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#77004 Pay with Cash

Posted by LZ1 on 26 August 2018 - 12:22 PM



Yes, on many occasions. But it has always been ruled out as an option; usually, as you alluded to, with administration being cited as at least one of the leading reasons for why.


Note also that Air doesn't quite care if others are doing X, as they don't inherently worry about following the pack. Often because it turns out they're ahead of the pack anyway, as many competitors only do things for reasons related to marketing and not because that thing will necessarily increase security or privacy in real terms. So for example, many a competitor may say they accept Bitcoin and say no more. While Air recently cut out the middleman for Bitcoin transactions and remains one of the few, if only, to do so I think. When this sort of thing is taken into account, you may see how sending cash physically may seem wholly unnecessary from Airs standpoint, besides just unfeasible practically :).

#75900 What about a 2 year subscription?

Posted by LZ1 on 20 July 2018 - 11:07 PM



Thank you for your suggestion. Ideas are always welcome :).


Good going getting more people unto the Air(ship). Remember to use your personal referral link :D.


There's sales around 3 times a year, where one can enjoy discounts approaching 40%. You can find the details in the first section of the FAQ in my signature. So I recommend spreading the word, around that time.


Otherwise there's not going to be such a 2 year plan most likely. Perhaps partly due to being unnecessary, partly due to being untenable income-wise and partly due to sales already being present, which discount all plans.


I'm quite sure that Air Staff, in prior posts, argue that Air is one of the cheaper options out there, when you take into account all the many features you get, which you often don't get at all with many competitors.


While I consider Air a good value there are others who think it a bit on the expensive side, particularly when compared to a couple other VPNs I've subscribed to


Perhaps your sales strategy should include more feature-by-feature comparisons, when making the case for Airs current price point?


For example:

  • How many of those competitors supply a native FOSS Linux client; which also runs on many other operating systems and works out of the box?
  • How many of those competitors can switch seamlessly between not just TCP, UDP, SSH and SSL, but also TOR?
  • How many of those competitors employ just half of the security measures Air does, from tls-crypt to Perfect Forward Secrecy?  

#75797 I'm done

Posted by LZ1 on 17 July 2018 - 12:09 PM



(I'd like to know how all these people are getting gazillion mbps, sure ain't happening with me)

Something which defines this community is the willingness to experiment and tinker, to obtain maximum performance. Some also buy hardware specifically meant for it; such as a good router with custom software. That's not to say you can't get good performance without those things, but just that this is what is usually true for those at the top.


It can take several minutes to connect to even the recommended server, if it connects the first time around. It will not allow me to connect to many servers that I choose on the list.

To troubleshoot this, it's usually necessary for you to share your Eddie logs with either the community or Air support.


It has some how hijacked my computer so I can't connect to the internet after I disconnect the VPN and restart my machine.

This is because you probably enabled Network Lock and it's working: no communications allowed from your computer, unless it can go through Air. Either disable Network Lock or update your client, as older clients had some bugs relating to this.


The only thing that worked great was using a German server to tap into one of the German TV networks for watching the world cup.

One feature with Air is the micro-routing. Which means you don't need to connect to, in this case, a location in Germany, to access German content. Connecting to any location would work usually.


No, I'm not a computer expert otherwise I wouldn't be posting this message and yes I have an education a bit beyond the 3rd grade.

No one is expecting expertise or commenting on education. Most would probably say that patience, experimentation and general curiosity matter more :).


Tried customer support a while back but was not impressed.

Maybe you should try again. :)


Would entertain any simple fixes in simple language before I bail.


  1. Upgrading to the latest client. Just download it again from the download page.
  2. Going to Eddie preferences>Protocols>Trying different protocols such as TCP and SSL 443. Remember to re-connect to a country after each change, for it to take effect.
  3. Sharing your Eddie logs, when something doesn't work right; otherwise we're clueless to what's going on.
  4. As a rule, we need to know more about your system. 3rd party security software for example, can cause issues. So you can try disable any of these that may be installed.

#75772 How to make UDP usable if you get a time out

Posted by LZ1 on 16 July 2018 - 03:51 PM



Thank you for making a contribution like this to the forum/community. I'm sure it'll be useful and to help ensure it's not lost, I will add it to my list of forum guides, if that's alright with you :).


As for MTU, there's a great post and link on just that, which takes the guess work out of it, using the mssfix.

#75771 Recovery. Unexpected crash?

Posted by LZ1 on 16 July 2018 - 03:29 PM



Which release client are you using? If the problem persists in the latest stable, that would be interesting.

#75695 Are some servers now no longer working?

Posted by LZ1 on 13 July 2018 - 04:09 PM



You can always check the status here.


Otherwise it's good if you share your entire log :).

#75681 Error message - Recovery. Unexpected crash?

Posted by LZ1 on 13 July 2018 - 10:52 AM

Each time I start windows the Airvpn client shows the message - "Recovery. Unexpected crash ?". The client then connects as normal. Uninstalling and deleting the \appdata\local\airvpn directory and reinstalling makes no difference.


Client ver 2.9.2  Windows 64 bit 8.1


How can I clear this error message ?



In addition to what Staff said, please do also consider updating your client, as it's extremely out of date if you're using 2.9.2(!). Changelog.

#75641 How do I manually change servers?

Posted by LZ1 on 11 July 2018 - 03:24 PM



You go to the servers tab and double-click on the one you desire.


