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Found 5 results

  1. Hello. Whenever I boot my computer, I have a few seconds where my internet works perfectly with my own IP. If I am quick, I can open my browser and find my own IP showing up. This means that all applications running before Eddie will leak my IP. Only a few seconds after when Eddie starts is the Killswitch active.. Does anyone know how I can have the killswitch working all the time? Even when Eddie isn't running? :)
  2. Hi. Pardon the newb question but when I go to install Eddie in my local user account.. the install runs flawlessly but Eddie gets installed under the Administrator account instead. There are no appearances of Eddie under the local user account. This is Windows 10 Home with all updates applied to today. What do I need to do so Eddie can be installed in or used from the local user account please? Many thanks. Ed
  3. Hello, Things used to work fine...but in the last 4 months, using Windows 10 on my desktop (the only one using the VPN) I can no longer log into the Microsoft Store and all Windows 10 Apps (not programs) will not let me log in. I tried on my laptop (no vpn) and mobile (W10 no vpn) - no issues. I tried uninstalling all the network adapters then rebooting - no luck. I tried updating the store on my phone - no change. Definitely logged into the store and have a connection (posting from the desktop) Apps do get installed if I use another device and select 'install on all devices' Suspect it is the VPN? Anyone else having this issue? ideas how to troubleshoot it? Thoughts about this? Thanks, Mr.V
  4. Hello, Everything was working just fine till recently. Every time I boot up and connect to the AirVPN client, it is always unsuccessful. I check and found out the Windows 10 Firewall is on. When I turn it off, I can connect. When I look at Private Networks active networks, I see Linksys43709. I am guessing I have to add this as an exception - but don't see where. I can add apps (AirVPN-ICMP, AirVPN-In-Allow local, AirVPN-In-AllowVPN) Private networks have been select to be allowed. Settings for AirVPN. Right now I have the FW turned off so it works See attachments, please Help? Thanks, Mr. V
  5. Hello I have a very strange problem with my Windows 10 laptop. I try to make a VPN chain. My host OS is a freshly and clean installed Windows 10 Professional without any third party antivirus or firewall installed. I set up an Ubuntu virtual machine in vmware workstation player with NAT network setting. I can successfully connect to the first VPN server on my host OS and start up the virtual machine. When I go to ipleak.net (in the Ubuntu guest OS) i can see the ip address from the first VPN server, so far so good. But when I try to fire up the eddie client in the Ubuntu guest OS and make the second VPN connection it's always stuck on checking route and it fails to connect. After that, I tried to disable the VPN connection on my host OS. I can now make a VPN connection inside the Ubuntu guest OS without any errors. So, a VPN connection is possible on the host and guest OS, but chaining doesn't work. I tried exactly the same on my friends Windows 10 host machine and it worked right away. Why it doesn't on my Windows 10 Laptop?
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