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Airvpn have smartdns if you use airdns but it can’t unblock all websites


I'm confused. How do you use smartdns with Airvpn?   I tried unlocator to unblock Major league baseball and that worked but all the servers I tried with Airvpn were blocked.



Normally it's done by using the Air Eddie client, which handles things like DNS and therefore micro-routing automatically.

In Topic: AirVPN won't work with custom DNS on router

Today, 11:49 AM

When I changed the DNS from "Keep blank to use default DNS" to Custom DNS of and then airVPN can no longer connect at all!

For DNS3 after airvpn dns in the list Use a DNS such as https://blog.uncensoreddns.org/

Forget about OpenDNS/Google DNS.



It's worth mentioning OpenNIC, which Air officially supports.

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There hasn't been any news on any mobile themes for the site. As you probably know, the easiest option would be to use Tapatalk, which a fair amount of members seem to do :).

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Do you mean gigabit speeds?


You can refer to the guide in my signature, to find guides on how to set up a torrent client properly. This includes port-forwarding.


Other than that, it could be helpful to know how you're running things:


- Are you using the Eddie client?


- Is it a wired connection?


- Did you try using different protocols, such as SSL 443, through Eddie?

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24 April 2018 - 06:29 PM



Yes it's normal insofar as you're using old or non-AES capable hardware - commercial routers aren't the best option for maximum performance either, in this use case scenario.


If you ran Eddie locally, instead of on your router, you would probably get higher speeds.


Do also try different protocols and locations, where possible.


You should probably specify what router you're using :).

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