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Found 9 results

  1. For a long time, I have been using the Network Lock in Windows Firewall mode. I read this guide from 2014 about the lock modes. Recently I updated the AirVPN client, and when I went to select the Network Lock mode, it notes that Windows Firewall is "(Not Recommended)". The other option is Windows Filtering Platform. Reading other websites, I see that the Windows Filtering Platform is an API by Microsoft that can help adjust filtering. I'm not a very technical person, but I get the gist. In the past when disengaging the Network Lock, in Windows Firewall mode, sometimes it would not properly replace my old firewall policies. I keep regular backups of them, so I usually just re-import them if there is an issue. Normally, I block a program with Windows Firewall rules from communicating over my normal connection... I plan when AirVPN network lock is active, the rule is removed, and it can communicate over the VPN. This has seemed to work for me to prevent the program from communicating if it is accidentally launched when AirVPN is not active -- though I see the problem if AirVPN accidentally shuts down and wipes firewall rules, it would communicate again... I am wondering with the Windows Filtering Platform, if my Windows Firewall rules are left intact, how should I go about managing this situation? Can I limit the program from communicating over my normal connection, but allow it to communicate over the VPN? How would I set this up in Windows Firewall? Again, I am not very technical and I have not used the Windows Filtering Platform option yet, so I am assuming this is the question I should have regarding the setup?... Or perhaps my question should be: What can I do to block a program from communicating over a non AirVPN connection, but allow it to communicate over the VPN, with Windows Filtering Platform as the network lock mode?
  2. I'm running AirVPN v.2.10.3 on a Windows 7 laptop with NOD32 antivirus (just downgraded from NOD32 internet security so that I can install the Comodo Firewall). I am messing around with these settings because the old uTorrent (v. 1.8.2; there is a reason for this) stopped downloading for some reason, and I couldn't figure it out in the NOD32 firewall settings. I am writing this post because I am confused about how the AirVPN "Network Lock" feature works with the Windows Firewall (especially since I will be using the Comodo setup here). Is there a conflict of some sort or problem with using Comodo Firewall along with the "Network Lock" feature? Or do they not work together? Also, if there are specific instructions on how to get uTorrent working on AirVPN (still doesn't work), I'm still at a loss. Thanks. JP
  3. Hello everyone, I would like to create rules in the Windows 7 firewall so the AirVPN Edie client can work properly. Right now I have to allow all outbound connections for the client to work, which is not that secure. I want to have my Windows 7 firewall block all inbound and outbound connections unless I make a rule which allows a connection. I tried to make new rules in the Windows 7 firewall which included the AirVPN client files located in C:\Program Files\AirVPN to allow the connections but this did not work. I am fairly new to making firewall rules and using a VPN, so I need a basic explanation how to do this. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. How can I get the AirVPN client (Edie 2.11.15) to work with Windows 7 Firewall. Right now I have the firewall to allow all outbound connections because thats the only way AirVPN can work. I would like to block all inbound and outbound connections on windows firewall, and only allow connections I make rules for. How can I make rules to allow AirVPN to work with windows firewall without allowing all outbound connections globally on my computer? Do I have to make rules to allow certain ports?
  5. Hello all, I recently activate the network lock option on the AirVPN client (2 months ago), but unfortunately since i activate this option the Windows Update Center can't load and install anymore new update of windows. Furthermore, if I shut down the Airvpn client I can't connect on network, even if deactivate network lock, shutdown windows firewall and antivirus. I uninstall the Arivpn client, no effect. I used the windows recovery mode and choose a date before activation of the network lock option...same, no effect. All is runing like the network lock frozed my windows firewall in "no exchange mode", even in deactivate the firewall. So I'm here to find some help, because I absolutely don't know how to resolve this problem and now my windows os is out of date. Thanks for your help. PS: operating system -> Windows Vista Home premium 64 bits SP2 Airvpn clent: 2.10.3
  6. Hello. I recently purchased subscription to AirVPN services, and thanks to the documentation and the forum, I’ve managed to get the Eddie client (version 2.10.3) running quite well on my Windows 8.1 x64 laptop. My only problem is with the Network Lock function. I always use Network Lock. My one and only firewall is the embedded Windows Firewall. But it appears that Network Lock replace my firewall rules, even if they’re saved and ready to be set back if the Network Lock function is stopped. It is said that this replacement is done « beyond the scene », so that the rules don't seem changed when they actually are. So what if I have firewall rules that I need/want to keep active everytime I connect to the internet ? Could it be possible to merge the Network Lock firewall rules with my own firewall rules ? Great hope that there is a solution.
