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How to manage client certificate/key pairs

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Multiple keys allow you to:

  • selectively pick remotely forwarded inbound ports by device/key
  • connect multiple devices to the same VPN server by using a different key on each device
  • have different, device-specific DNS block lists

A dedicated panel to manage your client certificates and keys is accessible in our web site.


In order to access the main control panel click Client Area while your account is logged into the AirVPN web site.


The Devices button provides you with access to a panel to administer your client certificate/key pairs. The panel lets you use a multi-certificate/key support from AirVPN, a comfortable and convenient feature. You can have multiple pairs, renew them and issue completely new ones. From each device of yours you will be free to use any pair you like. Therefore you can keep all of your certificates and keys under control, administer them and also connect multiple devices to the same server and port by using a different key on each device. Eddie 2.13.6 or higher version is required.

In Eddie's Overview window a menu which will let you choose a key before you start a connection will appear automatically when you create a new certificate/key par from your account control panel (note: restart Eddie and log your account out and in again if such menu does not appear). To create a new certificate/key pair click the button labeled Add a new device.
The Configuration Generator has been modified as well, in order to let you generate configuration files with the certificate/key pair you wish.


Let's see in details how to use the "Devices/Keys" options.

Device Name and Description: these are free name and description which you can associate to any pair for your comfort. Click the pencil icon to edit.

Details opens a window showing various information: Type, Creation date, Last renew date and Last VPN connection. In the same window you can find the following actions:
  1. Renew: when you click this action button, the corresponding certificate will be revoked, and a new certificate/key pair will be issued.
  2. Delete: this action button will revoke the corresponding certificate, without issuing a new one.
  3. DNS: this action button will let you enter the DNS block list panel for that specific certificate/key pair to let you define, activate or de-activate specific DNS block lists, exceptions and additions, which will apply to that pair only.

View history and View Active will toggle with each other to provide you with any relevant information on the history of your actions about keys and the current active list. 


Some caution when using the aforementioned features:

  • if you revoke or renew a certificate/key pair which is being used by some connected device, that device will soon be disconnected

  • in Eddie Desktop edition, you will need to log your account out and then in again to force Eddie to pick a different pair (new or old) (*) - in Eddie Android edition this is not necessary

  • to use new pairs, you will need to re-generate and import configuration files if you use them with some third-party software, or if you run OpenVPN or Wireguard directly

(*) unchecking "Remember me" is necessary in older Eddie versions


Kind regards and datalove
AirVPN Staff

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