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Yesterday, 10:50 PM



It would be helpful if you shared your logs. If you don't know how, then please check the link in my signature, as the New User guide shows you how.


As per your image, I would recommend going to Eddie's Preferences>DNS>Uncheck "Check Air DNS"> Then Save.


Other than that, please ensure you're using the latest Eddie release. :)

In Topic: Are some servers now no longer working?

Yesterday, 10:37 PM

Are you using the latest Eddie client? There's also an experimental release yet again.

In Topic: I'm done

Yesterday, 10:29 PM

1. I don't have time nor the expertise to "tinker" and "experiment" all day long as you seem to suggest.

That's merely the profile of a lot of users here, which was what I was suggesting.


2. In terms of it hijacking my computer, I exited the program completely, uninstalled it, reinstalled it, rebooted etc. Still same result.

Assuming you're using Windows, you can reset the firewall rules to default using these brief instructions. That would and should fix anything related to Network Lock.


4. I have  no idea what you are talking about in regard to TCP, SSL eddie logs etc.

Understanding protocols is quite technical. But in the Air software you were using, you can go to "Preferences">"Protocols">Find "TCP 443" or "SSL 443" and select one>Then Save>Then connect to a server. The result can often help fix speed issues. As for logs, that's in the "Logs" tab and is a list of what the Air software is doing. If you want, you can go to the guide I linked to in my signature below, to see further instructions on how to share them. When these aren't shared, then no one, including Air support, can help you that much, as no one knows what's happening on your computer. Which perhaps explains why your earlier support requests weren't a good experience, as support probably requested your logs and you didn't know where to find them; which is understandable.


Maybe it really is time to get with an idiot's VPN and leave AirVPN to those that live and breath computers for a living.

Sorry guys, I'm out

Everyone has different needs and priorities. Best of luck in your search :).



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Yesterday, 12:09 PM



(I'd like to know how all these people are getting gazillion mbps, sure ain't happening with me)

Something which defines this community is the willingness to experiment and tinker, to obtain maximum performance. Some also buy hardware specifically meant for it; such as a good router with custom software. That's not to say you can't get good performance without those things, but just that this is what is usually true for those at the top.


It can take several minutes to connect to even the recommended server, if it connects the first time around. It will not allow me to connect to many servers that I choose on the list.

To troubleshoot this, it's usually necessary for you to share your Eddie logs with either the community or Air support.


It has some how hijacked my computer so I can't connect to the internet after I disconnect the VPN and restart my machine.

This is because you probably enabled Network Lock and it's working: no communications allowed from your computer, unless it can go through Air. Either disable Network Lock or update your client, as older clients had some bugs relating to this.


The only thing that worked great was using a German server to tap into one of the German TV networks for watching the world cup.

One feature with Air is the micro-routing. Which means you don't need to connect to, in this case, a location in Germany, to access German content. Connecting to any location would work usually.


No, I'm not a computer expert otherwise I wouldn't be posting this message and yes I have an education a bit beyond the 3rd grade.

No one is expecting expertise or commenting on education. Most would probably say that patience, experimentation and general curiosity matter more :).


Tried customer support a while back but was not impressed.

Maybe you should try again. :)


Would entertain any simple fixes in simple language before I bail.


  1. Upgrading to the latest client. Just download it again from the download page.
  2. Going to Eddie preferences>Protocols>Trying different protocols such as TCP and SSL 443. Remember to re-connect to a country after each change, for it to take effect.
  3. Sharing your Eddie logs, when something doesn't work right; otherwise we're clueless to what's going on.
  4. As a rule, we need to know more about your system. 3rd party security software for example, can cause issues. So you can try disable any of these that may be installed.

In Topic: How to make UDP usable if you get a time out

16 July 2018 - 03:51 PM



Thank you for making a contribution like this to the forum/community. I'm sure it'll be useful and to help ensure it's not lost, I will add it to my list of forum guides, if that's alright with you :).


As for MTU, there's a great post and link on just that, which takes the guess work out of it, using the mssfix.

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