  7. Hello, this is a note to the Air staff, and to the Administrators of this service. I've moved to your network from another very popular VPN provider. Your client looks quite promising, however there are a couple things I need to know, and I will list them below. It's worth noting the following: • I'm running Windows 7 x64 on a fully encrypted machine, with a 100Mbps direct PPPoE connection, no router. • I use Bit Defender Internet Security 2016 which comes with all the bells and whistles. • I am adequately protected against WebRTC leaks. I have tried various servers to test the reliability of the connection, and of the client in general. A few things to note plus a couple of questions about Eddie and the reliability of your service: DNS Leaks: Upon checking the connection using your website IPLeak.NET, I have consistently experienced DNS leaks discovering my ISP, on servers from multiple countries except for Sweden, Switzerland and Latvia, which were consistently reliable with no leaks. The hardware didn't change and no settings were changed in the operating system or on the ISP's PPPoE connection in between server switching. All applications that would use the internet were closed before disconnecting and re-launched upon switching to a new server. What would be the explanation for consistently experiencing DNS leaks on so many of your servers? Network Lock: A tour of your client Eddie, revealed that Network Lock relies heavily on Windows Firewall. Considering I'm probably not the only one using a fully featured internet security suite (Bit Defender Internet Security 2016), which has its own firewall, Windows Firewall is therefore inactive (deactivated by Bit Defender to prevent conflicts). How does your client handle the situation where one of your customers is using an Internet Security suite, and as such, Windows Firewall being inactive in the context? Are there specific settings and/or Firewall rules that I can create and use with Bit Defender's Firewall to tailor it around Eddie's Network Lock, and seal the gaps, as Windows Firewall would do, or is Eddie's Network Lock limited to Windows Firewall only? Would enabling Network Lock which in turn enables Windows Firewall, conflict with the second Firewall, thus compromising Firewall integrity? There's a mode in the Network Lock section of the client called "Automatic" but it's not clear how Automatic is defined in the context. Does this mean that it works with the Internet Security suite Firewall or something else? What does the Automatic mode do specifically? Tor Exit Node: On some of the servers (predominantly Netherlands), the Tor Exit Node indicator is lit green when checking with your service at IPLeak.NET. On other servers it isn't. What are the mechanics behind this?
  8. Hi I'm currently testing Airvpn and since I wanted to use the Windows Firewall I found this very interesting topic (https://airvpn.org/topic/9798-windows-7-8-windows-firewall-prevent-leaks-thanks-to-omniferum/) where omniferum build two .bat files in order to manage the Windows Firewall properly. But my Windows 8.1 is a french version so please : could somebody provide the effective french "translation" for the two batch files ? Thanks best regards
  9. Hello, this is a guide to prevent ANY leak on Windows 7/8 with Windows Firewall published by Omniferum. It is particularly simple to follow and well written, and it provides also a very comfortable "VPN flipper". Thank you Omniferum! Warning: the setup works on Windows 7 and Windows 8 with the default Windows Firewall. It has NOT been tested on any other Windows version. It will NOT work on Windows XP (whose firewall is completely different and very limited, Windows XP users might like to use Comodo Firewall). It is NOT suitable if you have any other firewall running on your system (remember, you must never run two firewalls simultaneously). Important: the VPN flipper script will NOT work if your Windows is not in English language, because the system Firewall rules names change (incredible but true!) according to the language (thanks to Esamu for the information). UPDATE 14-May-14: issue fixed. Original thread updated on May the 14th, 2014: https://airvpn.org/topic/9609-blocking-non-vpn-traffic-with-windows-firewall Kind regards
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