanting the discount can open a ticket and obtain it.
Kind regards

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Posted ... (edited)

I made a BCH payment approximately 25 minutes ago but it hasn’t gone through yet, is that normal?
And by that I mean there’s not a single confirmation even though I raised the transaction fee to 10.0 sat/byte (the cost is negligible anyhow) - all BCH were fused btw.
Any advice?

Never mind, it’s been completed 👍
Took longer than expected though, it had me worried for a few minutes...

Edited ... by ccp4vpn
Problem solved

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