In the countries tab you can choose which countries should be in the servers list, through white or blacklisting them. 

#75631 Cybersec NordVPN equivalent?

Posted by LZ1 on 11 July 2018 - 10:23 AM



You "can use" ad-blocking with Air, yes.


But if you mean Air implementing a feature like Nords, then no, because that's not Airs job to do and is more of a marketing gimmick to insinuate more features, rather than something which is actually crucial for security.


If you want ad-blocking, then simply add the appropriate software or hardware. Whether that's a pi-hole or a browser plugin such as uBlock Origin. :)

#75629 Request: a node in Italy

Posted by LZ1 on 11 July 2018 - 10:09 AM



Air usually considers new placements at the end of the year and then puts them in place throughout the next year.


But they do not tell us beforehand which locations they intend to either add or augment; perhaps because there's many things which can obstruct their plans and they don't want to disappoint their customers.


It's not likely that Italy will be added though, since it was in 2014 that it was taken off-line, due to the legal situation associated with working in Italy:


We're very sorry to inform you that Crucis has been withdrawn and that we have no plans to open any new server in Italy at the moment. This unfortunate decision is due to the pressure correctly put on us by Italy competent authorities for minor investigations about a myriad of minor crimes perpetrated through the server.


The bureaucratic procedures behind every single crime, as small as it is, all together are impacting the credibility of our good faith in Italy. This is an unfortunate combination, because the server is in the same country where our legal offices are located, so even a presumed crime of a "1 EUR theft" needs to be addressed and followed. Our presence is needed in authorities offices with a consequence of an incredible time waste and the more crimes are committed, the higher the likelihood that some magistrate will try to to put on us the burden of primary or secondary liability, given the continuous flow of crimes which we are informed about and therefore considered to be aware of. We don't have the obligations of an Internet Service Provider, but at the same time we might not have anymore the same protection as a mere conduit.


In order to prevent any potential, bigger problem, we have therefore decided to put an end to VPN activity in any Italian server. RAI (Italy TV) will remain accessible from any other VPN server in the world and we can add additional services with our "micro-routing" feature.

#71884 Can't find my gift voucher!

Posted by LZ1 on 27 April 2018 - 08:01 PM

I agree it could be much clearer.


    What would I have to write in the Recipient's Name anyway? An e-mail, a username, real name?

Username I think, as that's what the sender field shows and is the most logical.


    The recipient has to be registered or not?

Yes they must be registered users, as there's no other way of identifying them, that I can see. Except perhaps if it's through email.


    And what about Sender's Name?

On mine it automatically shows LZ1. But there could be reasons for someone wanting to use a different senders name.


    Why are those fields not marked as mandatory?

Staff hasn't commented on this AFAIK, but the email field is mandatory if you select "email".


    What will the voucher look like when emailed?

I don't know.


And when printed?

I don't know that either.


But thanks for bringing it up. It might make for good feedback for Staff. It's possible they'll reply to this thread at some point too.

#71863 Eddie 2.14beta released

Posted by LZ1 on 27 April 2018 - 11:23 AM

1-is 3/4months ago, beta version coming out?


2-when stable version is realesd?  :wub: 


3-why support doesn't answer the request's? I can't find another way to talk support team, just here! :no: 


For support, the forum is the way to go.. The team is busy, and if there is a hardware problem, you can be sure they are aware of it. For everything else, the forums work fine. I read a lot of reviews and shootouts on VPNs before checking out Air and this was mentioned in a few of them. That support came mainly from a community forum, but was great. That was one of the things that made me choose Air in the end. There were plenty of VPNs that allowed the same access features I wanted, but I don't like dealing with company tech support generally. If theres something going wrong with it, its usually something on my end, not the servers. Not every TS employee is the brightest and most knowledgable employee, and here there are plenty of folks in the know hanging out, that can often go above and beyond and help out, where a TS employee might just reach the end of his script and either not know, or not be allowed to troubleshoot any further (worked at plenty of places where this is how it we did it). Im a Mac user on top of it, is the general TS employee even familiar with the Mac OS beyond the canned answers TS often gives out for issues? Why bother when I can find a Unix guy that might be able to help, and actually likes figuring stuff out instead? 


Incidentally, what you're talking about is often the result of using outsourced Tech Support, who do as you describe; pre-packaged answers, scripts and lack of knowledge. Air is again different in that regard.

#71845 bandwidth decrease when connected to the VPN

Posted by LZ1 on 26 April 2018 - 10:12 PM



That is quite dramatic indeed. Did you try with SSL 443? Sometimes there's a good boost to be had, due to ISP shaping being absent.


Did you try Eddie>Preferences>Networking>Increase buffer sizes to 512kb? (256kb became the default a few releases ago)

#71844 Help all servers now really slow

Posted by LZ1 on 26 April 2018 - 09:49 PM



Did you experiment with different locations and protocol combinations? It's important to try connecting to locations outside your own country as well.

#71843 what is "security_authtrampoline" on macOS?

Posted by LZ1 on 26 April 2018 - 09:41 PM



Nothing to worry about most likely - but this is why we often ask if there's any third party security software, such as Norton in your case, on your system, when people ask why something doesn't work. Because they may interfere :).

  1. Some security warning, because Norton detects changes being made by (I assume) Eddie.
  2. If it's because of Eddie after you just started it, then it's fine and can be allowed.
  3. Most certainly nothing to do with hackers. You could always uninstall Norton and see if you still get the same warning ;)

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